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June 11 – June 17 (2018)


A few years ago the family of Jonathan Frid gifted me with several of his personal, family photographs after his passing. Jonathan is most famous for playing Barnabas Collins on “Dark Shadows” in the 60’s. It is with their kind permission, that I will occasionally release these photos to the public and his fanbase so they can get a glimpse into the personal life of this renowned actor.

 I heard this in passing last week and started singing it to myself immediately. Great song from Metallica called “I Disappear!” Rock on!

Monday the 11th – CARPET TIME! – My pals from Chem Dry showed up at 1 to clean my carpets, and Mario told me he had the machine on the lowest setting because carpet fibers were starting to come up. I guess it’s time to get serious about replacing my carpets. I’ve had these since I moved in (back in 2000) and God knows how long the lady had them before I moved in. It’ll be a HUGE job, but it’s gotta be done soon. While they worked in the office and theatre areas, I went upstairs and relaxed. My pal Brittney Powell came over later and we headed to dinner at Paty’s. It was such a nice evening, we even took Roxy along! I picked up a few packages at my mailbox down the street. I got home and napped a bit, then got up later to do a ton of auditions. I began the process of encoding the DVDs that I had burned a while back of my family’s home movies, and turning them into MP4’s, which are viewable on my iPad and tablet. But I have so many I’m betting it’ll take about four 32GB microSD cards! I fed and walked Roxy, typed out Wally’s Week, and then put my living room back together.

Tuesday the 12th – HAND-BREAK! – A buddy of mine has sold his house across the street from me and is moving to Vegas. So he came by to explain the reason for moving, and to return some DVDs he had borrowed. I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the computer encoding home movies. But Handbrake, the program I’m using to do the encoding, is very, VERY unpredictable. In fact, it’s downright finicky. Sometimes it would only burn a few of the segments on my DVD, and not even see some of the others. Very strange. So in those cases, I would have to locate the original tape, and burn a brand new DVD so I could then encode that. What a pain in the neck! I napped for a bit, and then got up later to do auditions.

Wednesday the 13th – SEE ‘EM AT THE MUSEUM! – The day started with a phone interview I did with a guy who’s doing a book on the late, great Voice Actress June Foray! I talked to him on the phone while I drove to the Hollywood Museum for a meeting. The museum is planning all sorts of great new upgrades throughout the summer tourist season, and I’m very excited about it! Plus, we’ll be doing a huge panel at the San Diego Comic Con about how the exhibit was created. Hope you can make it! More details on that to come. After lunch I went upstairs to do some work on the Batman exhibit; correcting grammatical, factual and spelling errors on the various signage. I’d like to get it all cleaned up before the big relaunch comes mid-summer. Then I went over to Staples to get some supplies. When I finished I went home to relax. I’m going to head to Palm Springs as a “make-up” trip for having to abort my vacation last week. But it’s starting to get hot there. So far the extended forecast looks good, so I hope the weather holds. I grabbed a nap and then got up to spend the evening transferring all my encoded home movies over to the microSD cards I bought at Staples. When all is finalized, the idea is to give every member of my family a set of cards (or a hard drive) with all the home movies on it. Maybe by Christmas I’ll have it all done. I went to bed early so I could be up for a possible early session, and then (shudder) my bone graft/oral surgery!

Thursday the 14th – IMMEDIATE “GRAFT”IFICATION! – The day previous I got a call from my Milwaukee agent telling me there may or may not be an early session for today. I gave her my hotline number and told her to call me and let me know either way. I had oral surgery scheduled for later in the day and I didn’t want anything to conflict with the possible session. So she called around 8am to tell me they were holding off until the next week because they had difficulty rounding up all of their creative team for the session. Then she called back a half hour later to inform me that they got the team together and the session was on for 10:30am my time. So I bolted out of bed, after only a few hours of sleep, and got cleaned up. I got to Voice Trax West well on time and got ready for the session. I was playing the part of a funny R&B singer. I was lucky that my voice was in tip-top shape, because singing that kind of stuff so early in the morning usually is very difficult. It ended up being a VERY fun session for Dunkin Donuts, and we came up with a lot of funny stuff on the fly. I went next door to Chin Chin and got some combo fried rice to go, and headed home to eat before my bone graft appointment at 1. I went into Dr. Mizin’s office and got prepped for surgery. Unlike a month ago when I had the extraction, I wasn’t going under for this procedure. I was only getting a local. The Dr. said it would be uncomfortable, but not intense like the last procedure. The light they shined on me so the Dr. could work was so bright I could see it even with my eyes closed. Luckily I wore a hoodie. So I pulled the hood over the top of my face, like a Batman cowl, in order to block the light. Then I folded my hands inside the pocket and opened wide. I meditated during the procedure, and while I was aware there was a lot of pushing, grinding, sanding and other work going on, it didn’t really affect me that much. Granted I had been given several shots of Novacaine, including in the roof of my mouth, but it all went alright. There was only minor pain during the procedure, but the majority of the pain came after. I went downstairs to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled and I felt a little loopy. I wasn’t sure if the local anesthetic was responsible, or if I was still coming out of my meditation. Maybe a bit of both. I got home and read up on all the meds. The antibiotic I was prescribed was one I had been on a few times before. So I knew the dynamic of that pretty well. I took a pain pill and got on my computer to do some light work (no TWEETING, thank God!). I took a nap in the evening with an ice pack, and then got up to work all night on my continuing home video encoding process. Since I was under orders to eat only cold (or lukewarm) soft, mushy foods – I ate some lukewarm soup, strawberry yogurt, and cottage cheese. Then I hit the hay.

