June 13 – June 19 (2011)

On Father’s Day weekend I was tooling around town listening to the radio and a song by Stain’d came on called “Been Awhile.’‘ I remembered that my son Zak had sent me a link to that song many years ago because a) he liked it, and b) it had been awhile since we had seen each other. I thought the timing was so great that I just had to text him to tell him of the coincidence. Here it is…naughty words and all.

Monday the 13th – CLIFTON’S BIG SCREEN DEBUT! – In the morning I went to another session for “The Garfield Show” at Buzzy’s in Hollywood. I took my friend Amanda along and she had a great time watching the craziness ensue. Afterwards Frank Welker (the greatest living male voice actor…in my opinion) did the voices of Scooby and Fred for her. She loved it! I headed back home and got ready for “The Tonight Show.” When we finished the taping I went back home, changed into my orange paisley tuxedo and blue ruffled tuxedo shirt, gathered the gang and headed into Hollywood at the Egyptian Theatre to see a screening of the new Tony Clifton feature film called “Tony Clifton Live on the Sunset Strip.” It was culminated from the series of shows he did at The Comedy Store a year ago last May. It was vile, vulgar, offensive, obscene and wonderful! I laughed just as hard as I did when I saw the original show at the Comedy Store. We went to the after party down the street on Hollywood Boulevard, but it was so smoky I had to take off. Then Kristy, Amanda, Sara and I headed over to DuPar’s and had a late dinner with Chuck McCann. What a day! WHEW! But it was to be a very short night!

This shot was taken after the movie screening. Tony Clifton is amazed that I have an official Tony Clifton medallion…as seen in his Carnegie Hall appearance back in the late 70’s!

Tuesday the 14th – MORE GARFIELD! – I went in to do another Garfield session at Buzzy’s, and today we were blessed with the presence of the legendary June Foray (the greatest living female voice actress…in my opinion!) Watching her do a scene with Laraine Newman (another legend in my view) was truly magical. I did a quick bit at Buzzy’s for “The Tonight Show,” and they e-mailed it in. I grabbed a quick sandwich at Wendy’s on the way home, got home to do some last-minute auditions to e-mail to my agent, then it was off to my chiropractor’s office for an adjustment. While I was there I met with the acupuncturist to see about treating my allergies and chronic sinusitis. She put several needles in my face…under my eyes, in my forehead, in my hair, in my temple…then she hooked them up to little electrodes and gave me mild pulses of electricity. I felt like Frankenstein! When we were done I headed over to “TTS” and did the show. I felt pretty good, and I’m thinking that the acupuncture would be a good thing for me. When I got to NBC head writer Jack Coen complimented me on all of the voice bits I had recorded for the writers. That meant a lot to me and really made my day! I told him I enjoy doing the comedy bits almost as much as I enjoy opening the show! I was looking forward to getting home and getting a nap. Two days of non-stop activity was beating me up! I didn’t have any early calls for Wednesday so I could enjoy some “me” time at home later. After a nap, I did some stuff around the house and then my pal Sara came over for my nightly viewing of “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

Wednesday the 16th – ANOTHER ANDY FAN! – I got up and headed to Voice Trax West for another session for the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) project I’ve been working on. We’ve been doing it for quite awhile now and Phase 2 of it is starting to wind down. Apparently Phases 3 and 4 won’t be nearly as complex as the first two Phases, so my time might be more available soon. When you call a phone line for a major company soon, you’ll be able to talk to me and I’ll respond with the information you need. When I’m able to, I’ll tell you what company and give you more info. I went home to walk Sassie, and then went to NBC for “TTS.” When I got home I grabbed a quick nap, then headed to Jerry’s Famous Deli to meet up with Guytano, the animator who did a wonderful piece for the Tony Clifton movie. I was so impressed with his work that I wanted to meet him and talk about some more ideas. While there my friends Joe and Zandra showed up with their family. It was nice to catch up with them. I took Guytano to my house and gave him a tour of Planet Wallywood. In addition to being an Andy Kaufman fan, he’s also a fan of the Muppets. Later that night I made a pizza and watched another episode of “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

