Sending in multiple items for a Private Group Signing is ALWAYS welcome! If you are acting as a facilitator for a Private Group Signing here are a few things you should know before contacting us. These guidelines will help expedite the process to the maximum extent. Each signed item is $40.00

CUSTOMER SEPARATION: As you gather up the items to be signed from your various customers, please make sure to separate each collector’s materials into their own separate Ziplock bag. This will help keep things better organized.

Each item should have a Post-It securely attached to it stating the customer’s name, whether or not they want it personalized, any character quote they want inscribed, and in which color ink they wish to have the personalization, quote and signature written.

Post-its should be secured to the items inside the Ziplock bag, as attaching them to the outside creates the potential for loss and confusion if they become accidentally detached.

RETURN SHIPPING: We are unable to devote the time to have the final package weighed and shipped, so please be sure to include a postage-paid, self-addressed return label and mailer to expedite the return of your finished package.

When you purchase the return postage label, (Priority Mail is preferred) please do not list our address as the return address.  That way, if there are any problems with the shipment, it will be sent to you instead of being returned to us.  Please list your address as both the “SENDER” and the “RECIPIENT” on the label.

AUTHENTICATION: In addition to the charge of $40 for each signed item, you may also wish to add authentication services for an additional charge.

PHOTOS: For up to 3 photos of Wally posing with the signed items or signing the items it’s an additional charge of $50.

ZOOM: If you wish to monitor the signing via Zoom and record a video of the signing to disburse to your customers, that’s available for an additional charge of $150.

Please note that these photos and videos are for personal use only, and may not be posted publicly on any platform. They are strictly for the customer’s personal use and for the purpose of signature authentication only.

NOTE: The additional charges for these authentication services do not include the price of the signatures themselves.

UTILITIES: We do not keep a large variety of signing pens on hand, so if your customers request a certain type or color of pen to be used in the signing, please make sure to include them in your initial package.

Remember to only send NEW pens, as used pens sometimes do not contain enough ink to complete the bulk signing. We are unable to devote the time to shop for a replacement pen in the event that the used pen you send goes dry.

To initiate the process for a process for a Private Group Signing, please contact us at

Thank you!