November 14 – November 20 (2011)

I met a gal at church last Sunda named Jane, so immediately I started singing “Sweet Jane” by the Cowboy Junkies. Great song!

Monday the 14th – JUST ANOTHER MONDAY! – I got a hotline call from my agent telling me to get to NBC early for a bit for “The Tonight Show.” When I finished the bit I drove off to get a quick lunch, then I headed back to the studio to tape the show. On my way home I stopped at my mailbox to get a package, then I got home to take a short nap. I got up to record my voice auditions in my home studio and e-mail them to my agents, then I did some work around the house. I eventually hit the hay just before dawn and watched an old episode of “The Bionic Woman” on DVD.

Tuesday the 15th – CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY! – Once again, my hotline rang with an order to get to NBC for another “TTS” bit. I dropped over to Weinerschnitzel for lunch and then headed back for the taping. Howie Mandel and Snooki were on as guests and it was a VERY funny show! On my way home I stopped by my mailbox and picked up my new mannequin. I have two on order, but this one will turn into Robo-Elvis! I’ll explain more about that as it gets closer to reality, but suffice to say Planet Wallywood will soon have a full size singing, talking Elvis Presley on stage! As I was in my living room unpacking my mannequin, UPS showed up with the new Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman figure. This thing is amazing! I set up the mannequin, put on the Elvis costume that was given to me by my pal Mike Schrimmer of Chicago, and grabbed a shot or two. The costume needs some major alterations, but this replica of the famous Aztec Sundial costume (the one I saw Elvis perform in back in 1977) will soon adorn an Elvis mannequin that will also be complete with an actual Elvis scarf, given to a woman at a concert! Then I turned my attentions to my Christopher Reeve figure. I extracted him from the package and started setting him up in Planet Wallywood. I had the perfect place for him, but I needed to do a little customization. I took some white styrofoam sheets and cut a platform the size of the base to elevate it. I also put a blue light behind the spears of ice to give them an eerie, frosty illumination. It was a busy night, but I did manage to get a short nap. Then I got up for my auditions, my assistant Sara went to get some food at Denny’s to bring back, and we watched a “Bionic Woman” episode.

Wednesday the 16th – LOST IN TRANSLATION! – I got a hotline call to record a bit for “TTS” in my home studio. Then my agent sent me some lyric sheets and MP3s for two songs I would be singing on Thursday for “The Garfield Show.” (That’s right, Jon Arbuckle SINGS!) They’ll be used as interstitial bits between cartoons and during commercial breaks. They all will have a fun and positive message. One song’s lyric sheet didn’t match the music track I got. So I wasn’t sure which was correct, the lyric sheet or the track. My agent didn’t know either. The second music track was sung completely in French, but I could still tell that the lyric sheet (in English) wasn’t going to match up. It seemed to be missing lyrics. The third song didn’t match up at all. The lyrics were for a completely different song and didn’t match the track at all. It seemed like some more work needed to be done, or maybe I got the wrong lyric sheets. I like to go into a session (particularly a singing session) as prepared as possible. But I was very confused. So my agent (bless his heart) diligently contacted the composer to try and sort it out. Meanwhile I got another call for another “TTS” bit to record at home. Then John Melendez called to ask if I could sound like Alex Trebek. I said sure, so they had me come in to loop a piece of video from “Jeopardy” which was hilarious! I drove over to Taco Bell for a bite of lunch, and then headed back to NBC. Robin Williams was the guest on “TTS” and he, as always, was very funny. I got home and started doing some work around the house, and my agent had managed to get one of the songs cleaned up so I could understand it. There wasn’t any progress on the second song, as the lyrics still weren’t matching the track, and the producers decided to drop the third song because the wrong track was sent. So I rehearsed the songs as best as I could and got prepared for the session the next day. The songs were actually VERY good! In fact, one of them I liked a lot! But the whole process works like this sometimes, lots of changes made on the fly, alterations, etc. So it’s no big deal. I just like to be as prepared as possible. I grabbed a short nap on the couch and then got up for my auditions. Sara came over again for another episode of “The Bionic Woman.”

Thursday the 17th – JON “BON JOVI” ARBUCKLE! – I got up early to head into Hollywood for the Garfield singing session. It was such a fantastically beautiful day I took the Torino into Hollywood for the gig. I got to the Television Center Studios, parked and headed in. I had a great time singing the songs. The first one we got in a few takes, but the second one was the song I had questions about. When the French composer Laureant came into the booth and sang it for me, he realized it was missing a few lines as well. So, on the fly, we put our heads together and came up with a line. This is the kind of spontaneous, creative experience I really dig! We knew it had to be a word that rhymed with nightmare. So we went on a rhyming website and looked at all the words (one syllable and above) that gave us the sound we needed. We settled on a line, then went into the studio and banged the song out in a couple takes. What a great time! Since the studio was close to a Wendy’s, I took the Torino through the drive-thru and got some lunch to go. I got into NBC early for several bits for “TTS,” and then just hung out until the show started. Jimmy Fallon was on the show and he’s really talented and funny. His impressions of Neil Young and Bob Dylan brought the house down! The rumor is that Jimmy will take the reins of “The Tonight Show” someday when Jay’s had enough. And it only goes to figure. Think about it. The most successful hosts of “TTS” have all had “J” names…Jack, Johnny, Jay…and maybe someday Jimmy. Strange coincidence eh? I got home, grabbed a nap, and then my friend Brittney Powell came over for a visit to help with some of my auditions, and then I hit the hay. It had been a long, fantastic, busy day and I was bushed!

