November 2 – November 8 (2009)

Monday the 2nd – CAVALCADE OF CUBBY! – Back in the late 90’s I got the part of Cubby the Lost Boy in the movie “Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland.” I got the role because I could sound like the guy in the original “Peter Pan” film from the 50’s. He has a squeaky, mid-pubescent dumb guy voice and runs around in a bear suit that’s too small for him. I had a lot of fun doing the sessions with the other Lost Boys…Bradley, Aaron and the others. But after doing close to 5 sessions , including one session where we sang a song, I was replaced with no explanation from Disney by Spencer Breslin. No biggie…it happens sometimes in this business. I guess Disney figured they could get some additional name recognition by using him. My name still appears in the credits because my back-up vocals were still used in the soundtrack. It’s fine. I just dealt with it and wrote it off to experience. Shortly after the movie was released Disney did a videogame called “You Can Fly with Tinkerbell.” In the game they had Cubby explaining a lot of the gameplay. Disney called me back in to do the game, as the producers wanted to go back to the “classic Cubby” sound. So I gladly accepted the job. Well today I dusted off my Cubby voice and worked him again for the new ‘Kingdom Hearts’ game. It will be released in the summer of ’10 and looks amazing. I think you’ll be very pleased when you see it. It’s always fun to do Cubby and Renee from Disney Character Voices and I had a lot of fun in the session. When I finished up doing that at Skylark Studios, I drove over to Studiopolis to do two pick-up lines for Renji in “Bleach.” Then I headed over to the Jay Leno Show to do my daily announcements. After the taping was over, they needed to shoot a car blowing up in the parking lot. There were 6 or 7 cameras rolling. I stayed in the audio booth and watched on the monitors. They had the car rigged on a gizmo that would flip the car over as it burst into flames. The stunt came off marvelously and was amazing to watch. When I left Stage 11 for my car, I stopped for awhile and looked at the crew with the fire extinguishers making sure every last spark was out. I looked up into the sky (which was not considerably darker at 5:30pm thanks to the return to Standard Time) and a huge full moon loomed over the horizon at NBC. It was quite a moment. Watching the crew working under the lights, looking at NBC’s Stage 11, and seeing that huge full moon will be a vision that will stay with me the rest of my life. In fact, I said to myself something to the effect that I’ll always remember this moment. Quite amazing!

Tuesday the 3rd – TERRIFIC TUESDAY! – I started the day by going to Voice Trax West to do another commercial for HH Gregg. Then I headed over to West LA and bought some DVDs at Laser Blazer, my favorite DVD store. They always seem to have everything I need in stock. I just wish they were closer to where I live in Hollywood! Then I went over to Regenix for my check-up. It’s a good program and my hair looks very healthy under the microscope! I hit the road and made it over to the Jay Leno Show. When I was finished I put some checks into my bank, and went to Jerry’s Famous Deli to have dinner with friends! WHEW! What a day!

Wednesday the 4th – CLOTHES DRYER DOLDRUMS! – The motor in my dryer was giving out, so I called my home warranty company to send somebody out. Today was the day they were going to repair it, and their orders were that I be home to let the repairman in between 8am and noon. So I couldn’t take any jobs or auditions during that time, because I didn’t want to miss the repairman. 8am went by and no call. 9am went by and no call. 10am went by and I got a call, but it was from my agent asking me to be at the Leno show for a quick read. I called my friend Sara to come to my house and wait in case the repairman showed up. I dashed over to the Leno show, did my read, and got back. Sara was there alone and said the repairman hadn’t shown. It was now noon. I had a session scheduled at 1 for HH Gregg. I finally called the repair place and they said the driver was running late due to another repair call. COULDN’T HE HAVE CALLED TO TELL ME THAT?! Geez! He was now due about 12:30. He actually showed up at 12:50. But my session was in ten minutes. So, because this guy, I had to move my session back a half hour. The good news was, that he finally fixed the dryer and it purrs like a kitten. The bad news was, I was a half hour late for my session for HH Gregg. But they understood. When I finished there I went to NBC for the Leno Show. Not only did I get to introduce another first lady (Laura Bush was on the show that day) but Jenna Bush Hager was on too. Pretty cool gig. That night I got on eBay and won a meet and greet with actor Mitch Pileggi for my sister Bonnie, who’s a BIG Mitch fan. I decided that I was going to get the meet and greet for her (she’s been wanting to meet him for years!) and I was also going to fly her out for the X Files convention where he’d be appearing. It would be her birthday, Christmas, New Year’s, Flag Day, etc. gifts for years to come! She was very excited when I called and told her I had won it on eBay. I also booked her a flight on United right afterwards. This was going to be fun! The convention was November 14th and she would be flying into LA on the 13th.

Thursday the 5th – UH OH! THE MITCH SITCH! – Come to find out, bad news! Unfortunately Mitch’s sister passed away on Monday the 2nd, so he won’t be able to make the convention. The company who sponsored the event refunded my money, but I now had an airline ticket I couldn’t get a refund on. Oh well. I think the ticket can still be used for a year. In the afternoon I went to Voice Trax West to do a session for Scalp Med, a late-night TV infomercial. Then I got home to make a call to Bea Lydecker, noted animal psychic and communicator. She had some interesting things to say about Sassie and Spooky. I found her again to be very accurate. When the reading was over, I headed over to the Leno Show. Afterwards I slept a bit. I was feeling a lot better after having a cold the week before, but I still was tired. So I wanted to get as much rest as I could.

Friday the 6th – FANTASTIC FRIDAY! – I had to be at the Leno show early to record a quick bit, then I went home and grabbed some lunch and rested a bit. I went back to the Leno show for the live taping at 3:30. Then I sped home to meet my friend Ginny. She and I were going to the PMX at the Hilton LAX. I would be doing two panels there on Saturday, and Ginny wanted to see the concert that was going on that night. I’m glad we went. The bands they had were great! Especially a band called Uchu Sentai Noiz. A fully costumed presentation with charismatic and engaging musicians. I was impressed! And I was wishing that some of these lame-o American bands would infuse a little bit more presentation in their acts, instead of just looking like their audience members. But the evening went very late and we were tired!

Saturday the 7th – PMX PANELS! – My friend Georgette and I went back to the Hilton LAX and met up with Ginny. I was schedule to do two panels that day. One solo, and another one with three other voice actors. We had a blast running around the convention and doing the panels. After the panels were done, I headed over to 48 Windows to do a quick session for another “Dynasty Warriors” game. When we were finished, Georgette and I headed back to my house. The traffic was terrible, but I got back just in time to receive my guests for Blu Ray Trek night. That’s where a bunch of us draw episodes from the “Star Trek: Original Series” Season 2 Blu Ray DVD set. We watched “The Doomsday Machine” and “The Changeling.” Fantastic! Most every episode in season 2 is a winner. And “The Doomsday Machine” has always been one of my favorites. The enhancement process that Paramount uses on these episodes really seems like it was created for that episode in particular. It’s one of the episodes that benefitted the most from the enhancement process.

Sunday the 8th – ZZZZZZZ! –I slept all day, and got up just in time to hit evening church. It was good to be back, since I had missed a week because of my cold. I also did elder duty at late church. Then I went home to pay bills, do auditions in my home studio, and relax some more.

And how was YOUR week??!!!