Each sticker sheet measures 8.5” X 11.” These vibrant vinyl stickers feature the conceptual Christoween® character “chill-ustrations” by Patrick Owsley, and there are two different sticker sets to choose from!

Set #2 features 12 images from the Christoween® world! It includes Wolfie, Mummy, Snyder Spider, Zomb-E, Bride, The Dracula Sisters Draculatifa and Draculatina, Donnie, and Santa in his Christmas Eve flight gear. It also includes two story scenes, and a color variant of the “Donnie Druthers’ Christoween Capers”® logo.

And every sticker set sold comes with a Certificate of “Haunt-thenticity” signed by Christoween® “Creep-ator” Wally Wingert!

Each sticker set is $4.99 plus $2.00 First Class USPS shipping and handling.