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June 18 – June 24 (2018)


My cat Spook has taken to falling asleep at the entrance to the kitchen. I wonder why? But he sure is cute when he does it!

 “She’s Rather Be With Me” by the Turtles came on AM 1270 in Palm Springs over the weekend and it stuck with me.

Monday the 18th – MOUTHY MONDAY! – After the bone graft procedure I had late last week, Sunday and today were the worst pain I had experienced so far. I couldn’t help but think something had gone wrong. So I called the surgeon’s office to explain what was happening. They said everything sounded pretty normal so far, but just to be sure I’m going to go in on Tuesday and see my surgeon. I went to the post office to mail off some stuff. As I’m starting to clean through my boxes and closets full of stuff, I’m listing a lot of stuff on eBay. So far a lot of the things have sold pretty well, but I’m doing it all in phases so I don’t get overwhelmed. Except for a few things here and there in the past, this is the first time I’ve sold stuff on eBay at this volume. I got some mail at my mailbox, and then returned home to encode some more of my home videos into the MP4 format. I’m doing this so that I can give a copy of all the home movie footage I have in my archives to family members as a gift. I napped for a bit in the evening, and then got up later to do auditions. And then, more encoding. It takes quite a bit of time to encode these hour-long DVDs, and in the instances where the encoding program doesn’t seem to like the DVD I’ve inserted, I have to locate the original tape, burn a NEW DVD, and then try that. It’s very time-consuming, but worth it. I made a Tombstone pizza, and then hit the hay.

Tuesday the 19th – TORINO TUESDAY! – My pal and fellow Voice Actress Secunda Wood came over around 2 and we hopped in the Torino and headed out to lunch at Paty’s. Then we went over to my oral surgeon’s office so he could get a look at the surgical area. He said it looked like it was healing perfectly! He even took an X-ray to make sure nothing was going wrong inside. After getting an A+ grade we were on our way. He said slight bleeding and the pain is completely normal. I dropped Secunda off to her car, and then headed to Staples to pick up another micro SD card for my encoding project. I spent the evening on lots of Advil, packed up for my upcoming Palm Springs getaway, did my laundry, and took a nap. I got up and changed the sheets on my bed and the Puppet Room bed, and I was a non-stop 100mph whirlwind until 6:30am. Then I finally crashed out.

Wednesday the 20th – AAAAAND…WE’RE OFF! – Early in the morning the City of LA inspector called and said they’d be unable to come out later that day and inspect the installation of my water heater. I’ve been trying to get them to come sign off on this installation for about a month now, but our schedules never coincide! So, knowing that, I curled up and went back to sleep until 2. I got up and checked my e-mails, and then had a phone meeting for an hour at 3. It was a very productive meeting and I hung up feeling energized about some new projects! I went back to Staples to get another micro SD card for my encoding project, and then I got some groceries. I went over to Enterprise to get my SUV for the trip, and then headed home to pick up some final items and grab a quick nap. My pal Edi came over to housesit with the pets around 8, I packed up the final items and hit the road shortly after 9. The drive to Palm Springs was terrific (I love driving through the desert at night) and all of the cars on the freeway were at top speeds! I pulled in to the Palm Springs Denny’s around 11:11 (lucky!) and got my food to go. It’s always weird being there without Roxy, but with temps expected around 115 on Friday, it was no place for big, furry doggies. But when I got to the Hyatt to check into my regular room, there was some sort of snafu. They already checked somebody into my usual room. Apparently there’s a flaw in the on-line check-in system (which I’m never doing again) that puts me into the first available room. In this case, on the third floor! I like the sixth floor because it’s the top floor. It’s got a higher, elevated view of the starry sky and the mountain. So luckily, the clerk put me right next door to my usual room, with the promise that as soon as the other guy checked out in the morning they’d clean the room and have it ready for me mid-afternoon. So instead of unpacking all of my items and making myself at home, I just unpacked the few things I needed for the night and made the best of it. It was a very warm night and extremely pleasant. Except for an annoying nightingale who sat in the tree outside my balcony and chirped non-stop all night. There were lots of stars though and the desert sky was gorgeous! I got to bed around 6am.

