Wally gets such a big charge out of getting fan mail that he wanted to share some of them with you. Here are just a few examples of some of his favorite fanmail…

Hey Wally. I won’t keep you long if you’re busy. Never have emailed a voice actor before. But my name is Daniel and I was wanting to send you an email to reach out and say that I’m a fan of your work with Renji and of the Riddler and that I am looking forward to Bleach coming back this year. I also have some fanart of Renji as well I have made if you want to check it out.

Daniel G.


Wally Wingert! I’m sure you won’t remember but a while ago I bought a Cameo from you to ask my bridesman to be in my wedding, and you did it at Adam West’s star as the Riddler and it was hilarious and fun and perfect and I really treasure it!

I recently thought I should follow you on insta because I really love your VA work, but I’ve come to realize you’re just the coolest guy. I love your ambition and artistic drive and your pursuit of your interests. Super inspiring. Your Muppet replicas are so cool, your fascination with pop culture is absolutely amazing, and I just think you’re great, dude.

I truly would rank your Riddler up there with Frank Gorshin… your work in those games is such a clear love letter to the mythos. It’s not any Riddler voice. It’s THE RIDDLER. You’re the most Riddler Riddler.

I guess this is a fan letter, and those are weird, so I’m gonna stop, but… you rock, and if I ever get mainstream artistic success that’ll allow for the budget, someday I’m going to collect memorabilia like you. 🙂 excited to follow your work for years to come.

With love,


Vancouver BC

Ps Beetlejuice’s Rockin Graveyard Revue is the best theme park show I’ve ever seen, and I’m one of those nerds. Thanks again for paving the way for nerdy artists!


Dear Wally,

Here is the Batman drawing, just like I promised! I am so happy you like my art style. I made this picture just before I wrote my very first fan letter to you. While I was working on it, I was thinking about how good it would be to show it to Wally Wingert, and finally, my dream has come true. I just felt like, today was the PERFECT time to show it to you!

Ever since I talked to you, my self-confidence and faith in my own art has grown much stronger. I’m very grateful to you. In my gallery, I have so many other DC Comics drawings (about Superman, Wonder Woman, Two-Face and many other) maybe you can find something else you like. Just in case, I am sending these pictures to you now.



Hey Wally,

Last year you did a Cameo request for me when I was nervous about a new job I had just started. I wanted to tell you how much your words meant to me and that I would think of them on days where I felt like I’d never get it right.

A year has passed, and I’m still at that job! I’m the manager of a small [company] and I’ve just kept learning as I go. I got a raise at my performance review, and I know I’ve grown and changed – my boss has said so too! I feel much more comfortable running the ship, and the video I received from you was a big part of me finding my voice. Some days I do still feel like I’m playing the character of an office manager, but the role is definitely mine now!

So, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you very much! You took time out of your day a year ago to share your wisdom and advice with me, and I won’t forget your kindness.



Mr. Wingert,

I’ll admit I was a little nervous while writing this, but there was something I’ve always wanted to say to you, and you seem like a really approachable and down to earth person. It amazes me how talented you are. Your ability to voice act and transform into so many characters is genuinely outstanding! It’s been a huge inspiration to me, all the media you’ve introduced me to with your voice acting. Your performance of Tallest Red from Invader Zim and Yuuichiro from Sailor moon has particularly stuck with my best friend and me. Not many people can voice act, it takes talent, range, and skill. To me, you are the best example of all of that! I hope I could someday meet you so I could tell you this in person, but I honestly might freeze up! Thank you, for being an influential voice actor in the acting world as well as to me. Hopefully, my own artistic endeavors as well as my best friend’s could cause us to one day cross paths!



Dear Mr. Wingert,

I must say, you have been an inspiration to me from a very young age, and I have grown up striving to be like you. When I was younger, I grew up loving The Garfield Show. I loved all of the episodes greatly, and when I looked up who played Jon, I was not disappointed to find your name and your picture. Then, later in life, I was playing the Arkham video games, and loved the voice acting of the Riddler. I looked up who it could be, and what do you know, my good pal, Wally Wingert! I was amazed that my life had come full circle, and had returned to you! Wally, you have changed me. You have caused me to grow out my hair, and you have really made me want to become a voice-over personality like you. Thank you, Wally, for everything that you have done, you have been such a great inspiration to me, and I thought that you might want to know how great and meaningful you have been to me.

Thank you for everything.



Hi Mr. Wingert

My name is C—,

I know you probably get tons of emails like this, and most likely I’m just adding to it, but I saw through your website that you try to get back to everyone’s emails (which is awesome).

I decided to write you as I am a HUGE fan of Tiger & Bunny. Since the release of the anime some years back I have done nothing but go back and watch it time and time again as it just never gets boring!

I can safely say I am a Kotetsu fan, I just love his character and you gave him the perfect voice along side his Japanese counterpart. I have even traveled to Japan just to buy figures, books, manga, plushies….let’s just say A LOT of merch! With my prize possession being a Bandai Tamashii Nations 12MM Perfect Model Wild Tiger!

I also cosplay as Kotetsu from time to time and I’m the only person ever to cosplay as a LEGO Wild Tiger, which sadly went unfinished as I broke 2 of my fingers while making it, it was fun to wear it at comic con though.

I had the chance to meet Bunny earlier this evening and I got some autographs, these have been a bucket list item of mine for some time now, but it won’t be complete until I manage to get a Wild Tiger autograph, if there’s any way I could get one, I would probably die as a fan girl mess!

Last but not least, I just want to say thank you for the wonderful job voicing Kotetsu. Same to Yuri for voicing Bunny, well everyone involved with the show. I believe there is a new series of Tiger & Bunny being made according to the website and if there is, I’m hoping they get the original cast back together as it just would not be T & B without you guys.

Thanks for taking time to read this, hope you have an awesome day!


PS: yes I’m crazy enough to get the guys tattooed


Hi Wally,

I played thru the Batman Arkham game series in a few months (never collected all the trophies, though). After finishing Arkham Knight I had to write and thank you for such an amazing acting performance as The Riddler. My adulation extends likewise to all the writers and animators who produced his character. But the voice completed the character so I’m thanking you first.

I never realized how thrilling and full of depth the character is. He’s the geek with a vengeance streak — One who considers everyone less intelligent than him to be unworthy of moral consideration, which is how I was in danger of becoming for the darker times In my life. I’ve always been very good at puzzles and mechanics and problem solving and loved math, but I’ve also been needlessly antagonistic in my past. Granted, I have never been tempted to rig a wastewater processing plants with rotating sawblades, electrified smashers, or trapdoor spike pits, but as far as metaphors go, it’s a fitting representation.

