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October 12 – October 18 (2020)


I’m normally completely apolitical, but you have to admit…this is pretty funny despite your political leanings. Very clever!

While I was moving some stuff around I found my old greatest hits CD by Enigma. I hadn’t heard it in a while so I figured I’d put it on to see if there were any suitable tracks for my Palm Springs playlist. Normally, when you play this CD while you’re entertaining a lady, it will inevitably make her melt all over the place. In my experience this music has that effect. But I locked on to a track called “The Cross of Changes” that I absolutely love. It’s short, but really sweet! I love the spoken-word lyrics that say, “If you understand, or if you don’t. If you believe, or if you don’t. There’s a universal justice, and the eyes of truth are always watching you.”


Monday the 12th – STATE GOVERNMENT GOOF! – It was a thrill to be able to talk to my old pal Harv at Kalmenson and Kalmenson casting. He gave me some description notes for an audition that I’d be recording and sending in to him, but it was good catching up. I hadn’t talked to Harvey or his wife Cathy in a very long time. When I finished I called an agency in the state of California in Sacramento to get some more info about an issue I’ve been having with a state issue. The letter they sent me had information that said they were open for assistance via telephone from 8am to 5pm every day. Since it was 2 in the afternoon I figured that would be a good time to call. I patiently waded through the complex myriad of phone prompts to get to the right department. Finally it rang through! Then a voice came on and said they were open from 8am to noon every day. After all that. Honestly, would it have been that difficult for them to adjust the time of service on the letter they sent me before they printed it out and sent it to me? What a bunch of ultra-maroons, as Bugs used to say. I needed to drop by the former residence of my 93 year old ‘adopted grandma’ Shirley and pick up a few things. I also dropped off a letter for a resident there who was an actor in a show I watch on DVD called “The Invaders.” Shirley had mentioned that Roy Thinnes was living in her building, so I put together a letter asking how I could get some things signed for my collection. I dropped the stuff by, picked up Shirley’s items (along with some mail that had come for her) and headed to Jack in the Box to get some lunch. Then I picked up a few grocery items on the way home, and headed back to the house. Just as I pulled in my garage I realized that I had a voicemail on my phone that had come in while I was in the store. It was Mr. Thinnes saying he’d love to sign my items whenever I could drop them by. Fantastic! I kicked around the house a little bit, and later did my nightly auditions, typed out Wally’s Week, and got a call from my assistant and pal Sara telling me that she caught Covid. She needed to be in quarantine for several days, and she suspects that she caught it on the airplane she was on a week earlier. Luckily her symptoms were very mild. I made a pot pie and watched an episode of “The Time Tunnel.”

Tuesday the 13th – TEST BUST! – Early in the day I had to be on my computer and have my recording system fired up to do a test with a potential client who wanted to check my Source Connect connection. It’s a web-based service that allows my microphone to be fed down the line and into the producer’s recording facilities. I had set my alarm to be up just for this test. But when I got everything fired up I got an e-mail from my agent saying that the test was canceled. Instead, the producer wanted me to sing to a track and send it over. Unfortunately I’m not set up to produce multiple tracks of music so I had to take a pass on the audition. Ordinarily this sort of thing would be done in a real studio, but this virus thing has introduced a whole new set of technical challenges in working from home. But later the producer informed my agent that they would hire Voice Trax West to do the session if I was OK going into the studio. Since I prefer a real studio, over my home set-up, I eagerly said yes! The session is for next Monday. I made some phone calls and stayed inside since we were having another hot spell. Later I did my nightly auditions, and got some mail ready to send the next day. I also prepared a deposit for my bank accounts and hit the hay.

Wednesday the 14th – TOO HOT TO TROT…AGAIN! – A session at Voice Trax West was scheduled from 2 to 5, and normally I’d put on my walking shoes and enjoy a brisk, multiple-mile walk to the studio. I know the route well and I like the exercise. But being so hot, I decided not to walk. I hit the post office to drop off the mail I had prepared, went to the bank to deposit some checks into my accounts, got some fried rice at Chin Chin, and then went next door to Voice Trax West to start the session. When I finished I went over to CVS to print off some enlargements to have Roy Thinnes sign, and then went home to relax and do a little work around the house. After standing up for 3 hours doing a session, it gets a little exhausting. So the relaxation is a welcome relief! After doing some random work around Planet Wallywood, I took Roxy out for our late night stroll through the neighborhood. I enjoyed a nice cigar, and noted how chilly it had gotten after the sun went down. Even though it’s still triple digits during the day, the nights are fairly cold!

