Back in the mid-2000s, a group of friends and I hatched a nutty idea about a fictional 80’s cover band who hoped to propel themselves into the limelight by using 80’s retro popular culture as their springboard. They believe their breakthrough moment comes when they’re booked on an all-80’s cruise.

Now…fast forward to 2020.

A cover band called Yacht Rock Revue has made quite a name for themselves playing ‘smooth’ 80’s oldies in live shows. They’ve just released their first album of original material – thus using the following they developed as a cover band to propel themselves into the next phase of their careers.

Also, one of the current rages among a certain demographic is to enjoy an 80’s cruises. Original 80’s bands, cover bands, trivia contests, costume pageants, etc. are all part of the cruise experience.

Neither of these existed when we did this film back in 2006. Apparently producer Ken Dennis (“Family Guy”) and I had a crystal ball that we didn’t know we had.

Here is the 30 minute short film/pilot that we presented back then called “Livin’ On a Prayer,” shot in ‘mockumentary’ style. Hope you enjoy it, and ROCK ON!