Riddler also sounds like an Aspie (person who has Asperger’s syndrome), which I was diagnosed with about 10 years go (I’m 32 now). Edward sounds like an Aspie because doesn’t have the charismatic charm of Harvey Dent, nor the knack for intimidation of Penguin, but Riddler has the obsessive thoughts, like me, the great mechanical/electronic skills, like me, and . . . a predisposition toward idiosyncratically obscure dialect . . . like me! 😀

He’s so very smart, but he’s not smart enough to realize that ALL of his anxieties are products of his own design, just as much as his machines are. It seems to me that Eddie’s is poisoned much worse than Batman. Batman finds the antidote and finds strength of will to recover, but poor Riddler will always be poisoned by his pride, and inability to let things go.

Anyway, you pulled off the perfect mixture of funny and profound. Your monologues in the elevator for the Batmobile in particular had me splitting my sides. I hope they continue to hire you to play Riddler in future projects: gaming/animation, etc.

– Peter the sculptor)


Hi, Wally,

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I always enjoy reading Wally’s Week because I like the “loving life, even the not-so-good-parts” vibe off of it. Cheesy as it sounds I always feel happier and better after reading. Do I sound like a brown-noser? Don’t care; it’s the truth.

Til Next Time,


Dear Wally Wingert!

I am very glad that I have the opportunity to write You this letter.

Thank You very much for the amazing answer for me! I have received Your autograph in June. However, I thought that I should also write a word of thanks for You.
You have a magical voice. I cannot imagine Edward Nygma with a different voice in Batman: Arkham.

Bruce Wayne was always my favorite character. Nevertheless, when I started looking at villains, Edward Nygma often attracted my attention. Now I am interested in comics with him.

I wish You good mood and a nice day!

Yours Truly, Alana V.
Russia, 2017


Good evening.
I originally was writing to you to request a signed Family Guy photo for my son (who is obsessed with Family Guy). Chap Stewie is one of our favorite episodes….

BUT…..when I just found out you are the voice of Riddler in Arkham Knight my FREAKIN brain almost exploded and flew out of my friggin ears……Ever since we got my son XBox 1 for Christmas, we have played that game and played the Riddler driving challenges LITERALLY like 200 times. I completely suck at it, so when your voice taunts me for failing the challenges it usually ends in me swearing at the TV lololol…..Anyway….you are just awesome….

If you could send a signed photo for my son M.H. it would just be beyond awesome…..if not, still a fan…thanks for taking the time to read this.

M. H.
Ledyard, CT


I’m an Australian based Batman fan and I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your voice work as Edward “The Riddler” Nigma in the four Arkham video games.

I’ve recently watched a few voice comparisons of Riddler on Youtube and it once more stood out to me that I think you really should be considered the definitive performer for playing the riddler (well the actor from the 60’s tv show is probably the definitive actor over all but you definitely rank as the best voice performer in my opinion!).

The Riddler is a complex who is sadly often reduced to little more than a gimmick, a joke or a screaming lunatic. The genius thing with your performances across the Arkham games is how you perfectly capture Riddler’s emotional rollercoaster over each game. Namely, Riddler always begins obnoxious or smug or whatever but as the player gradually eliminates more and more of the challenges, we get to hear (or see) Riddler gradually collapse emotionally until he’s hilariously reduced to a babbling wreck at the end of each game.

I don’t know if you’ve ever played the Arkham games, but collecting Riddler stuff is TOUGH. Yet I keep replaying those games and ALWAYS complete The Riddler content almost purely because it’s such a treat to hear your amazing performance in each game.

To end, the highest praise I can offer is this, thanks to your voice work, I am now a huge fan of the Riddler character and I always hear your voice whenever I read a comic featuring Riddler. Whether Riddler is in a campy 50’s story or a gritty 00’s story, your voice is always what I hear.

I wish you all the very best!



I’ll keep this short, since “I try to answer fan e-mails” doesn’t mean “send me your life story.”

Mostly I wanted to express my appreciation for your voice work as Hank Pym. At the risk of TMI-ing a celebrity, the character was really important to me in the late 90s when I was in high school and coming to terms with depression and anxiety disorders; seeing a sympathetically (if not always realistically) portrayed heroic character coping with some of the same issues I was was a huge deal. You did an awesome job on Avengers, finally giving him the definitive voice he’d lacked in prior cartoon and game appearances, and I’m very happy you got to come back for Marvel Heroes 2015. I picked him up the day he came out, and loved your delivery on some of the super obscure in-jokes they threw into his dialogue.

Anyway, thanks for being awesome and for bringing one of my favorite characters to life. Congratulations on your continued success; I can’t wait to play Arkham Knight.



Hi Wally!

I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for coming out to comic con to share a bit of what you do. I could have listened to your stories and bits of advice for hours and I don’t mean that in the creepy sort of way. I’m a voice actor (new in the field) and I’m loving every bit of what I’m learning. I really feel fortunate to work with some fantastic voice over artists like Richard Horvitz and Crispin Freeman. I was really excited that you mentioned Kalmenson and Kalmenson! I took foundations level 1 class and foundations level 2 class there. I’m returning in August to take their animation class with Dino Andrade. I’m also currently enrolled in improv classes at Second City and IO West… I’m having so much fun it should be illegal!

But really, thanks so much again. Coming from someone who was in the audience on Saturday, it was so much fun to listen to you. Those voice exercises were a really great tool by the way! I unfortunately could not make the sunday panel 🙁

I was wondering if you teach voice over classes. If so, I’d love to know more… If you don’t, I’d love to know if you have any recommendations for someone who wants to take their game to the next level.

I hope our paths cross again soon!




Thanks for opening my email today. I know you get a ton of email and a Man of 999 faces can’t have much down time. After looking at all the faces and voices you do I look back at some of the shows and video games that you have been part of. That’s insane you are able to dab your feet into all those things how do you keep track of what’s next for you? Working with DC video games and Marvel Video games who would you say was better to work with? And for Family guy who is your favorite Character to watch other than the ones that you voice over for? I truly would be honored if I could have your autograph because my ultimate goal is to pass it onto my twin boys so when they get old enough they can see what kind of interests i had growing up. What is the best address to send out a request? Thank you for all your time and thank you for giving us laughter.

Cranston RI


My name is A. B. I am a very big fan of the
amazing Wally Wingert! Sir, you are the best voice
actor/announcer and truly my all-time favorite. So very
many shows, video games, etc. that youv’ve starred in.
To the very best… I wish you the best.
If I may, I wish to request an autographed photo.
I would be extremely honored to receive this incredible
gift from such an amazing, brilliant and the greatest voice
in the world!
Thank you very much….
All the best,
A. B.
Gaffney, SC


Hi there! My name is S.K. and I’m from a small town in Ohio. I’m 16 years old and I absolutely love what you do! You do such an amazing job at voice acting. My favorite character you do is Renji Abarai! Your voice fits him perfectly! I also like how you make Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny sound as well!

