Let the star of “Frankie-fied!” be at the center of YOUR Christoween ® tree – Frankenstein himself!
This 4″x2″x2″ resin ornament features Frankie in his ersatz Santa hat, just like he appears in the story. In addition to a fabric hat, it has a leather cord for hanging, fake fur for hair, and real head bolts!

Frankie’s head was sculpted by Christoween® “Creep-ator” Wally Wingert and then molded for limited reproduction. Each ornament is hand-assembled and hand-painted by Wally himself! This includes a hand-stitched Santa hat with green pom, and real metal hexagon bolts!

And every ornament sold comes with a Certificate of “Haunt-thenticity” signed by Christoween® “Creep-ator” Wally Wingert! 

Because these are all meticulously hand-fabricated, and not yet mass-produced, the turnaround time on these can be considerable.

Each Frankie Christoween® ornament is $19.99 plus $5.00 First Class USPS shipping and handling.