Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Ted

Pastor Jerry Wickre

Grandma Marcella

Trish Mack

Shan Coughlin

Lana Clarkson


Frank Gorshin


Jon Horning

Neal Hefti

Uncle Ernie

Dave Dedrick

Captain 11 and Wally’s daughter Lacey

Wally as the Easter Bunny holding his daughter Lacey with Captain 11

Uncle Bun

Bun with cats

Uncle Ray

Wally and his Uncle Ray playing “hotbox” in Idaho in 1974.

Jan Kemp


Leonard Stone

Joe Joe

Paul Crosswhite

Paul and I worked mornings together at Smooth Jazz 94.7 The Wave in

Rusty, from Rusty’s
Discount Pets (left) with my dog Roxy.

Billy Loyd

Malachi Throne


Lynda Wiesmeier

Lou Scheimer

Grandma Hazel

At her 101st birthday party on 7/2/13

At my 12th birthday party in May of 1973

Stan Freberg

Gary Owens

Terry Crisp

Wally’s good friend, contractor and co-conspirator Terry Crisp passed away on July 21, 2015. Read Wally’s tribute to his friend here.

Jamie (Wingert) Hartson

Yvonne Craig

Fred Westbrook

Adam West

Read Wally’s tribute Adam and their 37 years of friendship here.

Barry Dennen

Chuck McCann

Gil Christner

Gil as Mr. Happy with Uncle Davver

Dustin Diamond

Read Wally’s tribute to Dustin here.

Pastor Bob Bock

Pastor Bob with Lassie at our church’s Pet Blessing


Robert Green Hall – Special Effects make-up whiz

Robert Green Hall as Doctor Evil to my Austin Powers

Robert with the silicone head that he made of Dennis Hopper