I know it’s a long shot, but would you be willing to listen to my voice acting? I’ve always wanted to become a voice actress but I highly doubt that without some help, that will never happen. Especially since I’ve never been in a drama class or anything like that. I feel like you would be the perfect man to help me! (: I enjoy acting so much, as well as singing. You’re such a huge inspiration to me. So please, hear me out. This would mean so much to me.

Thank you SO so much for your time


Hey Mr. Wingert,

My name is N. L. from L.A. and I contacted you about an autograph request around last year. I am so sorry to bother you but my brother, Alex (18 years old), is a tremendous fan of your voice work in the three Arkham games. When I told him I asked you for an autograph request last year, he freaked out asking if I really knew who you were… He screamed at me when I told him that I liked you in Family Guy, as if the world would come to an end if I didn’t know the complete line of work you have done. All he can utter, over and over again, “Ahh Boo Hoo Are You Scared?” After a while, it gets to be too much… Especially when he is saying I have a primitive brain and as the riddler, he is better than me. He is just a huge fan of yours… I can go on and on about it… He has your riddler figure released by DC Direct and other posters signed by Maurice LaMarche, Grey DeLisle, Tom Kane, and Roger Craig Smith. He would love to add your autograph on these items. Therefore, do you have any upcoming events in the Los Angeles area where you will be making an appearance? I would even buy you a cup of coffee or treat you to a slice a cake at Aroma Cafe on Tujunga and Moorpark, or some donuts and coffee at Holly’s Donuts if Aroma is too cliche… Or even a Taco at Henry’s Taco’s if thats your kind of thing because of parking… We can even meet up at a place of your choice… Just let me know! Sorry if its a bit weird or off-putting. I have been trying to find the best way to go about it and been trying to get enough courage to contact you about it. Once again, Thank you for your time!

N. L.


Hello. My name is C, and I am officially a fan lol. Please forgive me, I’m a bit shy to write you, but I really wanted to share with you a little something that means a lot to me. So, I’ve absolutely loved your work in Blood+, my favorite anime, for years. I found myself bonding with George (the kind of father I never had, but always longed for), and Nathan (who inspired me to try to live with humor and openness). I know, it sounds ridiculous. I am quite ridiculous. But anyway, what I really wanted to do was share with you what those characters mean to me recently. My best friend and I were going through a rough patch and not talking much, though doing nothing but arguing when we did talk. I randomly shared with her my love of Blood+, and though I didn’t expect anything from her, I was pleasantly surprised that she recently told me that she adores those same characters, George and Nathan. It has been so great to talk to her again as we watch the show, without arguing. It might sound trivial, but it means so much to us, as we have nothing but each other. She and I have bonded again over these awesome characters. We love Nathan the most, lol.


Hi Wally,

My name’s Matt, and my wife and I recently finished Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. A big round of applause to your performance in both. I know Mark and Kevin get a lot of acclaim for their work for their respective characters (and they are great!) but I have to give you a 5 out of 5 for your portrayal of the Riddler. I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been going around announcing ‘It is I — the Riddler!” or “Hey, shaved monkey!”.

Again, congratulations on your performance and I wish you the best of luck for the future!

– Matt and Renee – grateful gamers!



I am a huge fan of you and all of the voice over work you have done! I love hearing you on the Tonight Show! I am a student DJ in college and would love one day to get into voice over work! You inspire me! I was wondering if I could have your autograph? It would make me a very happy fan! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, it means so much! Keep up the great work, I will be listening!

Your fan,

J. D. R.
Woodbury, TN


Dear Mr. Wingert –

What can I say? I’m a huge fan! I’m sure you here this all the time,
but you are an AMAZING voice actor! I love you in Family Guy!!

I am actually writing this in hopes to get a personalized autograph
for my display. I am not sure if this is a valid way of contacting
you, so if someone is reading this who is NOT you, then I sincerely apologize. I also understand, however, that if this IS you, then you probably get countless requests like this all of the time, and will probably not be able to fulfill mine. If so, then I completely understand, but I do hope you can find time for me.

Thank-you again for all that you do, and please keep it up. Thank-you in advance! My address is below:

Jackson, MS USA


Dear Wally Wingert,
I have played the Tony Hawk game series for years and always wondered who did the voice over work on it. I looked into it and was amazed that you were also the same guy I saw do the Andy Kaufman E Hollywood Story and numerous other voice over work. Whether you are doing voice over or dressed as Andy, looking like Weird Al, or one of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s members, you are an amazing talent and I am a fan.
I was wondering if you could please send me your autograph, it would mean so much to me to hear back from you. Thank you very much and all the best.

Thank you very much,
Michael M
New Rochelle, Ny


Hello Wally,

Greetings from down under (Australia lol)

My name is Tessa and I am a huge anime fan, I also enjoy playing video games.
Since watching BLEACH, Renji became my favourite character, and sometimes when me and my sister watched anime and recognised your voice when voicing another character we both looked at each other and said “Renjiiiiiiii”

Anyway, just like to say, you are awesome and keep up the awesome work you do. Hope one day to see you at a convention 🙂

Best regards,


Riddle me this! Who’s intelligent, handsome and off-the-charts talented? The answer is ME, of course, but I suppose that could go for you as well. 🙂

My name is R, and I’m a huge Riddler fan (I know…”how utterly, utterly expected”). Not just any Riddler fan, mind you. There are many interpretations out there, as you know, however MY favorite hails from the hit video games: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Why? Great artistry on the part of the graphic designers, naturally, but MOST importantly, his superb voice ().

It’s the life of the character above all else, if you ask me. You get this all the time, I’m sure, but NO ONE brings the character to life for me better than yourself, Mr. Wingert. I think you’ve captured perfectly his (in no particular order:) smugness, neurosis, showmanship, insecurity, desperation, fear and yes, adorable charm. I’m just writing to you today to say, “thank you.” I hope that the next video game installment includes Mr. Nygma, and that Mr. Wingert is the soul within.

Keep on Riddlin’ (…er, not to be confused with the psycho stimulant, Ritalin, which I hear is very dangerous stuff)

Mission Viejo, CA



My name is Harry and I am a big Batman fan! I would like to tell you how much I admire you for your portrayal and acting as The Riddler, he is my favorite villain, but usually gets a bad wrap from others because of how weak people think he is in the comics.

However, with your portrayal mixing the attention seeking quality of an abused child, with a sinister ‘Saw-like’ lust for power, really put them in there place!

The current films by Chris Nolan and The Rocksteady Games have inspired a small group of us students in the UK to create an audio book based on the popular Graphic Novel – Batman: The Long Halloween. We wanted to ask you how you started off, and how exactly you get into a character?

(By the way, Riddler is in this one, but at the stage where he is a P.I. for hire)

I hope you are well, and thank you for taking your time to read this.



