December 6 – December 12 (2010)

My second favorite Christmas song of all time is Elton John’s “Step Into Christmas.”  It reminds me of traveling down a snowy highway with my folks and sisters, with the radio blaring Christmas songs as we pray for good enough weather to make Grandma and Grandpa’s house on time!  This song really takes me back.  Especially the chords that lead the transition from the verses into the bridge, just before the chorus.  The chords that comes just right before “I’d like to sing about all the things, your eyes and mind can see…” WOW! Talk about a flashback!

Monday the 6th – MONDAY FULL OF FUN! – I was up early and headed to P.O.P. in Santa Monica to do another spot for Old Navy. I’ve sure been having fun with this campaign. I’m hoping I can continue working with these awesome folks as we always have a ton of fun! When I left I called a florist in Mitchell, South Dakota to order flowers for my late uncle’s viewing and funeral (see last week’s Wally’s Week). Then I stopped at the hardware store and got some new keys made for my 1974 Gran Torino! I spoke with one of the writers at “The Tonight Show” who wanted me to record some things at home for a comedy bit. I got home, recorded the bits and e-mailed them in. I figured today was a good day to drive my Gran Torino to NBC and show it off. After all, I just had it into the Ford dealership for over a month and it should be rockin’…well, one would have thought. After spending a BOATLOAD of money at the dealership service center to get it up to speed, DISASTER! I pulled it out of the parking garage and was on my way. It felt good to drive it down the street and have people check it out. But about 4 blocks from NBC it started dying again. WHAT!!?? I got it started again and got it into the gates of NBC. Just before I got to my parking spot, IT DIED AGAIN! I pushed it a few yards, and then tried it again. Luckily it started again and I got it into the parking spot. I immediately called Ford and asked what the heck was going on. I left a message that was very pointed and firm. I had to call my friend Edi to pick me up after work. So I bought her dinner at Ernie’s Taco House along with her son Josh and my friend Sara. I couldn’t WAIT to hear what excuses Ford had for me!

Tuesday the 7th – LARYNGITIS? WHAT?! – I was back on the road and headed to Santa Monica early in the morning again, and trying to get to Atlantis Recording in time for my session for “White Knight Chronicles.” Unfortunately, this session involved a lot of yelling, and though it was only about an hour long session, I was feeling the results in my voice. Not good! I may have to retire from videogames for good, since many of them involve yelling. I simply cannot go into “TTS” each day for a taping with laryngitis. Speaking of “TTS,” I got called in again to do some more comedy. So I headed over there shortly after lunch. I also called my pal Bodie Stroud from BS Industries (big time Hollywood car customizer) and he agreed to come over to NBC and have a look at the Torino. After doing the comedy bit, I met with Bodie and he said he’d take the car to his shop and have a look. He and his pal Mitchell did a few adjustments under the hood, and then drove it off to his shop. He said it coughed a few times, but generally it drove well to his shop. We’ll see what the problems are when he reports back. I got an e-mail from my Visa card company saying that somebody had hacked my credit card! This happens from time to time as I buy a LOT of stuff on-line. Luckily my Visa company is on the ball, and they stopped a fraudulent purchase before it happened. This means they have to discontinue the card number and send me out a new one. What a hassle! But at least they caught it. Why are people so stupid? They’ve got to know that this stuff can be traced back to them. I mean, when they order stuff on-line…where is it going to be shipped? Whose address? Why doesn’t the Visa company simply get that address, show up and arrest them? Easy! I was still feeling the results of a “compromised” voice just before we started taping the show. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, but it was VERY scary! After the taping of “TTS” my niece Sara called. Her boyfriend’s daughter just turned 5 and she wanted me to hook her up with Santa Claus for a phone call. I was happy to do so. I used to “have Santa” call my niece when she was little. So it was fun to talk to the second generation of kids! I mean…to have SANTA call her! That night, after a stressful day, I took Christmas nappys with Sassie and Spooky. It was a nice rest from a stressful day.

Wednesday the 8th – MEDITATION GURU! –I got a call mid-day that the folks at HH Gregg wanted me to do a session that afternoon for another HH spot. Normally they give me advance notice, but today it was a spot that fell through the cracks. I went over to Voice Trax West just before “TTS” and did the session, then headed to NBC. After the taping I went home to prepare for that evening’s meditational service at my church. None of the 3 clergy at our church were able to lead the service that night, so they asked if I would do it. I was happy to, and excited about it. I got my notes together and headed to the church. It all went very well and I would do it again if asked. Very nice!

