A BRIEF HISTORY OF COWLS: Ever notice that the design of the cowl underwent several subtle changes during the course of the series? Jan Kemp attributed this lack of consistency to Batman's rigorous production schedule. Because of time limitations, they were literally being thrown together in haste! Wally narrowed down the cowl designs used on the show to three basic designs...


Tapered eyebrow
Straight nose
Curved facemask


Check-mark eyebrow
Curved nose
Curved facemask


Straight eyebrow
Slant nose
Round facemask

The originals were basically a fiberglass shell covered with navy blue stretch satin. Unfortunately, the elastic nature of the fabric caused it to have an inability to hold dye. That's why you may have noticed the cowls gradually changing from navy blue to purple (and eventually to purplish- pink!!)

Modern-day technology allowed Wally to improve on the cowls. Adam used to complain about the uncomfortable nature of the fiberglass shells so Wally had made his out of durable, space-age, vaccu-formed styrene (plastic). They were then covered with a high-quality, navy-blue satin that had been time-tested to be colorfast! No pink cowls here! The ears were molded in the same type of plastic, but of a lighter weight. They were covered in the same navy-blue satin, and the outsides were painted gloss black. The eyebrows & nose lines were light blue on a matte black facemask area. The nose area was left navy blue. The cowl closed in the front with four large, black snap closures.


CLICK HERE to see the cowl making process...


Kristy Kreme models one of the cowls.