Hi Wally!

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day about
Ant Man. During that conversation I went to Google and searched
for an image of Ant Man and one happened to catch my eye
When I clicked that link I was surprised to see a bunch
of other stuff regarding Twist Cone and Scottys and all kinds of stuff
related to Aberdeen. I kept reading more and more about you (not
knowing anything about you prior to this) and was really interested to
find out about all the really cool voice acting stuff you had done.
I’m not REALLY sure why I set out to write this, more then I just
thought it was all really cool. Keep up the good work, I loved all
the stuff you did in the Batman series(video game) and particularly
enjoy using Cervantes in Soul Caliber….that dude is RUTHLESS.



Dear Mr. Wingert

My name is Matt and I’m a HUGE fan of your voice acting. I love all your characters on Naruto, Garfield Movies and TV show and in the Avengers. You are so inspiring to me because you really did an amazing job taking on the role of Jon Arbuckle in the cartoons. The cartoon is the best because of its amazing cast of voice actors. You really made an iconic character even better!

I was wondering if you would be able to sign and send a photo of you or Jon Arbuckle ( whatever you can do) and send it to my address (listed below) Please and Thank You!
Lovettsville, VA


Dear Mr. Wingert –

What can I say? I’m a huge fan! I’m sure you here this all the time,
but you are an AMAZING voice actor! I have both Arkham City and Arkham
Asylum for the PS3, and love you as the Riddler! It’s hard to beat the
Joker, but you’re up there as my favorite voice actor portrayal of a
Batman villain.

I am actually writing this in hopes to get a personalized autograph
for my display. I am not sure if this is a valid way of contacting
you, so if someone is reading this who is NOT you, then I sincerely
apologize. I also understand, however, that if this IS you, then you
probably get countless requests like this all of the time, and will
probably not be able to fulfill mine. If so, then I completely
understand, but I do hope you can find time for me.

Thank-you again for all that you do, and please keep it up. Thank-you
in advance! My address is below:

Jackson, MS USA


Dear Mr. Wingert,
I’m a fan of your work on the show Family Guy with some of the funny characters from the show. I just happened to find your way cool website!! I know you very busy with all the work you do. But I would like to know if I could request one of your signed postcards? Also if your ever in the Reading ,PA area my family & I will take you out for lunch or you could just hang out with a crazy family! LOL
Thanks for all your time & hope to hear or see more of your works in 2012!
Reading, PA


Hi Wally!
I bought Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and I loved the way you portrayed the Riddler, which was funny because he wasn’t really a character that I had taken much notice to until your portrayal. Your name sounded familiar, so I looked you up and found that you played Renji in Bleach and so many other roles that I love! I was just wondering if I could please get an autograph from you in any way. Thank you so much and thank you for the awesome work. I really hope you stay the Riddler for a good while!


Finished “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” on Netflix. Great acting, my friend.

Hope your Halloween is, as usual, awesome!

John in Omaha


Hey Wally, I just wanted to stop by and say that I’m a huge fan of your work, mainly as The Riddler. The Riddler is my favorite Batman character and I can say without a doubt that you are the best voice actor he’s ever had. You portray the character perfectly. If there was ever a new Batman series you would deserve the part of Riddler. I can’t wait to hear more of you in Arkham City.

Best of luck in your future endeavors 🙂



Dear Mr Wingert,
Hello, how are you? I hope this finds everything going well for you, and that life is treating you great! I know what a busy man you must be, to the great delight of us all, so I’ll try to keep this brief-sometimes a very hard thing for me, so please forgive me if I become a bit of a blowhard.
I have been a great admirer of your work for quite a few years now, enjoying each new thing you do, and am always eagerly awaiting the next. You prove yourself time and time again to be one of the most talented men working in the entertainment world today! You should be very proud of all that you have done in your career so far, and I look forward to be laughing at, and with you, for many more years to come. It must be such a great feeling to know that people get so much joy from all your hard work, isn’t it?

Dear Mr Wingert,
What made you decide on such a career, anyway? Is that what you had always wanted to do? What, for you, has been the most exciting thing you have done in your career to date? Personally, I love your ‘Family Guy’ work! No matter how miserable a day it might have been, turning on this show always makes it better, at least for awhile. Thank you for that!

Dear Mr Wingert,
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I live in a very rural area of the Catskill Mountains so a lot of time is spent just enjoying the great outdoors. I know how boring that must sound to someone like yourself, but I like it.

Dear Mr Wingert,
I know this comes across as rude, but would it be possible to get an autographed photo of you, please? It would really mean a lot to me, but I do understand if you can’t.


Dear Mr Wingert,
Thank you for your time and all the great entertainment. You really are the best!
Take Care,

Halcottsville, NY


Dude, Wally, you are by far my most favourite Voice Actor and Impressionist of ALL TIME!!!!
I LOVE your Andy Kaufman, Tony Clifton, and Paul McCartney impressions! They are AWESOME!!!
And your Family Guy voices are kool man, kool!

I like to do impressions too!
You are my role model and inspiration to becoming a voiceover actor in the future!
Please write back.


Alex S.


Hi Wally,

According to imdb and Wikipedia it’s your birthday in about a week. These may not be accurate but happy birthday just in case!

Also, I just wanted to say well done for getting on ‘The Tonight Show’ (bit late now but better late than never). I know you really loved being on the Leno Show and how important it was to you, so I’m really glad you were able to carry on, especially since it was very unclear about what was happening with the show. Being in England I don’t know loads about the whole story but from the looking into it I’ve done, it just sounds like NBC made a massive muck-up and feel sorry Jay has received the bashings he’s had, since I don’t think he deserves it, I’ve always liked Jay Leno and I hope all the stuff that happened doesn’t dampen his spirits or his rep.

Anyway, keep up the great work, it always makes for a great ‘Wally’s Week’, a weekly ritual for me now. Though recently I haven’t been able to listen to your humming tunes, I guess I need to install something. Anyway, well done, keep going and see ya around,


Wally made a “Bleach” fan’s birthday extra special by sending him a voice greeting as Renji. Watch the video to see Matthew’s reaction, and be sure to read this letter from his sister Kaitlyn…
I just wanted to thank you so much! My family lives in the middle of Saskatchewan, Canada, and there are absolutely no anime Conventions anywhere near my city. We don’t have a means of travel or enough money to ever get to a Con, but my brother and I have always dreamed about going to one.

Anyway, email is the closest that we’ll ever get to the anime stars we admire, which is why I asked several Voice Actors to send him an email for his birthday. And out of the seven that responded, you were the only one who went out of your way to make an in-character voice recording. And I am so extremely grateful for that. It’s so personal and means so much more! Anyway, thanks so much! ———-


And Matthew wrote…
This was a really cool experience, thank you very much for taking time out of your daily life to do this. Renji is one of my favorite anime characters of all time so this was pretty special. I hope that I won’t be able to join the soul reapers for some time, having just turned 17 and all. Thanks again!


