Wally and his old pal Adam West.

Malachi Throne (False Face in Batman) and Wally clown around.

The costumed heroes crowd around the Batmobile.

Adam poses with the Batchicks.

Here, Wally gets to wear an original Batman cowl from 1966, thanks to Bat collector Mark Hardeman, who brought his collection to the convention

Here's a group of fans each holding a different piece of original Batman and Robin costumes!

Adam West poses with costumed fans.

Christine and Julie Newmar compare cat-notes.

The original terrific trio (Yvonne Craig, Adam West and Burt Ward) pose with their costumed counterparts.

2 of the 3 original Catwomen pose together...Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether.

Wally and his pal Alex Zsolt pose with Scott Sebring who's wearing an original Adam West TV series costume.

Wally helps surprise Julie Newmar with a beautiful replica Catwoman necklace.

Wally's mom and Adam have a laugh.

Wally's mom sits in a replica Batmobile and chats to the Commissioner

Adam West and Burt Ward, the stars of the TV series, enjoy catching up on old times.

After a long, exhausting weekend, the Bat gang heads for Planet Wallywood for pizza and Batman episodes.

The Batgang enjoys the comforts of Planet Wallywood.