January 4 – January 10 (2010)


Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system, on with Wally’s Week!

Monday the 4th – OFF TO THE VET! – After the first of the year I pledged to take Sassie (my 10 year old collie) to a vet specialist to see why her back legs were getting weak. It doesn’t seem like she has any pain, they just sometimes are slow to get going. I had taken her to a regular vet and he said the X-rays showed no deterioration and no arthritis. So he thought it may be a neurological issue. So I walked Sassie down the block in the morning to make sure she had done all the potty business she could, I put a piece of foam rubber and a sheet from home on my passenger seat, put down the top and loaded her into the car. I had a baggie full of diced grilled chicken in case I needed to distract her attention. She’s never really liked traveling in the car that much, and this vet was quite a ways away. I got her there in fine shape, and took her inside. Sure enough, the minute we got inside she did #2 on their floor. Ugh! I helped clean it up and waited to see the doctor. A full team of doctors came to see her and examine her. They needed to run a bunch of tests with her, so I left her there and went on my way. Later that afternoon I went to Disney Character Voices in Burbank to do an additional line for their parade. Then I went over to the Leno show to do my work there. Later in the evening, I went back to the vet’s to get Sassie and got the report. Everything looked really good, but they needed more tests. I would need about $3000 worth of MRI’s, imaging, etc. to really figure out what was going on. And all this stuff was simply to rule out what she DIDN’T have. I told them that she had been stressed out enough for one day, let’s give her a week or so and come back. I drove her home and she was excited to get back. She was also excited to finally dig into the ziplock bag of diced chicken. She seemed really hungry.

Tuesday the 5th – TAX TIME! –I went to my accountant’s office to drop off my receipts so the gal there could get cracking on my taxes. But she wasn’t there. She was taking the week off for personal reasons, so I just left them with my accountant. Later in the day I took my Andy Kaufman/Heartbeeps poster back to the printer where I had it printed and mounted. The adhesive he used had caused some bubbling. He said he would flatten it out, and make sure to take out the curvature of the foam core upon which the poster was mounted. I joined my friend Sara for a quick lunch, then it was off to the Leno show. Afterwards I headed home to check e-mails and freshen up. That night I had dinner with Georgette and Emily and we had a fun time catching up on all the latest stuff.

Wednesday the 6th – I’M BAAAACK! – When I had my bout of laryngitis recently one of the first character voices I lost was the voice of HH, in the HH Gregg TV commercials in the eastern part of the U.S. It really sucked because it put the creative team behind the commercials in a really tough spot. But there was not much I could do. But today, after all the voice rest I got over the holidays, I was back at it! Into Voice Trax West and doing a new HH spot celebrating President’s Day. Everything went well and we were all happy to be back at it. I took a quick nap, then headed over to do my stuff on “The Jay Leno Show.” Afterwards I went to Gun World in Burbank to exchange a clip I had bought the week prior for my new .45 automatic. The clip I got was too short, so I got the proper one. My pal Jorge over there is a great guy and did the exchange no problem. I had gotten him tickets to the Leno show when my son Zak was in town and they both had a great time. I got home in time to freshen up and hit the evening meditational service at my church, and then had dinner with a new friend named Stacy at Jerry’s Famous Deli.

Thursday the 7th – RUMORS, RUMORS, RUMORS! – I went into do a session for the “Gormiti” cartoon at Studiopolis Burbank, and the first thing one of the other castmembers said to me was, “What’s happening with the show?” I didn’t know what he meant, and he explained that he heard on the news that “The Jay Leno Show” was being cancelled by NBC. I hadn’t heard anything of the sort because the radio stations I listen to in the morning don’t have an emphasis on entertainment news. I called my agent immediately to see if I should go into work that day or not, but he didn’t have any news either. He told me to plan on showing up to NBC unless I heard otherwise. After the session I stopped at Leet TV to drop off my camcorder for repair. It was having difficulty loading the tapes so I figured it needed some little part. I bolted home and started searching the internet. Apparently NBC had released a statement which said that they were considering putting “The Jay Leno Show” on at a later hour, but not canceling it entirely. So many websites were reporting a total cancellation, but they spoke too soon, and ended up embarrassing themselves in the interest of getting a scoop. The reports said that NBC was committed to both Jay and Conan, and would shorten Jay’s show and air it later, and move Conan’s show back a half hour. While I was home I recorded some auditions to send to my agent, then I just looked around for the latest news on the internet. It was still too early to go into the Leno show, so I stayed and home and surfed the web. By the time I got to the Leno show (at my usual time) the stage manager had found me and said that they were starting the taping early that day. YIKES! I hadn’t gotten that memo, and we only had 5 minutes to do the run through before we started the taping!! Luckily we got it done, and the taping went off without a hitch. The jokes Jay told about the cancellation rumors were very funny, and it was enlightening to talk to some of the other show employees to get their take on it. Some of them have been with Jay since he took over on “The Tonight Show” all those years ago, and they had pretty level heads about the whole thing. It made me feel a lot better. That night I enjoyed dinner with my friend Georgette and we talked about the crazy happenings of the day.

Friday the 8th – FRIDAY AT LAST! – I was exhausted from all of the action of the previous day. But I got up in time to hit Kalmenson and Kalmenson casting to audition for a Dr. Pepper commercial. Then I went home to cut some auditions in my home studio and send to my agent. The Leno show was back to its regular time so it was a stress-free taping. That night I took a nap, rested and relaxed, and did some things around the house. It was beautiful!

Saturday the 9th – MEETING, MAIDS & MOVIES! – I had to be up very early in the morning for an elder’s meeting at my church. It will most likely be my final elder’s meeting as my term is up in February. It was great being with everybody there, plus it was a beautiful day. Really makes you appreciate LA when you know that the rest of the country is sub-zero and under snow. My carpet cleaners came shortly after I returned home and did some touch-up work on my carpets. Then the maids showed up to clean Planet Wallywood. I got lunch, picked up my Leno crew jacket from the tailor’s (I had my name sewn on to it) and then I took a brief nap. That night my friends came over for our usual “Star Trek” blu ray night. It was a great time, as usual. It’s certainly a lot more fun now that I have my voice back. Having those nights when I had laryngitis was a bitch! When everyone left I spent a lot of time thinking about the Leno show, and all of the possible contingencies that could result. It was going to be a very interesting week to see how it all played out. Though I kept my cool and didn’t sink into worry and fear (I don’t do that) I did want to be prepared in my mind with certain options, should they be presented to me. As I stood in the shower pondering all this and looking for a sign of things to come, I stepped out to dry off. The song that was playing on my i-Pod was “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. I was hoping that the song was a sign of things to come. I settled down to bed and watched a little TV. I turned it on Cartoon Network and “Garfield’s Fun Fest” was playing. When it ended, they started playing “The Garfield Show” cartoon series. While I was sitting there listening to myself on the show, feeling pretty happy, they broke for commercial. And one of the commercials I voiced played. What are the chances?! So I drifted off to sleep feeling pretty good about life.

Sunday the 10th – SUNDAY SLEEP-IN! – I really needed to sleep, so I stayed in bed until just before evening church. At the end of the service my pastor, Pastor Bob said that he’d be praying for a good outcome for me. I appreciated that. When that was done I grabbed Sara and we went for dinner at Miceli’s. I ran into the server Janine, who played the server in “Livin’ On a Prayer.” I hadn’t seen her since we shot the scene and it was good to catch up. We got a few grocery items after that, and I headed home to plan for the new week and do some auditions in my home studio to e-mail to my agent.

And how was YOUR week??!!