I just wanted to write to you to let you know how impressed we are with your voice over work. It is great how you can make a cartoon come to life by just adding voice and how many different voices you are responsible for. I was looking at your website and had seen so many of the characters you are responsible for. I was also writing to request an autographed photo from you. If you can send me one, please send it to Kevin E. Lafayette, LA Thanks and keep up the great work,


Hey Wally,

I just want to say congratulations on all your recent success, getting on the Leno show and having your dream come true. And also, congratulations on the other successes you’ve had, getting high praise for your Riddler performance in ‘Batman Arkham Asylum’ (I can’t buy it because I have a Wii, I’m so gutted) and getting your awesome Adam West display sorted. And congrats on all the other successes you’ve mentioned in ‘Wally’s Week’, which I’ve been sure to read every week since I discovered it (which was soon after emailing you). And I’ve also seen your YouTube videos that you’ve put up in the last few months (I’m subscribed to you so I always get notified), your demos and so on, they’re all so very good, every time I hear your work you seem more talented to me than the last time I heard you, you amaze me!

Okay, eh-theh-theh-theh that’s all folks! Best of luck and once again, congratulations on all your success and God Bless! See you around,

United Kingdom


Dear Wally
I think that you are the coolest voice actors I heard. You provided excellent vocal performances on my favorite Anime, Cartoons & Videogames
Renji Abrarai = Bleach
Bancholeomon = Digimon Data Squad
Sideburn = Transfomers R.I.D
The Riddler = Batman Arkam Asylam
Jon Arbuckle = The Garfield Show
I felt a bit annoyed when I missed my chance to meet you at the Auto Assembly back in 2004. I wished I was there but I wasn’t. Anyway I hope to meet you in the future.

Yours Sincerly

Would you still do Renji for every episode?


I have been a fan of yours for a long time.

Your voice-over work and film/TV performances are quite memorable. In fact, your portrayal of Beetlejuice at the live show at Universal was amazing. You did such an amazing job on that performance and really highlighted the parks amazing attractions. I’m a regular visitor on your site and I love to hear what you’ve been up to in the world of voice over and Hollywood.

Recently, I heard your voice when playing Batman: Arkham Asylum as the Riddler. The voice you used fit the Riddler perfectly and you really captured his sense of genius and clever personality on just the voice alone. In fact, while playing the game, I kept wondering when the Riddler would appear as a villain so I could hear an exchnage between the Riddler and Batman. A battle of wits, as it were. Silly, huh?

Family Guy has been one of your many attributes and I’m sure you’ve heard many comments about your voice over so I’ll be quick. The way you’re able to voice so many characters on the show and still give them a unique personality really says something. You’ve become quite the chameleon and I believe that the Family Guy team is lucky to have such a talented individual on their show.

I understand that you’re a very busy man but I would appreciate it so much if I received an authentic autographed picture from you. You’re my favorite voice actor to date and it would mean the world to me if I received an autograph from you.

Toronto, ON

Thank you so much and I hope you continue your amazing work in the near future. I’ll be rooting for you.


Dear Mr. Wingert,

I’m a big fan of Family Guy and while searching the IMDb site for the show, I came across your name. I took a look at all your acting credits and HOLY COW I had no idea you had done so much (you must be quite busy)!! I even looked at your website to see which characters you had voiced and I was really surprised to realize that I’ve heard you way more than I thought.

I’d like to request a personalized photo from you if it wasn’t too much trouble, though I full understand if you do not have the time. I’ve been really interested in seeking out autographs and I would love to add yours to my personal collection.

Thanks so much for your time!

K. Q.
Springfield, VA


Hi Wally,

I finally got the dvd set and I was floored by it being so much fun. And to top it off my 8 year old, who has grown to love the Universal Monsters, loved it too! She loves music and monsters so this was up her alley. My wife just looks at me and goes, she’s just like you! Which makes me a happy man as my daughter has been exposed to as much stuff as I think she can handle for her age but so far she hasn’t shirked from anything and tells me she wants to see more. So thanks for your part in bringing this set to life and for being a monster fan too.




Dear Mr. Wingert,

I have long followed your website and blog as an aspiring actor who equally wanted to have a career in voice-overs. Believe it or not, I actually started visiting ‘Wally On the Web’ close to 7 years ago now!

I am a recent graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where I received a BFA in Drama. Although my training at NYU was geared toward the stage, film and television, it was also during my time at school that I was constantly honing my voice-over skills privately with my coach, Peter Rofe (who I believe sat on a panel with you recently)

I just recently moved to Los Angeles from New York to pursue work in film, television and of course, the wondrous world of voice-overs. Although I really love doing promos and commercials, it’s animation – where you really get to craft some fantastic characters – that speaks to me the most. I am an enormous fan of Family Guy and can’t tell you how inspiring your work and that of your colleagues is to me. It’s my goal to find myself working alongside you and your colleagues on that show in the near-future!

I was fortunate enough to sign with Arlene Thornton and Associates who have kept me busy since my arrival in LA last month, so that’s been very exciting! As the old adage goes, ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’, but I do know I have a true passion for this industry and for refining my craft. Although I’m always learning new things with every audition, I would love to have the opportunity to hear any insights or suggestions you might have to offer. Your blog alone proved to be an invaluable aid in locating the various studios and casting houses in LA before I even set foot out here!

I can only imagine how busy your schedule must be, but should you be interested, you can listen to my voice-over reels on my website below.

Wishing all the best in your current endeavors.

Kind regards,
Matt (aka The Canuck)


Hello, my name is Kendra. I just started watching Bleach earlier this year. I assume it must be awesome to be able to do the voice for Renji, he has to be the absolute best character in Bleach.

The purpose of me writing was to tell you that you do an excellent job of getting his voice to match his appearance and personality. You are truly talented.




Hey Wally,

My name is B., I am 19 years old, I am from and live in England and I love voice acting and voice actors. I love how you can hear a voice, check who does it, and then see that they’ve been in so many other episodes or shows that you’ve watched, and I am amazed by their talents and that they really are just one person doing however many characters they do, and you are one of those people who seems to crop up in loads of places, with loads of different voices, particularly seeing all of your Family Guy roles (I’m a massive fan of the show). I’ve seen videos of you at Comic-Con and seen your site too and they have made me like and appreciate you even more than I already did. Anyway I’ll get on with what I’m actually meant to be emailing about, though I could suck up to you for a lot longer than this.

