Back in 2004 Wally produced a TV pilot with Ken Dennis, former Supervising Producer of “Family Guy.” It combined Wally’s love of popular horror hosts, “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The idea was to take public domain horror films and bring a bunch of comedic actors, comics and improv artists into a theatre (along with a cavalcade of odd characters) and pepper it with salty commentary and witticisms. For the first time ever, here is the entire one-hour pilot for you to enjoy. It’s called “Uncle Davver’s Really Scary Movie Show!”

ADVISORY: This pilot was shot back in 2004 and contains stylistic humor that might not be appropriate for everyone in today’s modern world. This style of humor is consistent with what you would have heard in a comedy club at this point in history. It contains humor that may trigger you if you’re sensitive to such things. We won’t give you a laundry list, but if you have any hesitation at all about your ability to accommodate this type of humor without needing to seek out a secure shelter, then by all means…DO NOT WATCH THIS and click off. Otherwise, please enjoy!