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September 11 – September 17 (2023)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK I've always loved this shot of a beautiful Golden Retriever and his feathered siblings. LOVE those dogs! I remember a few years ago when guitarist Joe Satriani sued the group Coldplay stating that they stole the main riff from his [...]

September 11 – September 17 (2023)2023-09-19T07:43:53-07:00

August 28 – September 04 (2023)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK How cute is this?! I discovered "The Barrel" on the Coffee House music channel on my DirecTV satellite line-up. It haunted me for days. Then I looked up the singer Aldous Harding on YouTube, and her vibe haunted me as [...]

August 28 – September 04 (2023)2023-09-06T07:30:34-07:00

August 21 – August 27 (2023)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK If you're a regular reader of Wally's Week you know how much I love going to Paty's for their amazing food. But I also see some amazing doggies there. Like this big fella! It looks like he's praying for some [...]

August 21 – August 27 (2023)2023-08-29T07:15:06-07:00

August 14 – August 20 (2023)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK Every once in a while I see a meme on-line that pretty much sums it up. Back in the 80s the Moody Blues had a few great songs we used to play on the radio all the time. When "Gemini [...]

August 14 – August 20 (2023)2023-08-22T08:03:12-07:00

August 07 – August 13 (2023)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEE To me, every day is Veteran's Day. While I was at Glaco's World Market this past weekend I heard this terrific song. (They always play 50's music in the store!) Phil Phillips and "Sea of Love" is a classic! [...]

August 07 – August 13 (2023)2023-08-16T07:00:10-07:00

July 31 – August 06 (2023)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK It's not uncommon for a recording studio to reserve a parking space for talent who are coming in for a session. While I appreciated the parking space, they kind of missed the boat on the name.   In addition to [...]

July 31 – August 06 (2023)2023-08-08T08:06:48-07:00


Wally is now offering a personalized greeting for you (or a friend) from Wally! We call it...a Wallygram! And they are available exclusively here, and are not available on any other platform! Get razzed by the Riddler! Feeling ‘blue?’ How about a greeting from the [...]

ANNOUNCING WALLYGRAMS!!2023-08-16T07:01:48-07:00

July 24 – July 30 (2023)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK Yeah, what he said. "One Step Beyond" by Madness is the perfect song for the nutty week I've had. It sums up this past week's chaos perfectly!   Monday the 24th – ANTI-GRAV IS GREAT! – I’m not [...]

July 24 – July 30 (2023)2023-08-01T13:29:01-07:00

July 18 – July 23 (2023)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK It's a short trip. Make it count!   I forget how good some of the music from The Monkees actually is, until one comes up on my device. "You Just May Be The One" is one of those songs. I've [...]

July 18 – July 23 (2023)2023-07-25T08:25:46-07:00


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