Thanks for reading this and for voicing so many characters I have been able to enjoy watching and listening to over the years. Sorry for this essay of an email! Keep up the great work and keep being awesome,


P.S. I think it’s really cool you don’t drink, I don’t either (admittedly I drunk small amounts a few years ago to see what it was like, it was quite nice but then it all started tasting bad and it’s not good for you anyway, and I’ve always hated the idea of being drunk), which doesn’t make me much of a student. Anyway thanks again!


Thank you for your time *AND* apparent dedication, sir. I have not met many idols who have had the grace and patience to answer the inquiries of a bothersome fan and his childlike enthusiasm. 🙂 Perhaps working so closely to Hollywood has made you more tolerant of such things! Heh. (By the way, some of your website videos are very enlightening. I didn’t know you narrated a few commercials and Entertainment episodes I saw on there! You were a great Regis impersonator! What an undeniable talent, and a long-lasting one, as well!)



Dear Wally,
Wow! I’m astonished, I’m sending an email to the one and only Wally Wingert. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is K.N. and I live in Canada (not in an igloo.) I love your personality and you’re a great person! You are so funny!!! All of my friends and I love you! You story is absolutely amazing and I would like to ask for your autograph for me to treasure. If this is not possible I just have one favor to ask you, please don’t stop being a great role model for people in the World.
Thanks a lot,

Ontario, Canada



You don’t know me, but (a mutual friend) asked me to poke around at the various sites before doing “my reel” to get some ideas whatever… this is what led me to your site – I am sure you get this all the time, but YOUR SITE IS ENTIRELY AWESOME DUDE!

I am not kidding – I haven’t even clicked on anything yet, well maybe a couple of clicks, but I am impressed and thought I would tell you is all, I am a musician and some other stuff too… wearer of many hats so to speak.

Continued success and if you want to write back, cool… if not cool…

M. D.

Yur a talented guy 4 sure, but I’m sorry I clicked up yur website. Dude, I gotta say that yur really waaaaay too into yurself. This shrine u made internet deal is a real joke. Or maybe u want to look like a tool. And, like, documenting every trip to the dentist, nap and electrical outage 4 everybody to read? U think yur all that? A little modesty goes a long way. Y’might look into it, bro. I’m sure yu’v got pictures of yur latest bowel movement, too. Thanks 4 not posting them. I’m sure sumbody cares if yur hair grows back, but it ain’t me. Peace.




I would like to say that it is a real pleasure for me to be able to write to you. Wally, I think that you are the greatest voice actor that I have ever heard. You have brought me many hours of laughter and enjoyment watching The Family Guy and I would really love to have an autograph picture, could you send me one? This means a lot to me and I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter to you.

Sincerely, C. M.



Hi Wally,

It was such a pleasure meeting you at CONvergence! (I was the blonde you met waiting for Trace Beaulieu’s signature.)

I wanted to let you know my husband and I have dubbed you the “CONvergence Rock Star Guest of Honor” in our CONvergence wrap-up entry. You can check it out here: http://blog.thinklynsen.com/2008/07/best-of-convergence-part-1.html . We also include a link to the audio interview you were so kind to do for us. Thanks again for that.

We really appreciate how you weren’t just a guest of honor, but a CON participant through-and-through. It’s that kind of attitude that makes CONvergence so fun. We hope you’ll be back next year.

Best to you,

A. L.


I wanted to write to you because I am a big fan of your work. I have grown up with Power Rangers and as an adult I’m laughing my ass off to Family Guy and American Dad. You have been associated with every franchise (Doom, Star Wars, X-Men, Evil Dead) which has kept me on the couch for a very long time. I always enjoy researching voice actors I like because I always find out more stuff they have done that I like.

I am a big fan of Family Guy and American Dad. I think those are the best shows around, especially because they are not some crappy reality show. I was not into Family Guy at first, until I saw the scene where it was like NYPD Blue but it was Burt and Ernie in bed together. I was hooked from that point.

When you choose to do a voice, do you base what it sounds like mainly on the looks of the character, or what you know the personality will be??

Because I am a crappy letter writer and I am sure you are busy I will make this short. I was wondering if I could get your autograph. I promise it will not end up on eBay, feel free to personalize whatever you sign. It would be awesome to open the mail and see something from you in there. In an effort to not bother you, I have bought many packs of the Family Guy trading cards looking for your autograph insert, but was not successful.


Tucson, AZ

Hi Wally,
My name is BM, I’d be floored if you remembered me, but I was in the play Li’l Abner with you in Sioux Falls. I was about 12 years old at the time, and you really went out of your way to make sure I fit in with the rest of the cast. I thought you were the coolest, (you liked the original Batman series, Star Trek and did the best Elvis I had ever seen) and I really looked up to you. I always wondered what had happened to you, and in June this year when my Mom made me a scrap book of the plays and bands I had been in over the years for my birthday, It got me thinking of you, and the fun I had had in that play. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised to see you in the credits of one of our favorite shows “The Family Guy” and that got me running to my computer to see if I could find out what you have been up to. As I can see you have been up to a lot! I am glad to see you are doing well, and hope to see more of your work in the future. I have done several more stage productions and was in a few local bands in Sioux Falls. I see from your Bio you were doing some radio and left Sioux Falls in 87:) If you ever make it back this way, I’d love to buy you an iced tea. If not I wish you the best.

Still your fan!


Dear Mr. Wingert,

I am a huge fan of yours, and I enjoy and admire your
goals and success as a great actor. My favorite will
always be you as “UNCLE DAVVER”.
I would like to take the time to thank you very much
for all of your well done hard work and the great
entertainment you’ve given to fans like me for all
these great and wonderful years.
I would appreciate it, if you could please, send an
autographed photo to this great fan?

Thank you very much!
God Bless!
Your Fan,
Olean, NY


Dear Mr. Wingert,
I’m not in the habit of emailing celebrities (for fear of being a bother), but I’ve recently seen your photos as Barnabas Collins, and I just have to tell you how amazing you look. I was surprised to see the exact same garb. I’ve been a fan of Dark Shadows since it began. Thanks for your time,



Dear Mr. Wingert,
I am writing you this letter to let you know just how much I appreciate the work that you have done! I just finished navigating through your website and am very impressed at your extensive resume! Anyways, I was hoping to get a couple of signed photos from you. I have been an autograph collector for about 4 years now and recently started a “Family Guy” collection of my own. Recently, my 5 year old son started to express an interest in my hobby and I have been including him more and more. Could you possibly send me a Family Guy photo and my son a Scooby Doo 2 photo? I really appreciate the opportunity to share this mail with you and I hope it finds you well! Thanks again Mr. Wingert and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

With much respect,
Michael and Jakob


Hey Wally. I bought myself the Astro Boy video game and it is fantastic! I am amazed you are in this game as Dr. O’Shay and the Blue Knight!

You were fantastic playing them in the series. And you are fantastic in
the game.

Sami; U.K.


