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March 6 – March 12


While looking for a cold drink on one of the 90 degree days we had here in L.A., I stumbled upon my vintage aluminum tumblers; given to me after my grandma passed away.  As I recall, nothing kept our drinks colder LONGER than these amazing inventions of beverage magic!  They sure bring back good memories of hot afternoons on grandma’s farm!

While shopping around in Rite Aid the other day, the overhead music system played “Amanda” by Boston.  I just stood under the Bose speaker in the ceiling, ate my ice cream cone and enjoyed it immensely.  Great memories with this song!

Monday the 6th – I HATE MONDAYS! – When I woke up at 2 I was experiencing more sinus pain and pressure. I sure can’t wait for my appointment with my ENT on Tuesday.  I wrote Wally’s Week, laid down for a nap, and got up later for my nightly auditions.  I hate feeling this way and wasting days.  I made some beef stew and watched another episode of “Barnaby Jones” from the Season 5 DVD set.

Tuesday the 7th – E.N.TEEE IT UP! – The old faithful hotline rang around noon, and it was my agent calling to send me over to Keep Me Posted in Burbank to do a pick-up for the “Henry Danger” job I did last week.  Apparently we mispronounced a name and we had to re-record it ASAP!  I hopped in the trusty Gran Torino and was there within the hour, recorded the correct name and then sped off to Burger King for a quick drive-thru lunch.  I stopped by Kalmenson and Kalmenson for an audition, and then parked to eat my lunch and chat with my folks on the phone.  At 3 I went to my ENT’s office to discuss options about my sinus problem with my ENT Dr. Line.  After scoping me and taking a culture, he said there were basically three options to pursue…1) puncture the sinus and flush it with water, or 2) do the new “balloon” therapy, where tiny balloons are inserted into the sinus, inflated and the sinus inflammation is compressed, or 3) full on sinus surgery in the O.R. – none of which sounded particularly appealing.  But I’m so over this stuffed up left sinus, at this point I’ll take anything.  He said he would review my CT scan and get back to me with his opinion, but in the meantime he wanted to try me on a 2 week run of a corticosteroid nose spray called QNasl.  Later that day he called and said that, after reviewing my CT scan, the first option (flushing the sinus) is off the table.  He said it was a bit worse than he originally thought. Yikes.  I stopped by my mailbox to get my packages, mailed some stuff at the post office, stopped by my local police station to drop off some materials for some public relations events, picked up my prescription, got some groceries, and headed home.  While I was at a stoplight in the Torino, a guy in the car next to me started talking about “Starsky & Hutch.”  He said it was one of the best TV shows ever made.  As I continued waiting, I heard the “Starsky & Hutch” theme song playing.  I glanced over and he was showing the show’s opening credits to his young passenger.  He said he wanted to show his granddaughter exactly where the design of my Gran Torino came from.  Too funny!  After getting a shot and a breathing treatment at the doctor’s office, I was feeling better than in a long time.  Was it the new nose spray?  The shot? The breathing treatment?  I went home to grab a nap, and then got up later to do my nightly auditions. And there were a WHOLE lot of them!  I fed and walked Roxy, and then made sloppy joes and watched “Barnaby Jones” before bed.

Wednesday the 8th – BEAUTIFUL BIKING BREAK! – My hotline rang again at 11:30, and it was my agent informing me that I had a very important audition due at noon.  I sprang awake, did the audition, and then went back to bed to sleep until 2.  I got up and did some organizing, sent some e-mails, made some phone calls, and then hopped on my bike to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I drove over to my vitamin shop to get some supplements, but just missed them. I think they might have closed a bit early.  But the bike ride did me a world of good.  I went to the meditation class at my church and it was really nice.  I got some fro yo at the frozen yogurt shop across the street from my church, and then went home to grab a short nap.  I got up later to do some auditions.  I stopped taking the Sudafed for a day or so to try and cleanse my system somewhat.  I’ve been on a ton of medication ever since I got this cursed sinus infection back on New Year’s Eve.  Even though the infection is long gone, the residual effect of the inflamed sinus has hung on; which is why I’ve been having major problems.  When this is all over, I’m not taking even so much as an aspirin!  I want to totally detox and wean myself off all  the medications!  I made a Chef Boy Ardee pizza and watched “Barnaby Jones.” YUM!

Thursday the 9th – DETOX REDUX! – My old pal Barbera (who used to book the musical acts for “The Tonight Show”) and I met for lunch at 2 just down the street from me.  It was fun catching up.  But I was starting to feel pain and pressure in my sinuses again.  I made it through lunch, and then I enjoyed the hot day by biking to the vitamin store to get my supplements.  While I was there I spoke with Dr. Chen about my problem.  She gave me some Chinese herbs in pill form, and suggested I try acupuncture.  I figured it was worth a shot, so I made an appointment to have my first of three sessions Friday at 3.  I biked back home, swapped out my cars (parked the Torino and got the Mustang out) and then went inside to get back on the Sudafed with an Advil chaser.  I was in pain, but it took a while for them to work.  My pal Brittney Powell came over later to do some work, which is good because I wasn’t much in the mood to do the little things I hire her to do.  I napped and then got up later to do my movie night invites.  I drove to Denny’s and got some food, and then came home to watch “Barnaby Jones” before bed.