Thursday the 21st – BACK “HOME!” – When I got up at 2, as promised, the hotel said my usual room was ready. So I got one keycard encoded for my usual room, and I spent about an hour going back and forth moving my stuff. Being a creature of habit (and perhaps a bit OCD) I really feel at home in my usual room. And since the room I WAS in was next door, the layout was exactly backward from the layout I was used to. It was like living in a mirror-land. But I got settled in good ol’ room 627 and unpacked all my stuff. I cleaned up and went to KFC to get some lunch, and then went to Walmart to pick up a few supplies. 1270 AM KVGH was playing some absolute gems…Moonlight Feels Right, etc. It’s always great to hear those 70’s songs on the AM band! I got back to the hotel and grabbed a short nap before the Thursday night Street Fair. Because of the warm weather, and the fact that it’s not considered “the season” in Palm Springs, only about 50% of the usual vendors were there. I found the artist who made the bracelet my friend Edi loved, and I ordered another one. It’s odd, but it’s the first time I had gone to the Street Fair in a long time without either friends or a dog in town. I was all by myself. It was kind of nice in a way. I could walk along, get lost in my thoughts, enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the festivities. I hit my favorite lemonade place THREE times during the course of the night. It had to still be close to 90 out, even at 9pm. So that lemonade sure tasted good! But the weather was absolutely perfect and heavenly! It was warm out, but not uncomfortable in the least. And best of all…ZERO humidity! It hit 108 earlier in the day, and Friday they’re expecting it to hit 115. I got back to my room and showered up, then napped from 10 to midnight. I got up and went across the street to get an NYPD pizza to go, ate it on the balcony of my room, and then got ready for an evening of star watching. Again, the sky was populated with lots of beautiful stars; it was very peaceful and relaxing. I saw a light flash in the sky about the size of a star. It flashed bright white for a half second, then was gone. When planes fly by you see white lights and red lights flash, and then you can watch them sail across the sky. But this was one single flash of white light, and then nothing. Did somebody go into hyperspace? But at 3:30am the annoying bird was back. I wanted to get a high pressure hose and blast the tree across the street and scare him off. Next time I think I’ll bring a laser pointer. If he sees a laser moving around on the leaves on the tree he’s in, maybe he’ll get scared off and leave. If he comes back tomorrow night, I’m digging out my noise-canceling headphones! I got to bed around 5am and vowed to sleep through the heat of the day. My pal Brittney Powell was due in later that evening, and my friend Mike the Photographer was going to be in town doing a job that evening, so it’ll be fun after the day cools off!

Friday the 22nd – HOT NIGHT/GOOD FRIENDS/MEH FOOD! – By the time I got up I realized I had slept 14 hours in total. Boy did I need it! With all the stuff going on in my life, it was nice to catch up on some rest! I’m glad I missed the 115 degree temp that it hit at the peak of day. By the time I got up around 7 it was pretty nice out (if you consider 98 degrees at 7pm nice!). I walked over to Ruby’s for a quick snack. My dinner with Mike the Photographer wouldn’t be until his job got over at 11pm, and I was starving. I got some mediocre chicken strips (mostly breading, not much chicken) and some fries. I got a cigar at the store next door and smoked it on a leisurely walk back to my room. My oral surgeon’s assistant wasn’t crazy about my having a cigar, but I got her to OK having one on Friday, since it was a week and a day after my surgery. But ONLY one! Just as I was snuffing my cigar and heading into the hotel, Brittney pulled up to the valet curb. Perfect timing! We got her stuff loaded in to her room, and since it was such a beautiful night out, we decided to walk over to the Spa Resort and Casino where Mike was hanging out so we could get dinner. We grabbed some food at the casino’s deli, but none of us was very complimentary of the food. But it sure was fun spending time with great friends, crappy food notwithstanding! We walked back to the hotel and I got ready for an evening of star watching. I saw the “hyperspace” phenomena happen again (what IS that anyway?!) and enjoyed my Palm Springs playlist. Luckily the annoying bird had moved on, so it was peace and tranquility all night. That is until 4:30am, when the guys at the golf course across the street started up with the leaf blowers. 4:30am!? Isn’t that against the law or something? I guess because it gets so hot in the daytime, they have to get their work done before the heat of the day sets in.