Dear Mr. Wingert,
Hello. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my email! I have been a fan of your work for many years! I practically grew up watching The Angry Beavers! You are truly talented! I have now started watching shows like Family Guy and I truly enjoy your work in that series as well. My personal favorite out of all of the characters you play on that show has to be Dr. Kaplan! You voice each role to perfection. I also watch the show “Invader Zim” whenever Nickelodeon will air it! I was wondering if you would mind doing me one small favor. Would you mind sending me an autographed photo? Thank you so much. You are such a skilled actor and voice over artist. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

Alex from North Carolina


Dear Mr. Wingert,

I’m 15 years old. I am a HUGE fan of yours and love your voice of Pawtucket Patriot on Family Guy. You area a ture inspiration to me. I one day hope to become such a great voice actor as yourself. I know your probably very busy, but could you please consider sending me an autographed photo? A photo of Pawtucket Patriot would be wicked!! Thank you so much, my address info is below.


Nick from Michigan writes…

Dear Wally, I thank you for sending me those photos. You should be very proud of yourself and for the lives that you have touched by your entertainment, I greatly thank you for all you have done. Many famous people like you don’t give autographs to their fans, or they charge for them , that shows that you really care about your fans, and that you’re not out there just to make money, I give you all of my support, Thank You Wally! -Nick


Dear Wally,

I am a big fan of yours. You have a wonderful personality. You
are very dedicated to your fans. Your charm and charisma brings your
fans closer to you. You aren’t afraid for people to see your weaknesses as
well as your strengths. You are truly a great role model because of your
positive attitude. You have gained the respect of your peers by being
yourself and staying highly motivated and positive. I would really
appreciate it if you could send me two autograph photos. One for my
son and one for myself. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
I am looking forward to receiving the autograph photos.

Whitehall, WI


Hi Wally,
Just wanted to write and say thanks for being so talented… You’re awesome. You make my day, I can walk by and hear your voice and I have to stop and look because I know it is you.. If Zeus were alive he would be very jealious of you. I am your biggest fan, well, actually your second biggest, your wife or gf is probably your biggest. What are the chance of getting an autographed letter of you… That would be so awesome to have a big star such as you on my wall.
Aurora, IL


Dear Wally,

Hello! I hope you are doing well. You are a great voice actor. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us on “Family Guy”. I think it’s neat you were born in Des Moines. Just north of where I live. I go up there every year to watch the Drake Relays track meet. If you have time, I would really appreciate an autographed picture from you. It would be neat to have one from “Family Guy” if possible. Thanks for taking time to read my e-mail. Keep up the great work. I think you have a neat job.
Take care,



Dear Mr. Wingert,

My name is W H and I am your biggest fan. You are one of the versatile perfomers ive seen/heard. Congratulations on all your great achievements and feats accomplished. I love your work on “Family Guy”, that is my favorite show. I just wanted to say thank you for being a role model. I am in the Army and I’ve been deployed to Iraq for a year now and will be glad to be home in a few weeks. I was wondering if i could get an autograph. If not its OK, I know how busy you must be. Thank you for your time and have a great new year.




Dear Mr. Wingert,

I have been a HUGE fan of both you and your work for a very long time
now. It is only until very recently that I came across your address. I just
had to tell you how much happiness and joy you have brought into my life! It
doesn’t matter how bad my day has been going.. When I get home all I
have to do is toss in a Family Guy dvd and within seconds I’m laughing and
enjoying myself. I thank you for that, I thank you for making my day that much
better. I will always be a fan and continue to support you work every
chance I get! I really admire the Voice Actor, you are the ones that
really breathe life into our favorite characters. I know that you must be very
busy, but I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to please
send me an autographed photo of yourself? I have EVERY Family Guy dvd box set
and I can’t wait for the new season. I hope to hear back from you. I know
that I’m pushing it, but is it possible that you send one for my best friend

I thank you over and over again. My best to you and yours!

A True Fan,

M. A. S.


Hi Wally,

I am a big fan of your work but until recently didn’t match the face to the voice, I just visited your webpage and I have to say it is great. I am a big fan of Family Guy and when I looked up who does the voices , I saw your name, well once I hit your website , I was impressed and amazed that you are also the voice of some of my other favorites, like my kids all time favorite Jimmy Neutron , that is so cool that you do the dads voice. Well I just wanted to say continued success in your careear. I also wanted to ask if you can please do me a favor and that is if you can please send me an autographed photo of yourself to me and one to my kids. My favorite is The Family Guy and there favorites are Carls Parents on Jimmy Neutron. My name is Irving and there names are Joseph (age 7) and Erika (age 5).

Thank you very much for your time,



Dear Mr. Wingert,

I’m just writing to let you know what a huge fan of yours I am! I
remember going to see Beetlejuice’s Rocking Graveyard Review about 8 years ago
when I was at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Beetlejuice was always my
favorite movie, and I just loved your portrayal of him! I was young, so I was
soooscared! Family Guy is also my favorite cartoon! It’s hilarious. One
of the boys in our brother dorm has the first 3 seaons on DVD and we watch it
religiously! I was just wondering if you could send me an autographed
picture of yourself. I would truly appreciate it and treasure it forever!!!
If you could, could you inscribe it to me? It would make it just
that much more special. I understand if you’re unable to do so, I know you’re
very busy!

Thank you for your time and hopefully your picture!!!



Dear Mr. Wingert,

I have been a fan of yours for numerous years, I have followed your career and have enjoyed watching and listening to you in all of your film and television performances. “The Family Guy” has become one of mine and my wife’s favorite TV series. You do a great job with the voices!!! I also recognized your voice in a lot of other animated series and shows including, “Star Wars:Bounty Hunter”, “Escape From Monkey Island”, “Dino Crisis 3”, “The Hobbit”, among others. You were awesome!! Before changing careers, I was a music and video buyer for a chain of retail stores, and have been involved in the entertainment industry for many years. I have a deep appreciation for your “art”, and being able to bring a certain personality to a character through their voices. You do such a great job with there voices, that the characters almost take on a “real-life” personality, and almost like they are next door neighbors!. I’m a huge animation fan, and hope you can voice some new characters real soon. I also hope I have the opportunity to meet you someday. I was wondering how you became involved in providing voices in the first place?

I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind filling a small request. If you could please send me some information as to how I could go about obtaining your autograph.





I think the first voice I can remember you doing was the Psycho Blue Power Ranger. It is amazing the range of voices you can do. You voice guys really have a unique talent. It has to be tough doing voices when you really don’t have a scene to watch. How tough is that? I collect autographs of interesting people and anyone who can become a star using just their voice is a rare talent. Any help finding how to get your autograph would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Shaun H. in Alabama writes…
Greetings Sir!

