Decades before Wally became the voice of Giant Man in Disney XD’s “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” he was achieving gigantic proportions and fighting comic book characters in the basement of his South Dakota home. Check out a super-hero slideshow he made in the early 70’s using the famous Mego collection of super hero action figures. With his dad photographing the action on his Honeywell Pentax 35mm camera, Wally wrote the story and plotted out each scene. Originally, he recorded the narration on his small cassette recorder with the background music being played on his phonograph. (The music comes from the album “Comic Book Heroes” by the Capes and Masks). The original narration has long been lost, but the story has recently been reconstructed and rerecorded. When this was originally done, Wally had no idea that a comic book giant loomed further ahead in his future, but life’s funny that way.