Wally's Week

August 30 - September 5

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Ever hear certain tones in life that immediately bring a song to mind? I was ready to take a shower the other day and something around the house made a sound that reminded me of the tonality and pitch of the guitar solo in the song "I Can't Tell You Why" by the Eagles. I've always loved that song, particularly that guitar solo. It's so easy going and loose, but amazingly precise at the same time. So I immediately grabbed my i-Pod, punched up the song and relaxed on the bed while my ears drank it in. It sounds as good today as when it was released in the late 70's. Enjoy it!

Monday the 30th - DOCTOR DAY! - I started the day by heading over to Atlantis Recording to record a few voices for the new White Knight Chronicles game. Then I stopped by my doctor's in Santa Monica for my usual check-up. I'm hardly ever in his area, so when I'm down there I usually stop in to have stuff looked over, blood work, etc. - just to make sure I stay healthy. Then I headed over to It's a Wrap to check out the stuff. They've got pretty slim pickins' nowadays because they're getting ready for their big Halloween sale, so they've got to make room. I did, however, find a really great pair of skinny jeans in purple and black checkerboard pattern. Not sure when/where I'd ever wear them, but they were just too gaudy to pass up. I got home just in time to walk Sassie and head over to "The Tonight Show" for the taping. We were just coming back from a two week hiatus and everybody was in a really great mood. They all seemed rested and relaxed, and happy to be back at work. I had to admit, it really was good to be back as I had missed being there. I had my pal Sara take the Super 8mm editing system back to the place I rented it from, and also grab my mail at my box. After the taping I visited my chiropractor for an adjustment (I hadn't had one in awhile) and then headed home to meet up with Sara and get my mail.

Tuesday the 31st - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S SEPTEMBER ALREADY?!?!! - Well, not quite. But August (as well as the rest of the summer) literally FLEW by! It was a beautiful day, and the heatwave had broken. So I took the opportunity to ride my bike again. It was lovely! I went to Studiopolis in Burbank for a session for "Kekkaishi" on Cartoon Network. Two of the streets I took had bike lanes, and for a few miles there was a bike path that took me almost to the door of Studiopolis. I hauled ass to the session. When "Kekkaishi" was finished, I walked to the studio next door at Studiopolis and did three hours of "Avengers." It was the final episode of the second season, and it was a real treat! I know it'll take awhile before this episode hits the air, but you are gonna LOVE it! When the session was finished I got a call that they wanted me at "TTS" early to do a vo session. I biked over there and did the session, then grabbed a tuna melt at the NBC commissary. We did the taping, and then I biked over to Metropolis bicycle shop. I picked up a new bike seat, which was much more comfortable than the one that came with the bike. They installed it for me and I pedaled home. That night I spent the evening on My Publisher.com working on my new book...a coffee table-sized photo book using 70 of my favorite Lon Chaney Sr. pics from my collection of over 1200 Chaney pics! It's gonna rock!

Wednesday the 1st - GETTIN' HOT AGAIN! - The Los Angeles heatwave was starting again. I drove over to McCoy Sound in North Hollywood for an audition for a 7-11 commercial, then stopped at Ralph's and picked up some groceries. I took the groceries home, worked more on the Chaney book and then headed to "TTS." That evening I took a short nap, and then took Sara to DuPar's for a late dinner. For some reason, breakfast at midnight seemed to really hit the spot!

Thursday the 2nd - CLOSER TO LABOR DAY! - I couldn't believe it was already Thursday heading into Labor Day weekend! I did a few hours at Studiopolis Burbank doing voice tracks for Renji in "Bleach," then I returned a bicycle seat that I had bought a few weeks ago to the store I bought it from. I had the seat that I liked from Metropolis, so it didn't make any sense to keep this other one. Then I went to NBC for "TTS." That evening I grabbed another nap and then stayed up all night working on my Chaney book again!

Friday the 3rd - HAPPY WEEKEND! - I got called in early to "TTS" for a voice-over bit, then I went to Paty's in Toluca Lake to meet my friends Edi and her daughter Emily Grace for lunch. I found out that Bob, one of the head honchos at Paty's, was in the hospital with heart problems. Prayers for his speedy recovery!! After lunch I went over to NBC for "TTS" and then wished everyone a happy Labor Day weekend! That night I grabbed another nap and (you guessed it!) worked on my Chaney book some more!

Saturday the 4th - WHEW! HOT! - The heatwave was back. So I stayed inside all day. My maids came to clean Planet Wallywood, I got out of the house long enough to pick something up at my mailbox, but then I came right back home again. I rested a little, and then my friends Scott and Vickie Sebring came over to hang out before movie night. I decided I wanted a new computer monitor (mine was square) because I wanted a new hi def widescreen. So we grabbed Sara and headed to Fry's Electronics and picked up a new Samsung 27" monitor. It's beeeeautiful! That night the gang came over to watch two more episodes of "The Prisoner" followed by Rodney Dangerfield in 'Back To School."

Sunday the 5th - COOLING OFF A LITTLE! - Though it was cooling off a little bit, I still stayed in the house all day sleeping. I did get up around 2pm to walk Sassie, but then I went back to bed and slept a few more hours. I got up in time for evening church, then took some friends out shopping for grill items. Since it was Labor Day eve, I decided to do another movie night (since nobody had to be at work the next day.) We got hot dogs, buns, chips, etc. and went home to start grilling. We had tons of food, cupcakes, all sorts of good stuff, then we watched "Dirty Harry" and "Magnum Force" on Blu Ray. What fun. My pal Chuck McCann came by to watch it as well, and when we were finished a few of us went out for pie at DuPar's. What a great weekend!

And how was YOUR week??!!!