August 2 – August 8 (2010)

Since a bunch of us screened the 1972 movie “Elvis On Tour” on Blu Ray recently, this haunting song has been on my mind. It’s a song Elvis released in 1972 about his divorce from Priscilla Presley. There truly will never be another Elvis Presley.

Monday the 2nd – MELLOW MONDAY! – It was a great start to the week, the weather in L.A. was still very mild and enjoyable. I made some calls in the early afternoon and headed out on my bicycle to NBC for “The Tonight Show.” I rode back home afterwards and had a very pleasant ride. I’m LOVIN’ this mild August weather!

Tuesday the 3rd – SCATTERED! – I got up early to go to a gig at Voice Trax West, but my dog Sassie (who’s 11) was having back leg problems again. Sometimes her back legs just won’t work…like they’ve gone numb or are asleep. She gets frustrated and tries to drag herself along on her front two legs, but I pick her up and carry her where she needs to go. It happened again this morning when we went out for our morning bathroom duties. I knew I had to call the vet and figure out what we were going to do. A few months ago I had her to a specialist who suggested a $3000 MRI analysis. She said even after the MRI they still may not know what’s causing this condition. I told them I’d think about it and get back to them. But now that Sassie’s situation is worsening and happening more frequently, I think I may reconsider that MRI. I HAVE to try to find out what’s causing this. I biked over to Voice Trax West, and I wasn’t in a very good mood, obviously. I got there and did a session for HH Gregg, which went pretty well and fast. I hopped on my bike and went over to the hardware store to pick up some glue to fix my broken showerhead, then I sped past the vet’s office. I wanted to talk to the vet about my options with Sassie. He suggested we try her on a regimen of steroids. Before I spend the money on the MRI perhaps this is a good option. So I’m going to get her over to the vet’s soon and get her started with a shot. The rest of the steroids will come in pill form. I got home and checked on Sassie, and her back legs were working fairly normally now. It’s very strange. Feeling a bit sad and tired, I took a nap until “TTS.” I got up and headed over to NBC and did the taping. That night I met with my friends Bruce Kulick, Scott and Vickie Sebring and Sara for dinner at Panera. Then Scott came over to my house to photograph Planet Wallywood for a brand new Planet Wallywood section on this website (stay tuned for that)! He wanted to shoot pics at night so the lighting scheme in my house could be properly utilized without daylight leaking in through the windows. He shot well past midnight and got some great stuff! After he left I had about 7 auditions to record, and then I hit the hay!

Wednesday the 4th – WILD, WEARY WEDNESDAY! – I was up bright and early and headed to Warner Brothers studios in Burbank to work on the sequel to the Batman Arkham Asylum videogame. When I finished I met up with my pal James (who works on the lot) for lunch at the commissary. I saw Conan O’Brien in line to pay for his food. We had a great lunch and then I got a call from my agent that “TTS” needed me to come in around 1:45 for a quick VO for a comedy bit. I went over to NBC and recorded it, then headed home. I changed into my bike clothes and biked back to NBC to tape the show. That evening I was busy doing some stuff on my computer, then I took a nap and stayed up late watching more “Hawaii Five-O” on DVD!

