Though Wally will be appearing at several conventions throughout 2023 and 2024, he may not be coming to your town. So we’ve set up this on-line store to make sure you are able to purchase signed photos, services and merchandise. But someday Wally looks forward to meeting you in person!

ONLINE STORE: Choose from the many pictures we have here in our store.

YOUR OWN ITEMS: If you’d like to send in your own items to be signed, that’s possible too! Just click here for instructions.



In addition to the awesome array of signed photos available, you now can also get a personalized greeting for you (or a friend) from Wally! We call it…a Wallygram! And they are available exclusively here, and are not available on any other platform!

Get razzed by the Riddler! Feeling ‘blue?’ How about a greeting from the Blue Psycho Ranger! Get challenged by Renji Abari! Insulted by Tallest Red! Get a birthday greeting from Cubot! Or hear from any other of Wally’s countless characters! Greetings can be sent in either portrait or landscape format, and will be delivered to you as a high resolution MP4 through

Please Click Here to read all of the necessary details before ordering a Wallygram.

Now, in addition to video shout-outs and signed photos, you can purchase a VIRTUAL MEET ‘N’ GREET! You can use the video call for any purpose – fanchat, an interview, VO advice, or just a general discussion about life! A 20 minute call is only $150 for a limited time!