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May 02 – May 09 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK This is my friend Edi's dog Bunny, or "Buns" as we call her. She was having a GREAT time in Palm Springs!! I've been a Dr. Demento fan since 1979, and it was great hearing "Transfusion" by Nervous Norvus [...]

May 02 – May 09 (2022)2022-05-10T13:57:06-07:00

April 25 – May 01 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK My pal Joey asked me this past week about how they did Big Bird on "Sesame Street." I showed him this original sketch by Jim Henson to explain it. For a week or so I've had the song "Disco Inferno" [...]

April 25 – May 01 (2022)2022-05-03T07:44:57-07:00

April 18 – April 24 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEKThis past week social media has been all ablaze with lots of news. But when I saw this I laughed out loud...for a long time!The impeccable musicianship of the group Toto always floored me. It's almost as if they were TOO [...]

April 18 – April 24 (2022)2022-04-26T12:18:12-07:00

April 11 – April 17 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK My 103 year old WWII vet pal "Bazooka" Joe wasn't the only one I know who handled bazookas in the military. My dad also worked with them, even though (unlike Joe) my dad was (thankfully!) in the Army in peacetime. [...]

April 11 – April 17 (2022)2022-04-19T07:03:04-07:00

April 04 – April 10 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK I saw this at one of my favorite restaurants this past week.  It's amazing what they're serving these days!! Though not a very big hit, the combo of Graham Gouldman (10cc) and Andrew Gold ("Lonely Boy" and "Thank You For [...]

April 04 – April 10 (2022)2022-04-12T06:41:26-07:00

March 28 – April 03 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK The forecast for the forthcoming week looks like summer is trying to break through for a few days, only to be slapped back down quickly by spring. I had never heard of Nikki and Rich until they appeared on "The [...]

March 28 – April 03 (2022)2022-04-05T06:27:24-07:00

March 21 – March 27 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK We all could use some puppy and kitty love! Though the studio version of "Times Like These" by Foo Fighters is amazing, I discovered a real gem when I found the acoustic version. I've been singing it all week. [...]

March 21 – March 27 (2022)2022-03-29T06:42:39-07:00

March 14 – March 20 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK Green means go. Red means stop. Did anyone in the Star Wars universe ever consider that, maybe all they had to do to stop Darth Vader was simply push the "off" button on his chest? Simple! When I was a [...]

March 14 – March 20 (2022)2022-03-22T06:20:15-07:00

March 07 – March 13 (2020)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK While scanning photos this past week, I came across this school photo of me. I'm not sure how old I was, but I had forgotten that I had David Letterman teeth! I also shouldn't have dressed in a shirt that [...]

March 07 – March 13 (2020)2022-03-15T08:42:23-07:00


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