Thursday the 16th – NAP RELATED INJURY! – I got up and headed to Voice Trax West once again for more IVR work. Today we were doing fragmented sentences. Apparently, the editors for this project can extract needed syllables from what I say and input them into the computer. So I was saying a lot of nonsense stuff, only so they could extract the needed syllables for the system. Fascinating stuff! Unlike any other voice-over job I’ve ever done. (Which is why I wanted this job in the first place!). I finished up, went home to walk Sassie (who’s been doing well, by the way.) and then headed to Taco Bell to get some lunch before my next acupuncture appointment. But when I got there I found out I didn’t have enough time for a full treatment. I thought it only took 20 minutes, but apparently the doctor said 40 minutes and I misunderstood her. But we did it anyway. She wired me up and put the electrodes on. I HAVE to take my camera sometime and get a shot of me all wired up with the pins in my head. WILD! Maybe it’ll be my Random Photo of the Week sometime! I got to NBC just in time to tape “TTS”, and then went home to relax. My pal Edi came over for awhile, and then I took a nap on the couch. But when I woke up..OUCH! There was a severe pain in the upper right corner of my back. I must’ve slept wrong on the couch. Later that night I drove to Denny’s to pick up some food to go, and I realized how sore I really was. Looking over my left shoulder to check for traffic hurt like heck! Later that night I watched the two part introduction of The Bionic Woman on “The Six Million Dollar Man.” And then I slept…CAREFULLY!

Friday the 17th – STILL OUCH! – I got up and my back was still hurting. I called my chiropractor and got a last-minute appointment to get an adjustment. But first I had to dash into NBC and do some singing for a bit John Melendez wrote. I also had time to do another two bits while I was there. I got out just in time to head to my chiropractor’s office and get some relief for the pulled muscle in my back. Then I went back to NBC for an early taping of “TTS.” After the show I picked up some Little Caesar’s pizza and bread sticks and went home to take a dip in the jacuzzi. Every once in awhile I have a huge craving for Little Caesar’s Crazy Break and their amazing Crazy Sauce. After the jacuzzi, I took a quick nap, then got up and got started on redesigning my main showcase. A few weeks ago my contractor Terry had to replace all the glass door hinges in my showcase, because the old hinges were starting to fatigue under the weight of the doors after 11 years. But since the design on the hinges were slightly different, it wasn’t a simple case of pull out and replace. He had to carve notches in the supports to accommodate the hinges. In addition to a lot of my collectibles falling over in the case, the case is full of sawdust. So I needed to pull EVERYTHING out, clean the glass shelves and then replace all the collectibles. After 5 hours of work, I got three shelves done. Only 7 more to go. WHEW! My friend Brittney Powell came over for a bit to visit and observe the cleaning process. When she left I continued my work until I couldn’t do any more. Sara came over to watch some late-night “Six Million Dollar Man.”

Saturday the 18th – FUN ON THE WESTSIDE! – I went to see my old friend Dr. Patt in his office in Santa Monica. Then I decided to hit some of my favorite Westside places. I ate a delicious lunch at Campo’s, then went to Laser Blazer to look at new DVDs. But they had SHRUNK! They remodeled their store into about a third of what they used to be. I didn’t find anything I needed so I went to It’s a Wrap to look for clothes. I found a great shirt and a pair of black suede Hush Puppies for only 20 bucks! They’re exactly like the blue suede shoes I bought in Memphis! Then I enjoyed a nice relaxing drive home. I took Sassie out then grabbed a quick nap before movie night. We watched “Monsters Vs. Aliens” and “Piranha.” We started talking about celebrities in voice-over and I realized something. While producers think that celebs will enhance the animated character, sometimes it can work against them. If, for example, you don’t particularly care for the celebrity, that can color your opinion of the animated character. And then instead of getting into the character, all you’re seeing in your mind’s eye is the annoying celebrity and it can ruin your experience. A DIStraction instead of an ATTraction. “Piranha” was campy, bloody and fun! I loved it! Later that night I sewed a Mickey Mouse Club patch on to a cap I bought at It’s a Wrap, watched “Six Million Dollar Man” and then went to bed.

Sunday the 19th – SASSUPUNCTURE! – It was a nice, cool and overcast day. Sassie’s acupuncturist showed up to do her acupuncture, I did some work around the house, then I got some more sleep before evening church. After evening church I went back to the jacuzzi to work on the pulled muscle in my back, which was feeling much better. I did some work around the house, did a bunch of auditions to e-mail to my agents, then went out to get groceries. I love going to the grocery store late because it’s not as crowded. Then my pal Sara and I watched the amazing two-part “Six Million Dollar Man” episode called “The Secret of Bigfoot!” WOW!

And how was YOUR week!!