Halloween and Christmas are tied for “favorite holiday of the year.”  Why choose?  Let’s celebrate all season long with Christoween® – a hybrid of the two!
In the “spirit” of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas” we’ve created thirteen unique storybooks and toy sets created by Wally Wingert. “Donnie Druthers’ Christoween Capers® ” is a monsterrific collection for families who like their Christmas stories “Monster” flavored, and their Halloween stories “Christmas” flavored. Our Christoween® tales are stories for adult monster-kids!

Enjoy finding out about our CHRISTOWEEN® stories inside!

NEW! A great selection of Limited Edition Christoween® collectibles now available!


“A charming, whimsical blend of classic monsters & Dr.Seuss that is sure to appeal to kids of. all ages!”

– Mark Hamill

“As a fan of monsters like Frankenstein, I loved seeing my most feared childhood monster become something very special in this series! “Christoween®” is creative, and extremely imaginative; this fun holiday concept is a winner!”

– Bruce Kulick – Rock guitar legend (KISS/Grand Funk)

“We have been needing this every year! Christoween® is a most welcome love letter to our horror community and is a gift to our horror family from a certified lifelong horror-geek.”

– Kelli Maroney; Actress (“Night of the Comet”/”Chopping Mall”)

“Seinfeld gave us Festivus and now Wingert dropped Christoween® down our holiday chimneys. It’s the perfect gift for those of us who love Halloween and Christmas.”

Daniel Roebuck


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