June 4 – June 10 (2018)


When it came to voting last Tuesday, I took the sage advice of someone who REALLY knew the issues!

Not sure how I happened across this song on my iPad, but I forgot how great it is. Toby Keith with “Drinks After Work.” Love it!

Monday the 4th – HANDY DON! – When I woke up at 2 my contractor Handy Don came by to do some work around the house. He had been quite busy so we had some things that needed to be finished up; projects that he had started a month or so ago. He textured and painted areas of my walls where he had done some patch work. Then he went to the garage to put an overflow valve on my water heater. The City of L.A. need to come inspect it to make sure it’s up to code, and I have to do that this week before I leave for Palm Springs. When he left I had some cereal and then napped for a bit in bed. I got up later for my nightly auditions, typed out Wally’s Week, recorded another one of my monster poems, made some lasagna, watched another episode of “F Troop” from the second season DVD set, and then looked at my Voter Guide to make my selections for voting on Tuesday.

Tuesday the 5th – ELECTION DAY! – Shortly after 1 I woke up and had a few last-minute auditions I needed to do. Then I walked down to my polling place with Roxy and voted. I drove over to House of Business Machines, where my laser printer was in for repair, and picked it up. I didn’t have them do the work because the estimate was about the cost of a new printer. So last week I bought the newer version of the exact same printer. I’m going to donate this one to Goodwill. Despite its minor quirks, it’s still a good printer. I got some lunch at McDonald’s, and picked up the mail at my mailbox. Amongst my packages was a new mannequin for the Hollywood Museum project we’re working on. (Shhhh…super-secret at this point!) I took the mannequin over to my effects guy’s studio to drop it off. Jim Ojala is doing some of the work on this new project we’re doing. But on the way to Jim’s I picked up my buddy Pat Evans, who has been instrumental in helping mount the Hollywood Museum’s Batman 1966 exhibit. He loved seeing Jim’s studio, and the work Jim has been doing so far on the project is A+! I dropped Pat back at his car and I headed home to feed the pets. I got my Torino out for a spin, and took it over to Lancers to meet my buddy Cade who was in town with a friend. I went over to the local Toys ‘R’ Us to see if they had any of those talking Batman figures I did the voice for. I figured by now they’d be 50% off and I could buy what they had left for gifts. But they were completely sold out. I’m just glad they went to a good home. After dinner I drove back home and put the Torino away in my auxiliary garage. Because my garage is in the process of being reorganized I don’t have enough room to park the Torino easily. I got back to my house and did some work, then I grabbed a short nap. I got up for an audition, paid some bills, and prepped a bank deposit.

Wednesday the 6th – COUNTDOWN TO LIFTOFF! – I had a lot to get done before I left for my trip to Palm Springs. This may be my last chance to enjoy a trip there before the super-hot weather sets in permanently. Then I wouldn’t be able to go back until October. I got a package at my mailbox, dropped off my deposits at the bank, got some spending cash for the trip, went to Walmart to get some supplies, and then drove over to Enterprise to get my rental SUV for the trip. I got home and started packing. Then my friend Christine the Puppet Lady came over to show me the progress she had made on my Rowlf puppet. She attached the Sherpa fleece to the face and it looked amazing! Next, we had to decide how to make his head, which is made out of a longer, faux alpaca fur. We did a little designing and she took Rowlf’s head and left. Next we’ll add the ears, and then start designing the body. VERY exciting. After she left I kept packing. I did a few auditions, and then hit the hay so I could be up for an early Disney session.

Thursday the 7th – ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! – Normally when I go to Palm Springs I go on Wednesday evening and enjoy the night time drive through the desert. But because I had an ADR session at Disney Thursday morning, I postponed my exit for about 12 hours. I did some work on a Disney feature film, and it was a lot of fun. (Can’t tell you anything more about it than that though.) It didn’t take very long, so I stopped at the grocery store on the way back to my house and picked up some more supplies. I went home to pack some final things and hit the road. After a trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru window I hit the road around 12:50. I made good time for a Thursday afternoon! It was a wonderful drive and a gorgeous day! It took me less than 2 hours! I got to the Hyatt and checked in at 3. I didn’t bring Roxy this time because the weather forecast was expecting triple digits which, while I have no problem with them, would not be good for Roxy. I unpacked and put away all my stuff in my usual room. Then I showered and took a nap before the Thursday night Street Fair. When I got up and got ready to hit the Street Fair at 7, I got a call from my house sitter that the house keys had been STOLEN! For the past 18 years I’ve kept a set of my house keys in a combination lock box that locks around one of the utility pipes behind my house. My assistant and house sitters all know the combination so they can get in to work or during emergencies. But apparently somebody had come by and cut the latch hook with a bolt cutter, and took off with the combination box. Because the way my house is keyed, and I never mark my keys with what they go open, I’m sure the thief figured it wouldn’t be worth his trouble to stand there trying to figure it all out. Plus, given certain aspects of my exterior décor, he may have gotten the impression that by the time he figured it all out, he might not be alive any longer to enjoy the theft. I was panicked because my animals hadn’t been fed, and Roxy hadn’t been out in several hours! Luckily another friend had a spare set of my keys and she ran them over to my house sitter. Luckily the pets were fine, no messes, and they got their dinner. But I didn’t see any way of enjoying my vacation now, knowing that a set of my house keys were floating around out there somewhere. I had no idea when this theft may have occurred, and I was wracking my brain to try and remember the last time I had seen the lock box on the pipe. So I left the Street Fair, rushed back to my room, threw all my stuff back into my bags and boxes, and checked out. Thankfully the Hyatt understood and didn’t charge me a dime. I left around 8 and drove home at top speeds. I got home around 10 and sent the house sitter home. I immediately contacted a locksmith to have the entire house re-keyed. Some stupid idiot really ruined my weekend! (I wonder if it’s the same dolt who stole my Gran Torino back in 2016!) Totally sad and disappointed, I took a nap. I got up later to do an audition and unpack. I had some cereal, and then slunk off to bed.

