Actor Richard Horvitz ("Summer School," "Invader Zim,""Angry Beavers," "Grim & Evil") models the Burt Ward-style costume



Wally thought for years about making one, but he didn't want to put together a Burt Ward-style costume until he was positive he had it right. He saw so many out there; all of which are vastly inferior to the originals and not completely accurate. So purchasing one from a seller wasn't an option. It wasn't until he recently acquired the use of a set of the originals for an afternoon, that he decided to have his own made for Halloween.

Since he had patterns off the entire costume, this made it a virtual XEROX copy of the original, with each measurement being exact down to the last detail. He also used the original costume as a basis for the work he did on the CBS TV movie "Return To the Batcave." Though certain changes were made to the costumes he did for that project, the costume he made for myself was dead-on, 100% accurate to the original.

The vest zipped down the back, and the emblem was taken from a scan of the original. It was been cleaned up a bit since the original was a little ragged. The measurements of the front laces, and their relation to the emblem were all exactly the same as the original vest. Even the NUMBER of laces were the same!

The utility belt was leather, with a brass buckle. The cylinders were SOLID, highly-polished brass rods. (Unlike the painted wood, or brass tube cylinders you've seen before!) The trunks were made from the same unique type of spandex used on the originals. The costume also had tights, green t-shirt, and green suede "wing" shoes that zip up the back.

Wally was thrilled that after exhaustive research, the glove manufacturer who made all the gloves for the 1966 series was found and made his gloves. The forest green leather gauntlet gloves were made from the same pattern that the originals were struck from!