Saturday the 22nd – PSCOMICXPO! – The cover of the Coachella Valley weekly newspaper that was downstairs in the lobby touted a Palm Springs Comic Con in town that weekend. When I opened the paper I noticed that my pals Richard Horvitz and Grey Delisle were both going to be guests! So I suggested to Brittney that we stop by and say hi for a bit. Not only were Richard and Grey there, but my pals Rikki Simons and Jess Harnell were both there as well. It was great fun hanging out with them at the convention, and I picked up a terrific Frankenstein embroidered patch that’s about 12” high! It’s beautiful! Whenever Richard and I get together funny stuff happens. I told him about the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway and he was interested in seeing it. Grey said she really wanted to see it as her son was a HUGE Elvis fan! I called my pal Leonard, the owner of the house, and asked about tour times for Sunday. Richard and I started joking around about a condition where you’d be speaking to someone normally, then all of a sudden an Elvis-ism would blurt out of your mouth. For example, “So I really like the cartoons you’re in THANKYOUVERYMUCH and I love all the voices you do.” You really have to hear it in person in order for it to be funny. But this “Elvis Tourette’s” condition got me to thinking about a new character. I called him Elvis Tourettesley! We laughed hard about that for about an hour! If there are any young animators out there who would like to animate a quick Elvis Tourettesley bit, let me know! I’ve got something in mind! All the talk about the Elvis house got Richard to singing “If I Can Dream.” It’s not uncommon for Richard to break out in song when he gets the bug.

Brittney and I headed over to Rancho Mirage to eat at Spaghetti Factory, a tradition whenever I’m in Palm Springs. Then we headed back to the hotel, changed clothes and went to see a late showing of “Jurassic World.” It was a very fun popcorn movie with lots of thrills! As I got back to the room I realized that the heat had broken, and cooler temps were in store for the next couple of days. Since it had been a while since we ate, I got an NYPD pizza to go and we had a few slices as we watched the moon slip behind the mountain from my balcony. After Brittney and I bid the moon goodnight, she went off to sleep and I got ready to sit on the balcony all night watching stars. It was another gorgeous night, and a slight breeze made it feel extra heavenly! I was feeling very peaceful, tranquil and high. It’s hard to believe it was already night number 4 of 5! Time really flies! Though I had seen a few shooting stars in passing on the previous nights, I saw a really bright on in my full field of vision. It looked like it landed a mile away from me! I got to bed around 5:30am after an exquisite night of star watching and relaxing!

Sunday the 23rd – REGARDS TO THE KING! – My housesitter Edi had some unexpected plans come up, so I was going to cut my trip a little shorter than I had planned and go back later that night. But first Brittney and I grabbed a quick lunch at Sherman’s Deli. Then we had agreed to meet Grey and her sons and friend at the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway for a quick tour. We got lots of great pictures, and it’s always a thrill to see the house; especially after having seen clips of it in the new HBO special “Elvis Presley: The Searcher.” After the tour Brittney loaded up her car and hit the road. She was going to relieve Edi at my house until I could get there. But Brittney had plans later that evening too, so I was just a few hours behind her on the road. It just takes me a bit longer to pack up than her. I headed out around 7:15 and the traffic was top speeds all the way home! In fact, I got back home around 9. I really wanted to stay another night, but I had a lot of prep to do for my next trip which was rapidly approaching. Plus I had missed the pets dreadfully, so once I unloaded the baggage I showered up and we all napped together. I got up later to unpack, organize, prep for the new week, and then I hit the hay for good. Whew! What a week! And a great few days spent in my “happy place!”

And how was YOUR week??!!


The fantastic Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway

I thought it was a cool shot of the moon reflected in the window of Elvis’ former bedroom!

After enjoying an ice cold Coke in my room, I thought this was an appropriate picture.

Another hot day subsides, as the sun sets behind “Mount Abe,” a mountain outside my hotel room that resembles the profile of Abraham Lincoln!

Grey sits on Elvis and Priscilla’s Honeymoon bed!

Since Grey voices Catwoman in the Arkham world, and I voice The Riddler, we just had to get a photo together as it looks like we’re about to break in to Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway!

Grey and Brittney yuk it up at the front door!

A lovely view from my hotel room balcony, as the searing sun begins to set over Palm Springs!