Friday the 10th – STOP NEEDLING ME! – Right at 11am I sprang awake.  I could tell, even while sound asleep, that something was wrong.  The power was out and my fan, humidifier and Hepa filter had all stopped working.  I got up to walk Roxy and to see if my neighbor’s power was out as well.  It was.  So it was just a waiting game.  Luckily it only ended up being out for 10 minutes.  By 11:30 I was back in bed snoozing for a few more winks.  I got up at 1 to let my maids in, but they didn’t end up arriving until 3.  So in the mean time I did some work on-line.  Though my acupuncture appointment was scheduled for 3, I had to call Dr. Chen and move it to later.  Luckily my assistant Sara was on her way over to do some scanning, so after I showered she sat with the maids while they worked.  And I took off for my acupuncture appointment.  But first I stopped by my mailbox to get some packages, the cleaners to get my comforter, and then Rite Aid to get some snacks.  I went in to Dr. Chen’s to get my first session of acupuncture.  Though many of the needles were barely felt, her acupuncturist did hit a couple of areas that caused quite a bit of discomfort.  I guess that’s part of the deal, so I took it like a man.  I really hope it works.  When I got home Sara was just finishing up scanning, so I walked Roxy, did some work and then napped until midnight.  Normally I take Friday nights off from auditioning, and do them all Sunday night.  But there were so many of them I decided to divide them up in half.  I did half tonight, and I’ll do the other half Sunday night.  I fed and walked Roxy and then some work in the Tranquility Zone moving a few things around.  I did some other work around the house, cleaned my dusty action figure cabinet down in the home theatre, and then made some soup and a sandwich.  I watched another episode of “Barnaby Jones” and slunk into slumber.

Saturday the 11th – NIFTY NINETY…IN MARCH! – While the eastern part of the country was bracing for an enormous snowstorm, L.A. was enjoying summer temps…near 90 degrees!  I noticed the weather in Palm Springs was just how I like it, but until I get this sinus thing figured out and cured, I’m staying put.  But when it’s over, I’m heading to the desert for some warm nights of star watching!  After lounging around the house for most of the day, I went to the grocery store to get some supplies for movie night.  My pal Edi stopped by with her dog Bunny so I could watch her for the evening.  Edi’s husband Elliot (who used to be in the band Looking Glass) was doing an appearance that night at the Roxy on Sunset with a group called Yacht Rock.  I wanted to go, but I’m simply not feeling up to fighting Sunset Boulevard traffic on a Saturday night, and then fighting crowds.  But soon I’m going to see him play live, I promise!  Movie night was a blast.  We watched a 10 minute highlight reel that my pal Officer Mark cut together of my adopted grandma Shirley’s surprise 90th birthday party.  If you want to check it out, it’s on YouTube at  After movie night ended I grabbed a short nap.  Edi came over to pick up Bunny after the show, and I set about the IDIOTIC task of setting my clocks forward.  When will people wise up and get rid of Daylight Saving Time once and for all?  There’s no reason for it.  Kids are now waiting for their school buses in total darkness in the morning.  Moronic!  I made my traditional Saturday night Super Salad and watched another episode of “Hee Haw” on DVD.  This show really brings back the memories, as it was mandatory viewing when visiting my grandparents’ house back in the 70’s.  It is fun seeing country legends like George Jones, Faron Young and Tammy Wynette in their heyday.

Sunday the 12th –  AN ICY AC, I SEE! – It was close to 1 in the afternoon when I woke up boiling.  Another 90 degree day was in full swing, and I needed to turn on my AC for the first time this year.  Once it turned on I slipped back into bed and slept in air conditioned comfort.  When I got up at 3 I did some work and got ready for evening church.  It was a great service, but because of the sinus issue I was feeling a bit sluggish.  I took Shirley out to eat, dropped her off at home, and then headed back to Planet Wallywood.  I left a message on my ENT’s voicemail in desperation asking that we just cut to the chase, discard all of the other options, and go right into surgery as soon as possible. I want my life back!  I laid down on the couch to nap with a cold pack on my face, and then got up to finish the ton of auditions I had in my inbox.  Thank GOD I did half of them last Friday night!  I made some Buffalo Mac and watched the final “Barnaby Jones” episode from the Season 5 DVD set.  The lovely Kathleen Beller was the guest star, so that was an AWESOME way to end that season!

And how was YOUR week!!??