Thursday the 9th – GARFIELD’S DADDY!! – My friend Brittney Powell came over for lunch, and then I got another call for yet ANOTHER spot for HH Gregg that was last-minute. WOW! I got back over to Voice Trax West again for another session, and we got it done. Then it was off to NBC for another taping of “TTS.” After the show, I rushed home, changed clothes and headed to Santa Monica for a store called The Hundreds. It’s a store that specializes in skateboard type gear…boards, clothes, caps, etc. – and they were having an art signing and display featuring Jim Davis…the creator of Garfield! Too cool! I had wanted to meet Mr. Davis for a long time and now was my chance. Normally he stays in his studios in Muncie, Indiana, but here he was in L.A. with his lovely wife Jill! I got to the store, parked the car and took in my Garfield bubblegum machine for him to sign. I also picked up a poster print that they were selling at the store and took that upstairs for him to sign. Mark Evanier, the director and writer of “The Garfield Show” on Cartoon Network, was there too. He took us upstairs to meet Mr. Davis. I was a bit nervous. I’ve been doing the voice of Jon Arbuckle for quite a few years now, and I was wondering how I would break the ice? Get down on my knees and thank him for my job? Just then, I see Mr. Davis stand up and say, “Oh my God…it’s Wally Wingert!” That made me feel SO good, and that was the perfect icebreaker! I had him sign my gumball machine, my poster print, and we got to talk for a bit. He’s a really terrific guy, and his wife Jill is wonderful too. She invited us all to come visit in Muncie. So when we get a “TTS” hiatus in the spring, I think I just may take her up on it! But the crowd was getting thicker and it was getting hot in the store. So I left around 9pm and headed home. I met up with Sara at Jerry’s Famous Deli for dinner, and my pal Chuck McCann and his wife Betty were there!

Friday the 10th – ADAM WEST’S ART! HOLY AVANT GARDE! – I slept in today but headed over to NBC for “TTS” about mid-afternoon. After the taping, I went to Prints Charm’n to pick up some more photo prints to send to those folks who write me for an autographed picture. I got home, fed Spooky and walked Sassie, then hit the shower. I got dressed up and met with my friend and webmaster Scott Sebring and my friend Sara. We drove into Beverly Hills to attend the big art show featuring the art of Adam West! When we turned the corner on Canon, we saw lots of flashes coming from a garage. I figured the Batmobile was there getting some photos taken. I dropped Scott off there and sure enough! Batmobile creator George Barris was there with the most famous TV car ever. I parked the car and Sara and I walked back over to the garage and met up with George. Soon, Adam showed up along with our pal Fred Westbrook. Sara and I took off to go to the art gallery so we could watch Adam drive up with George in the Batmobile. What a great entrance! The evening was warm but really windy! So all of the photos we took made everyone look like they were in a wind tunnel. My friend Ruben Procopio came to the show as well, and we all hung around looking at Adam’s art. I spoke with Adam’s wife Marcelle for awhile, and I also saw Adam’s daughter Nina and son-in-law James. James is working on a documentary about Adam’s life and he’s interviewed me a few times. He decided to turn the camera on me once again and ask a few questions. We were hungry so we decided to cut out. Chuck and Betty McCann was having a little holiday gathering at their house, so we went over there to bring our holiday greetings. It was fun talking to some of the other guests about showbiz, and other things. Ruben spent most of the evening drawing Disney characters for the party guests. A GREAT time! When the party was over Chuck, Scott and I went to DuPar’s and had some pie and coffee. What a fun night!

Saturday the 11th – NUTTY SATURDAY! – I had to have my assistant Sara run some errands while I stayed at home to keep an eye on my maids. She went to the post office to pick up some DVDs that had been sent, and needed to be signed for. She also took Spooky my cat to the groomer’s to get his nails trimmed. His nails were starting to get hung up on things and it was frustrating him. She also picked up some food for him as well. When she brought the package over, I opened it up with glee! But THE IDIOTS SENT THE WRONG DVDS! Oh no! People just don’t take care in their jobs any more. So I called my credit card company and discussed disputing or stopping the charge. They suggested I try to call them on Monday and if I couldn’t get any satisfaction to call them back. IDIOTS! Between the problems with my Gran Torino, and now the wrong DVDs being sent, I was really starting to believe that people just don’t care anymore to take pride in their work. Geez! I went back to bed to take a nap. When I got up we started movie night at Planet Wallywood. We watched the new Blu Ray release of the 1927 silent classic “Metropolis”…the grand-daddy of Sci-Fi films! It was amazing!

Sunday the 12th – SWEET SWEET SUNDAY! – I got up for evening church and then went out to dinner with my pals Edi and Sara, and Chris and Colleen. After a tasty Italian meal at Little Toni’s, we all headed home. I did some auditions in my home studio, e-mailed them to my agent and got prepared for a new week!And how was YOUR week??!!

Photos from the week

Garfield gets ready for his close-up!

The room gets more and more packed! YIKES!

Ashley Simpson meets Garfield and his creator Jim Davis

A super nice guy!  Mr. Jim Davis!

George Barris, creator of the Batmobile, and I!

George, Adam West and Julie Newmar outside the gallery!

The stunning Julie Newmar…CATWOMAN!