If you’d like to send in your own items to be signed, that’s possible too! Each item to be signed is $40.00. This could include action figures, posters, DVD covers, plaques, display boxes, or your own photos. Here’s how to do it…


  •  a) Put a Post-It note on each item detailing the name of the person to whom it’s being signed. If you don’t want a name inscribed on it just put NO NAME on the Post-It so we know you’ve made a specific choice to leave off any personalization.
  • b) Also on the Post-It, include any character quote or inscription you’d like. Please remember there’s limited signing space on most items, so please don’t make the quote too long. Inscriptions should be profanity-free, please.
  • c) If you’d like the item signed with a certain pen, please include that as well. Your pen will be returned with your package.
  • d) IMPORTANT: Include your e-mail address so we can contact you to let you know the items arrived safely. Also please include your PayPal e-mail address so we can send the money request.
  • e) Securely package your items and include a return mailer with sufficient postage attached for return shipment. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK that there is sufficient postage to return the item. If the postage is insufficient, the Post Office may choose to not forward the item to you, and it will be lost forever. We assume no responsibility for insufficient postage on return items, nor loss of the item which may occur as a result of insufficient postage.
  • f) When the items arrive in our office, we’ll contact you via e-mail with a PayPal money request. Once the payment is received your items will be signed and sent back to you immediately. PLEASE BE SURE TO SEND THE PAYPAL FUNDS AS FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY – so that no additional fees will be incurred.

Please note: Wally is ALSO a collector, so he knows to take special care of your items. He will treat your collectibles as if they were his own.

Please ALSO note: We can’t accept any responsibility for shipping mistakes or damage that may have occurred during shipment.

Mail them to…

Wally Wingert

4400 W. Riverside Drive

Suite 110 – #2813

Burbank, CA 91505