Thursday the 5th – THE SUMMIT OF THE POWER BOSSES! – Today was the day that my “other” boss was going to be on “TTS.” Seth MacFarlane was scheduled to be a guest. I’ve worked on “Family Guy” for Seth countless times in the past, so it would be cool to see him at NBC. I walked into the stage and heard music. I recognized the voice singing right away. It was the golden tones of Seth MacFarlane singing a song from his new CD. I walked into the rehearsal, waited for them to finish and gave out a loud WWOOOOOO!! He looked out past the stage, saw it was me and said, “OH! HEY!” I told him he was sounding good. He turned to the Tonight Show bandmembers and said, “My God, Gene Simmons is here!” They all laughed, and I turned to them and said, “He’s my OTHER boss.” Later I went into Seth’s dressing room to catch up and give him one of my Batman t-shirts. They’re long-sleeved asphalt grey American Apparel t-shirts, that have the Batman logo screened on to them. I scanned one of Adam West’s original chest logos from an old costume of his, and had a silk screener put that logo on these shirts. I had him make about 20 of them for gifts. Seth was looking good…very fit and trim. Success (and millions of dollars) was suiting him well. It wasn’t until I went into my audio booth that one of the crew guys told me that Seth’s mother had just recently passed away. This made me instantly sad, because his folks are the greatest. I used to see them at all the parties and they would always call my name and give me a big hug. The reason Seth is so well-adjusted to this day is because his folks made him that way. She was a nice lady and will be missed. I pray for comfort for Seth’s dad, and the entire family. The taping went very well, and when I announced Seth in the opening, I had a special little tingle in my heart. I have known Seth since “Family Guy” first started in 1998. He was a shy kid with glasses, who I sensed was amazingly talented. He definitely wasn’t the self-assured Seth MacFarlane you see today. But we always seemed to laugh about the same things. Now here he is…a multi-millionaire and successful the world over. And here I am announcing for the Number 1 late-night talk show in America, and getting to announce his name as a guest! Life is rich! What a great day!

Friday the 6th – MY BIKE! MY FRIEND! – Have I mentioned recently how much I love my bicycle?! Well I do. I decided to make a day-long bike trip out of my workday. I started in the morning with a trip to Studiopolis Burbank for some more “Bleach” recording. Again I got to ride along that great bike path on Chandler to get to the studio. I got to work with the great Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, whom I’ve known for over 15 years. She and her husband Daran Norris worked in the Beetlejuice show at Universal the same time I did back in 1994. In fact, I was Daran’s replacement as Beetlejuice when he had other work to do and couldn’t do the show. We still laugh about those days even now. Fun fun fun! After we finished “Bleach,” I hopped on my bike and went to Michael’s Bar and Grill on Olive in Burbank to meet up with my pal Dan Roebuck for lunch. As luck would have it, my chiropractor’s office is right next door to the office, so I locked my bike up there and headed over to eat. Then back to the chiropractor’s office for a quick adjustment, then back on my bike to NBC for “TTS.” When the taping was over I got back on the bike and rode home. What a great day! I’m estimating that it was about a 12 mile ride all total. That night I grabbed a nap, and stayed up all night doing stuff around the house and watching more “Hawaii Five-O” on DVD!

Saturday the 7th – AWESOME AUGUST WEATHER! – It’s still very mild for August in Los Angeles, and I’m loving every minute of it. My A/C hasn’t been running nearly as much as usual, and I’ve been able to bicycle all around. Today was no exception. The maids came over in the morning. They worked downstairs while I put clothes away upstairs. Then they came upstairs and I went downstairs to work on the computer. Just as they left Sara came over, and then we hit KFC for lunch and then over to my friend Fred’s to hang out by his pool. Chuck McCann came by for a little while as well. We had a great time, but I had to get home to prepare for movie night. That night we watched two more episodes of “The Prisoner” from the 60’s, and then we watched “Elvis On Tour” on Blu Ray. I’ve always loved that film since I saw it at a drive-in movie theatre back in 1977. The sound has been remixed to 5.1 and it sounded terrific! When we finished that we watched selected scenes from the original “Shaft” film. But just before I turned in, Sassie was having her leg problems again. I didn’t want to stress her out any more than necessary, so I left her downstairs in the living room to sleep. That way we wouldn’t have to make her go up the stairs and down again.

Sunday the 8th – TYPICAL SUNDAY! – As usual, I slept quite late. When I got up Sassie was fine again. I just don’t get what the trouble is, and now I’m almost driven to find out. I got a shower and got ready for evening church. After church I met up with my friends Chris and Colleen at Jerry’s Famous Deli for dinner. Sara joined us as well, as did Chuck McCann. We had a great time laughing and telling stories. That night I did some auditions, then got ready for the new week. It would be our last week of tapings for “TTS” before a two week-long hiatus, which I was looking forward to. It’ll be nice to have a little break, and perhaps I may even travel somewhere.

And how was YOUR week??!!!

Both of my bosses on one set!
Seth MacFarlane is a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!