In the Christoween® origin story, the legend begins when Donnie Druthers creates a hybrid observance that combines Halloween and Christmas for a school project. When Santa gets the sniffles and can’t deliver presents, Frankenstein saves the day and subs for Santa, meeting young Donnie in the process. But when Frankie doesn’t return next Christmas Eve, Donnie creates a Christmas stocking in the shape of Frankie’s monster boot as a hint to Santa that he’d like to see his burly bestie again.

Just like in the story, you too can have a Frankie Christoween Stalking® to nail up on your Christmas hearth!

This stalking is a special edition for the monster traditionalist, and is in a “monster monochrome” color scheme! VERY FEW OF THESE WILL BE PRODUCED AND ARE IN EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY!

Pewter fleece and charcoal grey microsuede gives this style a signature “classic monster” look! This Stalking™ is 14 inches high, and made from fleece, satin, microsuede and vinyl.

And every Stalking sold comes with a Certificate of “Haunt-thenticity” signed by Christoween® “Creep-ator” Wally Wingert!

Each Limited Edition Christoween Frankie Stalking® is $19.99 plus $2.00 First Class USPS shipping and handling. Because these sets are all hand-made to order, and not yet mass produced, place your order NOW to have them in your hands in plenty of time for next Christoween®! We’ll ship them out to you as fast as we can!