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September 19 -September 25 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK Boy did I love this cereal as a kid. Even though they had a very politically-incorrect mascot character at one point. I recall working at a college radio station in Aberdeen, South Dakota as a 16 year old kid and [...]

September 19 -September 25 (2022)2022-09-27T08:14:28-07:00

August 29 – September 05 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK When I was a kid living in Aberdeen, South Dakota, one of the things I looked forward to every summer was when downtown Aberdeen merchants would fill the streets with merchandise that were marked down to insane prices! They closed [...]

August 29 – September 05 (2022)2022-09-06T10:47:55-07:00

August 22 – August 28 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK I love this! This past week one of my favorite "chill" artists released a new album. Last Friday William Orbit released "The Painter," and though there are several great tracks on the album, I've fallen in love with "Planet Sunrise." [...]

August 22 – August 28 (2022)2022-09-06T10:49:11-07:00

August 15 – August 21 (2022)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK If you've been following my adventure with acquiring my dad's first ukulele, you'll know that he's had several ukes throughout his life. He bought one when he was in the Army in Germany in the 50's, but because of limited [...]

August 15 – August 21 (2022)2022-08-23T07:54:07-07:00

August 08 – August 14

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK Yeah, I stole this photo from a friend's Instagram account, but it's such a great captured moment I couldn't resist. Never in a million years would I ever have thought that I would someday buy a song from Harry Styles. [...]

August 08 – August 142022-08-16T07:09:48-07:00


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