Friday the 18th – FAMILY GUY FRIDAY! – I got called into the offices of “Family Guy” to do a bit on an upcoming show. It was a beautiful overcast day, so driving over was fun! It was great seeing Casting Director Linda Lamontagne, Danny Smith and more of the gang. I hadn’t been in for awhile so we had a lot of catching up to do. I’ve been working with and have known many of those folks since 1997! On the drive home Sara called with info about my “Hawaii Five-O” badge. She took it to a company in City of Industry who was going to refurbish the badge for display. Since the badge is over 30 years old (it was one of the few “Five-O” star Jack Lord had in his personal possession at the time of his death) the company was concerned with its age. But I assured them it would be alright and it would certainly come back looking a lot better than it did when it went in. They said alright, and it would be finished in two weeks. I’m very excited to get it in a frame along with one of Jack Lord’s personal production calling cards, as well as a prop ID card for his character Steve McGarrett. I drove through McDonald’s to get some lunch, gassed up the car and headed home to record a bit for “TTS.” I did some work around the house, then headed off to NBC for the taping. Meagan McCain was on the show and I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush on her. She’s smart, beautiful and a real woman! She was complaining about not being able to find a nice guy, but apparently she didn’t look in the Voice-Over booth before she left. Drat! After the show I drove over to It’s a Wrap to buy a few items. The city of Burbank was having a big celebration to welcome the holidays, so there was a decidedly Christmas spirit all around. Frosty the Snowman was handing out candy canes, and It’s a Wrap was playing Christmas music in the store. It’s always fun to hear that while shopping, and it gets me into the mood. But, like every year, I’ll know it’s really the Christmas season when I hear Andy Williams’ “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” (my favorite Christmas song) in a store or on the radio. On the way home I got some KFC, then headed over to Luis Oliart’s house to rehearse our song for Sunday’s evening church service. I’ve been wanting to do “Love Song” by Elton John for a long time, and I envisioned Luis and my pal Bruce Kulick playing dual acoustic guitars with myself and four vocalists. Unfortunately Bruce wouldn’t be able to make it because he was battling a bad ear infection. So Luis showed me a digital “looping” device that could record him on the fly, and with the click of a button would play back a section of the song so he could play lead guitar over it. His guitar playing is amazing and when I watched him launch into his solo I almost forgot where I was in the song! We finished up rehearsal and I headed home to pack up for another one of my little 18 hour getaways. It’s where I leave town for only an 18 hour period to do something fun. Last time it was Glamourcon, and now it’s for a Robot Expo in Riverside. I didn’t want to drive all the way to Riverside on an early Saturday morning, hit the Expo and then have to drive back and stay up all night watching movies with my friends. So I would go in and get a hotel room the night before, relax and rest, and then get up late Saturday morning and head over. I threw some stuff in some bags, packed the car and called Sara to come housesit. I hit pockets of rain on the freeway, but I got to Riverside just after midnight. I checked into my room, ordered a delicious Pizza Hut pizza, ate a late dinner and relaxed.

Saturday the 19th – ROCKIN’ ROBOTS! – I checked out of my room just before noon and drove over to the Robot Expo that my pal Thomas was hosting. Lots of people were there and it was a very successful event! A lot of people were yelling “Wally! Wally! I’ve got to get a picture with Wally!” And I thought, WOW! I’m really popular here! But what they were really talking about was getting a photo with a replica of the Wall-E robot made by Mike Senna. It was fantastic! The R2D2 he made is fabulous, and the Wall-E (though still a work-in-progress) is going to be even better! I talked to several really nice people, made some new friends, and about 2:00 I headed out for home. I stopped at the Del Taco drive-thru, got some food for the road, and then headed down the freeway. It was a nice drive home, again with pockets of rain, and I when I got back I took a short nap before movie night. We watched “Captain America: The First Avenger” and the newly released Blu Ray EXTENDED version of “Stripes!” I had seen that movie tons of times, but the extra added footage was terrific to see. It’s like seeing the movie for the first time again! I made some dinner, put my cat Spooky on the bed and caught another episode of “The Bionic Woman.”

Sunday the 20th – SUNLESS SUNDAY! – I slept VERY well until late afternoon. I opened up the blinds and noticed it was raining! WONDERFUL! I love a lazy, rainy afternoon. Though I wanted to go back to bed and snuggle my pillow to the sound of rain, I had to get going. Tonight was the night I’d be singing Elton John’s “Love Song” at evening church with guitarist Luis Oliart and the talented singers our church has been blessed with. We did our rehearsal, and then waited for the service to begin. When we performed the song it was electric. The vocalists were top notch, Luis’ guitar work was awe-inspiring, and it all went very well. After church Sara, my friend Amanda, and I went to Miceli’s for some dinner. (I was craving the dinner rolls! FABULOUS!) After a wonderful dinner I came back for a short nap, then I got up to do some work around the house, write Wally’s Week, prepare for the big Thanksgiving weekend, and catch another “Bionic Woman” episode before bed.

And how was YOUR week!!??


Even the signs pointing the way to the Robot Expo were Robots!

My pal Thomas, the head of the Robot Expo, sets up his Robo-Elvis for a performance.

Kids have fun using controllers to make the robots battle in the ring!

A participant sets up a laser-guided Nerf Dart Tag unit.

There were several (creepy) non-working robots done by local artists placed all throughout the library. I thought they were great!

One participant shows his initial work on a C3PO robot

This Dr. Who Dalek allowed kids to get inside and manipulate the arms.

A replica B-9 robot from “Lost in Space” was on exhibit, complete with the original voice of the robot, Dick Tufeld!

Wally meets Wall-E!

Creator of the replica Wall-E and R2D2 robots on display is a talented chap by the name of Mike Senna.