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The 13 Weeks of Christoween® – Week 9

“”Donnie Druthers’ Christoween Capers®:
Story 9: “Rude, Sued and Pooh-poohed”

Written and “Creep-ated” by Wally Wingert
Narrated by F’loo F’lingles
Sound Design by Evan Marquardt
Additional Audio Support by Scott Sebring

Story 9 – “Rude, Sued and Pooh-poohed” Donnie’s threatened with a copyright infringement lawsuit from a lawyer named Chris DeWeen who turns out to be a real shark…LITERALLY!

Check out the trailer!

Story 10: “UN-Rest In Pieces”

Written and “Creep-ated” by Wally Wingert
Narrated by F’loo F’lingles
Sound Design by Evan Marquardt
Additional Audio Support by Scott Sebring

Story 10 – “Un-Rest In Pieces” A rotting zombie known as the King of Zombie Rock has lost all his body parts in different cities in which he’s toured, and he needs Donnie’s talents to reassemble his body in time for a huge Christmas concert.


On our “13 WEEKS OF CHRISTOWEEN® AUDIBLES” page, you can listen to ALL of the current and previous audibles for the season!



Some of the main characters from the Christoween Capers® series have been immortalized on a soft, decorative pillow! Perfect to rest your head on while you listen to the next installment in the Christoween Capers® series!

You can order one by Clicking Here.


If you fancy yourself an aspiring Voice Actor here’s your chance to be discovered and heard by the world! Download and record this snippet from this week’s Christoween Caper® and submit it as an MP3 to before this Thursday! On Friday all of the submissions will be posted here, on Instagram and on Twitter! Have fun!

CLICK HERE to see this week’s Christoween® Aspiring Voice Actor script


Here are this week’s submissions!


Visually inspired by the Christoween® stories you’ve heard? If you want to artistically express your Christoween® spirit through art, send us your sketch, drawing, painting, or photo you’ve created and we’ll post it here each week!

Send your Fanart and Fotos to and include how you’d like to be credited, and we’ll show it off here for the world to see!

We got a wonderful fanart submission this past week, and we’re proud to show it off to you now! We love how the Christoween® stories inspire you, and we’d love to see how they touch you creatively! Send in that fanart soon!


James Francis did an amazing take on a disappearing Invisible Nan!

We look forward to YOUR Christoween®-inspired fotos and artwork!


Check here each week for the latest updates on new merchandise, new download drops, related events and appearances!


At the recent OG Collectibles appearance in Downey, California, Wally exhausted his supply of “The 13 Weeks Of Christoween®” promo cards! These two-sided cards detail the drop dates of each of the 13 chapters in the “Christoween Capers®” saga!

In the “spirit” of the old Flat Stanley books, we created Puppet Donnie. That way the hero of our capers could be photographed enjoying certain sights at this year’s Son of Monsterpalooza in Burbank, California! Puppet Donnie posed for all sorts of photos and some free Christoween® character patches were given out.

It’s always great catching up with our old pal Rossiter!

And what would Monsterpalooza be without running into the Monster Party podcast crew?

DragonGirl118’s posse selected free Donnie patches!

Yikes! Beetlesnake!

A beautiful effigy of the one who started all us monster kids on a life of marvelous movie monster mythology – Uncle Forry aka Forrest J. Ackerman; the editor of “Famous Monsters” magazine.

Master sculptor/efx artist/all-around-great-guy Casey Wong has a Donnie Druthers on his shoulder!

At last year’s Seasons Screamings we met a most remarkable and creative guy…ThatCreepyCoolKid was spotted at Monsterpalooza!

GOOD NIGHT NURSE! Puppet Donnie loved this character from the old “Twilight Zone” episode…and in complete monochrome!

Puppet Donnie always hates interrupting celebrities during a meal, but made an exception with Pennywise.

Need help trimming your Christoween tree? Call Puppet Donnie!

It’s not late, great actor Charles Bronson – but it’s another one of Rubber Larry’s terrific silicone masks he created!

Jade is a young fan of the band Slipknot, and Wally’s portrayal of The Riddler. He was elated to hear that Slipknot’s Corey Taylor is now co-publisher of “Famous Monsters” magazine!

The other co-publisher and editor of “Famous Monsters” is Wally’s old pal Eben McGarr!

Daisy and Trace enjoy the day with Puppet Donnie!

Here are a few fun fotos from last year’s Seasons Screamings in Pasadena when Wally and the Christoween® crew showed up to party!

The Stalkings® were hung on the merch wall with scare!

There was no shortage of ghoulish, garish guys & gals at the Christoween® table!

Monsterful, mirthful merch!

It was nice to meet Marcos J aka ThatCreepyCoolKid at the booth, when he picked up a satin plush Donnie Druthers® figure!

Muppet writer Kirk Thatcher got into the spirit!

Keep those Tweets and Treats comin’!

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Halloween and Christmas are tied for “favorite holiday of the year.”  Why choose?  Let’s celebrate all season long with Christoween® – a hybrid of the two!
In the “spirit” of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas” we’ve created thirteen unique storybooks and toy sets created by Wally Wingert. “Donnie Druthers’ Christoween Capers® ” is a monsterrific collection for families who like their Christmas stories “Monster” flavored, and their Halloween stories “Christmas” flavored. Our Christoween® tales are stories for adult monster-kids!

Enjoy finding out about our CHRISTOWEEN® stories inside!

NEW! A great selection of Limited Edition Christoween® collectibles now available!


“A charming, whimsical blend of classic monsters & Dr.Seuss that is sure to appeal to kids of. all ages!”

– Mark Hamill

“As a fan of monsters like Frankenstein, I loved seeing my most feared childhood monster become something very special in this series! “Christoween®” is creative, and extremely imaginative; this fun holiday concept is a winner!”

– Bruce Kulick – Rock guitar legend (KISS/Grand Funk)

“We have been needing this every year! Christoween® is a most welcome love letter to our horror community and is a gift to our horror family from a certified lifelong horror-geek.”

– Kelli Maroney; Actress (“Night of the Comet”/”Chopping Mall”)

“Seinfeld gave us Festivus and now Wingert dropped Christoween® down our holiday chimneys. It’s the perfect gift for those of us who love Halloween and Christmas.”

Daniel Roebuck


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