Friday the 8th – FUNKY FRIDAY! – Needless to say I was a bit depressed. Next week I have to get a bone graft to replace the missing bone in the area where I had 2 teeth extracted. And I was really looking forward to some rest and relaxation before that. But, I got up dutifully at 1pm to meet with the locksmith. While he re-keyed the entire house I did some work on the computer. I devised a complex, complicated and convoluted key hiding procedure. No more obvious lock box out where every thief can see it. My friend Mark the Cop said that the confusing key system I already had in place was probably the main reason the thief didn’t hit my place. (That and the obvious exterior signs that I was a 2nd Amendment supporter.) I feel sorry for my house sitters who will have to go through this maze to get my keys, but I’m sure they’ll understand. I won’t say much about how I have it rigged, but let’s just say that if a thief can figure out the system, they can take anything they want. Since I didn’t have any need for the SUV any longer, I packed it up with stuff for Goodwill, dropped the stuff off at a donation center, then went to the hardware store to have my new house keys duplicated. Then I took the SUV back to Enterprise with an explanation of why I was bringing it back early. Then I got home, laid out all the keys and their copies, and began organizing them. One friend of mine came over to get a spare set of keys to keep for emergencies. Then my pal Brittney Powell came over for dinner. We went to a local eatery called 4 ‘N’ 20, but it was absolutely awful. The sauce on the chicken parmigiana didn’t taste good at all. Brittney said that the chef’s palate must be off, because her food was bad too. I came home to grab a nap, and then I got up later to do some work around the house. I got some food to go at Denny’s, then came home to enjoy my dinner and watch a few more episodes of “F Troop.”

Saturday the 9th – SADDER-DAY! – Though I was trying to keep my mind off the miserable fact that I wasn’t in Palm Springs enjoying what could be my last chance to visit until October, I was still feeling a bit glum. I woke up at 1 so the carpet cleaners could come clean my carpets, but they called about 10 minutes before they arrived and said their other job was running long. They wouldn’t be able to make it over until Monday. I thought about going back to bed, but instead I did some work on my computer. Later I napped on the couch for a bit, and then I got up to meet my old pal Boz for dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli. I hadn’t seen him in a few years, and we had a lot to discuss. In fact, we met for just a little over 3 hours! I got some groceries on the way home, and then headed home to do some more work. Since I thought I’d be in Palm Springs I didn’t schedule a movie night, so I had the whole evening to myself. I made my Saturday Night Super Salad and watched an episode of “SNL” from the second season. It was Chevy Chase’s final episode. Which means the next episode will feature BILL MURRAY!

Sunday the 10th – eBay BABY! – Roxy and I walked over to attend the evening church service, and then stayed around to chat with some friends. My ‘adopted grandma’ Shirley and I walked back to my house and drove over to Barone’s for dinner. We had a lot of personal issues to discuss. I really love her wisdom when it comes to certain things. I dropped her back at her home, and then I went home to nap for a bit. When I got up I felt fairly energized, so I fashioned my kitchen into a makeshift photo studio; complete with lighting and a neutral background. This was all for the purpose of finally selling some unneeded stuff on eBay. As my friend James calls it, I’m “stuff-ocating” with all the stuff I have around that I no longer need. Some of it is pretty mundane, but the majority of it is pretty unique stuff. I had a great time putting jackets on mannequins and photographing the stuff, and then getting on-line and listing the items. I don’t even really care about making a lot of money. I just want the stuff to have a good home. When I got tired of doing that, I hit the hay.

And how was YOUR week??!!