Friday the 15th – A SWELLED HEAD! – I awoke right at noon after a horrible Phantom of the Opera night mare. It’s not what you’re thinking. I was actually the actor playing Phantom in a theatrical production. And of course I hear the intro music playing but I’m not in make-up yet. I’m in the costume, but I can’t find anyone to put my make-up on. So as I’m running to the make-up room, I grab a hand microphone and start singing to the music. Even though the audience can’t see me because I’m backstage looking for the make-up artist. Very weird. My maids came to clean up around noon, and I sat upstairs with an icepack on my face. Even though I had taken a goodly amount of arnica montana before the procedure, I could tell I was starting to swell a bit. After the maids left I worked on the computer, tweaking some museum stuff. I also did some writing for some of the new pieces that will go into the Batman exhibit at the Hollywood Museum. I took a nap on the couch with an icepack, and got up later to continue encoding my home movies. It’s extra time consuming because sometimes I’ll have to stop what I’m doing, locate the original tape, and make a new DVD to encode. Stupid Handbrake! Later I made some spaghetti and watched a few more episodes of “F Troop.” It was a gorgeous, cloudy blue-grey morning!

Saturday the 16th – GOINGS IN STYLES! – When I woke up at 3 I was due for a call with my computer guy Brian. He looked in on my computer remotely to try and fix a problem. But when he looked in, the problem had solved itself. Apparently Windows has a feature that, when a back-up drive gets full, it cleans itself out. Neat! So there wasn’t really anything for him to do. I was having a strange thing happen, where blood would drip out my left nostril, but my nose wasn’t bleeding. The blood was coming from the interior of the surgical area, going up through my sinus and coming out my nose. Because my sinus had been punctured for all those years by the root of my number 14 tooth, there’s still a little puncture hole there apparently. It may take a while for it to close up on its own. But anytime I would bend over, gravity would force the blood out my nostril. I called my oral surgeon’s office and talked to their exchange. They got the doctor on the phone with me and he said I should come in to see him this week for a quick check. In the meantime, he said, don’t bend over. I napped with an icepack on my face until movie night started. We did kind of a funny thing for movie night. We watched the original 1979 version of “Going In Style” starring George Burns and Art Carney (one of my favorites), and then we watched the newly released version starring Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. It was fun comparing them, but there are really very few similarities between the two films. It was unanimous amongst our group that, while the newer one was very entertaining, we preferred the original. We felt that it made us more empathetic for what the elderly characters in the film were going through; their loneliness, their desperation, etc. I still can’t keep a dry eye when George Burn’s character Joe is sitting alone in his house looking at old pictures of his younger self. Gets me every time. After everyone left I took a short nap, and then got up to encode more movies. Instead of my usual Saturday Night Super Salad (not quite ready to chew crunchy vegetables yet!) I made myself a Chef Boyardee Pizza-in-a-box! Then I watched an episode of “SNL” from the season 2 boxed set. Though Chevy Chase had left the cast, they hadn’t hired Bill Murray yet. THOSE are the episodes I can’t wait to see! He was ALWAYS funny! Since I didn’t get to bed until around 11am, I phoned my Dad and wished him a happy Father’s Day!

Sunday the 17th – AND THEN…THE PAIN! – I slept until about 4:45pm, and then got up for evening church with Roxy. My ‘adopted grandma’ Shirley and I went for a delicious dinner at Coral Café. I had a chicken Cesar wrap (easy to chew) and then took her back to her residence. I was starting to feel some pretty intense pain in the surgical area, so I went home to take some pills. I figured that might happen when the swelling started going down and everything was getting settled. I napped for a bit, and then got up to do some light work around the house…WITHOUT bending over! I did some auditions, made a Tombstone pizza, encoded some more home movies, and then hit the hay.

And how was (OUCH!) your week??!!


While waiting for my prescription after my oral surgery, I noticed this announcement on the ATM in the store. Good grief, doesn’t anyone get the difference between you’re and your?!

I got this green Manna tumbler on amazon, and then bought some lime green vinyl shelf lining on ebay. I put the two together and came up with this unique little thing.

During movie night, it looks as if Spook is in the kitchen praying for a snack