Thursday the 15th – IT WAS 40 YEARS AGO TODAY! – Though it’s stunning to think, 40 years ago today I was at a Van Halen concert in Sioux Falls, South Dakota – and hanging out with Eddie and Michael after the show for a bit. I had them sign my backstage pass. The impact of this day is especially poignant now that Eddie’s gone. I did a quickie session for a Nickelodeon promo in the early afternoon, and then I headed over to Shirley’s former residence to drop off the items for Roy Thinnes to sign. I drove to UPS to mail off a large set piece to my friend Tabby in Missouri, and then went to Paty’s to get a salad. But I was seated next to a table of five 30-something girls who were talking about their sexual conquests during drunken evenings. It wasn’t anything I was particularly interested in hearing about, but they all talked so loudly I couldn’t help it. I was by myself so I couldn’t drown out their chatter with a conversation of my own. So when the server told me they were out of Italian dressing for my salad, I took that as a sign that it was my escape! I thanked the server and told her I’d be back in a few days when their shipment came in. Whew! I could have been stuck there for an hour listening to those idiots chatter away about pulled muscles, pheromones, and one-night conquests. I happily drove to McDonald’s and hit the drive-thru. I got home to do some work, filled out my sample ballot for when I go vote in a week or so, made some calls, organized various stuff, and got ready for my maids to arrive on Friday. Later I did my auditions, completed a few minor projects around Planet Wallywood, made some lasagna and watched another episode of “The Time Tunnel.” I was always curious why this show didn’t do better and got to a second and third season. The production values are amazing for a TV show, but I think I hit on it. The show has very few women cast members. The cast is mostly men, and in some episodes (with the exception of Lee Meriwether who plays the technician named Ann) it’s exclusively male actors. The show definitely could have benefitted from some more beautiful actresses I think. Other than that, the writing, the acting, the direction, everything – is top notch! I highly recommend the show! In this episode about World War 1, it had a very “Twilight Zone” type twist at the end. It had the ghost of Emperor Nero possessing the body of a young Benito Mussolini. VERY clever!

Friday the 16th – IT’S ALL IN THE GAME! – The maids arrived to clean and it was another really hot day. Sooner or later we won’t have days like this anymore. I’ll miss them. I worked inside all day, and I took particular pride in displaying some boxes for some board games I inherited recently. A few years ago I discovered that box covers to classic TV-related board games fit nicely on the wall above my vertical blinds in my home theater. I had Charlie’s Angels, Baretta, Starsky & Hutch, and Dark Shadows. My pal Sheriff John recently sent me a few more from the collection of a friend of his’ who recently passed away. I cleared some space and hung up the Harlem Globetrotters and Monkees box covers. They fit right into my motif! I spent several hours IMing friends through Instagram, and then made some Buffalo Mac and watched another “Time Tunnel” episode!

Saturday the 17th – A BELLISIMO DAY! – After a call came in informing me that the Roy Thinnes photos I had left were done and ready for pick-up, I sped by the residence and grabbed them. Then I hit the Wendy’s drive thru for a quick lunch. I was due at a studio to do some dubbing of an Italian film at 3pm. The studio complex was amazing. Movies and TV shows from all over the world are dubbed into English here, and each studio bears the name of the country/city from which that particular show originates. So I was in the “Rome” studio, as it was an Italian production. It was a lot of fun, but it almost went by too fast! I’ll tell you more about the show when I’m able to reveal more info about it. Luckily, this studio was about a mile from my favorite Italian restaurant; Barone’s! So I promised myself that I would stop to pick up a pizza on the way home. And I did. I had a nice evening eating my pizza and listening to music on my Tranquility Annex (my patio) but since the sun was just starting to set the mosquitoes were awful! I really hate mosquitoes. I came inside and checked e-mails, and I found out that my laser printer that I sent in for repair through my warranty program couldn’t be fixed. So they’re going to send me a check for a new one. Wild. I spent the entire evening doing boring bookkeeping things; reconciling my receipts, going through bank statements, paying bills, etc. What a way to spend a Saturday night, huh? I really miss my movie nights! I made my Saturday Night Super SAINT Salad, as my new Saturday night viewing fare is Roger Moore in “The Saint.” I’ve seen all the episodes before (many years ago), but not in broadcast order. Now I’m going to start with episode 1 and go through to the very end; one episode every Saturday night, with the exception of those occasional Saturday nights when I run Laurel and Hardy films. I bought a set of “Saint” DVDs for my pals Edi and Elliot Lurie several years back, but they haven’t watched them yet. I told Edi to watch one episode a week like me, and we’d get together for lunch every week and discuss what we watched.

Sunday the 18th – NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. ZILCH. – Taking the whole ‘day of rest’ thing quite literally, I did nothing but lay around lazily all day and relax. So sue me.

And how was YOUR week??!!


Hard to believe it, but 40 years ago this week I was rocking out at a Van Halen concert! Good memories.

The game boxes fit in perfectly!

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