The 13 story series “Donnie Druthers’ Christoween Capers”® has spawned several great Limited Edition collectibles! All these items are limited, hand-made collectibles. Here’s your chance to get these special items before Christoween® items become mass-produced by a major company!

The Christoween® franchise was originally designed to be a series of 13 book and Stalking® sets. Each story details a new Christoween® adventure with Donnie Druthers and his monster pals, and how Donnie creates a Christoween Stalking® to commemorate the tale!
These “kids’ books for adult monster kids” will tickle your nostalgic neurons, as their poetic “Seussian” story structure will hearken back to a simpler time when we all looked forward to what we’d be for Halloween, and what we’d get for Christmas!


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