Your voice talents are everywhere in my room, whether its my computer, my Xbox, or my dvd player, your everywhere. Wow, Family Guy, Transformers, Astroboy,Harvey Birdman, Lucasarts games, I didn’t realize until I was doing a cast listing for Family Guy and was using the IMDB.com website and ran across everything you’ve done.


Jason in Minnesota writes…

…you are an inspiration to students like myself. I can’t begin to talk about the effect you have had on my life. You are a legend and everything you touch
turns to gold. You are genuinely terrific. Your voice work is truly amazing. I could write ten pages on all the things about you and your work that I adore.


Deshi writes…

My friend Kimi just gave me an autograph you sent her a while back for my birthday and I loved it! It was the only gift I got from my friends at school and I
was so excited! We have all decided that we love your head, maybe not the rest of you, but we love your head. I loved you in a lot of your roles but Kimi and I are huge Tallest fans, lol.

—————————————–And this from Ian…

About 3 months ago I requested an autographed picture from you and I’m glad to say I got it. I was very excited to receive it and I must say I am a very satisfied fan. So thank you very much for taking the time out of your surely busy schedule to do that.


Victoria writes…

Yes, yes, another annoying fan (or should I say phan?) is emailing you. I just wanted to leave my two cents, that’s all.

I have just recently found Phantom of the Opera. And just a few days past, I found that you’re one of my favorite singers to do Erik onstage. I found some clips, but alas, they don’t provide the whole song (Phantom of the Opera). Stupid question, is there a CD of yours with ALW’s music? Or, clips perhaps?

Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Victoria


and this from Scotland…

i write to ask a wee favour. about six weeks ago you send me a signed photo montage of your family guy characters for use in my charity fundraising for maggies cancer care centres in the united kingdom – the interest over here was phenomenal!! several of my friends and people who visited my website http://roadtonamibia.blogspot.com indicated they would be willing to make large donations to my fundraising and i was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me over a couple more signed items. if you could personalise one of them ‘to robin’ i will personally put another ten pounds of my money into the fund as i am a huge family guy fan. i realise that this might be a bit of a cheeky request but my motto is ‘if you dont ask you dont get’ and my charity work is extremely important to me. many thanks for your support so far Wally.

Robin of Scotland


Chris F. from Cummings, Georgia writes…

Dear Mr. Wingert,You are one of my favorite voice actors. I just loved your performances as Almighty Tallest Red/Larb’s SIR Unit in Invader ZIM and as Sideburn and Mirage in Transformers: Robots In Disguise and as the Green Eye Skeleton in Scooby Doo 2. I think you are just awesome with your ability to change voices.
I would like to ask if you could please send me a signed photo. That would mean so much to me.
Thank you very much and best of luck to you in the future.


Hi. My name is Jason. Both me and my girlfriend Taz are very big fans of yours. We first learned about you from Family Guy, and since visiting your website we found out that you have been the voice of so many other characters that we love. We are very amazed and think you are very talented. I know you must be very busy but if its possible could you send us an autograph made out to Jason and Taz? If not I understand but it would be greatly appreciated and treasure always. Thank you for your time and being part of our lives
Jason & Taz

Glendale Heights, IL


Hi Wally,
Where to start… I think it’s so amazing how you give life to so many characters. You’re so talented, and
such an inspiration to me. It’s been my dream to some day do voice acting. Would you have any tips on how a teenager might be able to audition?
I know this is more of a strange question, but I wonder at times, what sort of cartoons voice actors/actresses like. I’m pretty sure that it’s normal to like your own shows, etc. But do you have any favorite animations, anime, or video games? Have you played your own video games? I plan on getting Tales of Symphonia some day, and I’ll be sure to listen for you. Perhaps when I get it, could I send it to you, to sign it? :)Thanks for all your work,
from a fan-
G. K.


Dear Mr Wally Wingert

You are a very talented artist with wonderful voice(s) and marvelous face expressions. Upon further reading, I now realized you have been the voices behind many of my favorite characters – thank you for bringing so much joy and keep it up 🙂

I will be looking up for your “Living In A Prayer”film when it is available in Singapore. By the way, I recommend you to consider coming to perform in one of the many art festivals in Singapore, as I am sure you can be a major attraction !

Thank you very much and I hope my wish for you to be in Singapore one day becomes a reality, so that I have a chance to meet you in person. Meanwhile, If you can kindly grant me your autographed photo, I will always treasure it.

The best is yet to be and I wish you more successes ahead.

Cheers from your fan in Singapore,

Dear Mr. Wingert, Hello Sir!

My name is Billy Cullins. I am currently serving in the US Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom in Northern Iraq. I wanted to take a minute to tell you what a huge fan of your work I am! We do not have much television here so I got nostalgic and bought some Transformer DVD’s and fell in love all over again! I really appreciate the fact that you are able to make a living using your voice and talents! Sir, I was hoping you might be able to fulfill a small request of mine. Do you ever send out autographs to fans? Your voice acting is my favorite and I was wondering if you would be able to send me an autograph? I understand that you may not be able to fulfill my request, but thank-you for taking the time to read this email!

With respect Billy Cullins


Heyo Wally,
As long as Invader Zim’s been on, Almighty tallest have been two of my favorite characters( the number one slot has to go to Gir). Just got the DVD sets to replace my worn out ones. I love the first episode commentary and I think its horrible you got gipped (though Kevin IS funny) on the line, ‘its not stupid…its advaaaaaanced…’. I also love that you do so many family guy voices like Barnaby, my child development class played this kid song to the tune of the ‘steaks and eggs’ thing that Barnaby and his brother(?) did with Peter at the gym and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I wanna say thanks in advanced if you are reading this, Almighty Tallest Red is one of my favorite characters to quote with my sister. ‘he LIKES snacks, Zim…’ ‘and remember-lasers-…’ Take it easy.


From Jessica Barner…
This is the first email I’ve sent to a voice actor. So, you should feel honored! Let me just say, I love everything you’ve ever been in. I’m a huge Renji fan!! And, before visiting your website, I had no clue that you were in so many shows. It’s crazy! You must really love what you do! If you could please get back to me, that would be awesome!!

Hi Mr. Wingert!
My name is Daniel, I am 12 and am from Dublin, Ireland! I hope you don’t mind me emailing you, but me and my dad are incredibly huge fans of your work! I can’t tell you how much I love the Arkham games! I’ve played them all over and over! They’re so great! And riddler is one of my favourite villains of all time! You did such an iconic job voicing him, you made him sound so cunning and smart, yet so weasley and evil! He’s such a complex character, which you portrayed perfectly! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work! I remember it took me a week to collect every riddler trophy and take him down! Batman Arkham Knight is my favourite game of all time! It was so great, that I even dressed up as Riddler last Halloween! Thank you so much!! You’re awesome! Please keep up the great work!
Me last Halloween as the riddler!😊