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January 30 – February 5


A while ago, the family of the late Jonathan Frid gifted me with several personal photographs from Jonathan’s collection.  They gave me permission to post them whenever I felt compelled so I could share them with Jonathan’s fans. This one proves that Jonathan really WASN’T a vampire, and was apparently quite the sun lover.  The shirtless Jonathan looks like he’s on vacation somewhere enjoying the beach and sun while on hiatus from “Dark Shadows.”

At the “Super Secret” session this past week, the director and I somehow got on the subject of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.  He said his band plays a lot of “outlaw” music when they gig, and I told them they needed to learn the song “The Highwayman.”  He had never heard of it, so we played it on YouTube.  He loved it!  Hard to believe it was 1985 when this song was released!  I still love this song!  Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash join Willie and Waylon as The Highwaymen.

Monday the 30th – 82 SKI-DOO! – Today was my dad’s 82nd birthday.  Hard to believe.  (Dad and Elvis were born mere weeks apart.)  I called him to wish him a happy birthday when I got up at noon, and then I let the Chem Dry guys in to clean my carpets.  They were in dire need of a good cleaning!  While they worked, I put Spook in the Chaney Room in his cat house with a gate up.  The cleaners need to have the garage door open so they can pump in the chemical from their van.  In the past, Spook has taken advantage of the open doors and strolled outside.  But once he got outside he panicked and sat outside my window “meowing” to be let back in.  Though he was in his cat house, he didn’t like being gated in.  I walked Roxy over to Rusty’s to get groomed, so she’d be out of the way of the cleaners.  When I got back, Spook was sitting on my desk with that look in his eye that said, “Ha. I got out.”  Though the gate was impervious to his deviousness, he figured out a way to nudge open the doors between the Chaney Room and my kitchen.  Devious little guy!  So I put him back in the Chaney Room in his cat house and blocked the doors so he couldn’t do it again. But it made me laugh.  I ate my Subway sandwich and did some work on-line while the cleaners finished up.  When they left I went over to my vet to get a bag of cat fud (I spelled it that way on purpose in deference to Gary Larson), and then I went to the car wash to get my Mustang cleaned.  While I was there, I saw a former neighbor of mine.  Her son, actor Anton Yelchin, was killed in a freak accident by his Jeep last year.  I gave her a hug and chatted with her for a while.  What happened to her and her husband is simply inexplicable.  What a tragedy.  We had a nice conversation and spent some nice time commiserating.  My prayers go with her.  I picked up Roxy at the groomer’s and headed home.  I drove into Hollywood and had dinner with my friend Emma at Bird’s.  While I was there I saw my pal and “Wacky Wally’s Vintage Toys” producer Kevin Castro.  It was fun chatting with him for a bit before his meeting started.  Emma brought her bunny Ichabod to dinner.  He was in his little carrying case, but he was thoroughly enjoying several stalks of parsley.  I went home and did a little work, and then grabbed a nap.  I got up later to do a ton of auditions, and then fed and walked Roxy.  I finished up Wally’s Week, and then watched “Lost in Space” on Blu Ray just before bed.

Tuesday the 31st – TORINO TUESDAY! – Figuring it would be a lazy day I got up at 2, did a few auditions, and did some random work.  I got a text from Bodie saying that my Gran Torino was on its way back to me!  AWESOME!  His associate Mitchell arrived at 4:30 and pulled it up behind my garage.  It sounded amazing; purred like always!  I still have a lot of work to do learning all the new equipment, but it looked fabulous!  My “Shotgun Hutch” didn’t fit inside, unfortunately.  He was too tall.  So now I need to have my effects guy Jim Ojala cut him off at the waist so he’ll fit.  I’ll have him keep the lower half in his shop in case I ever need to have “Shotgun Hutch’s” legs reattached for some reason.  It’s fairly easy to do with fiberglass.  I decided the first passenger in my newly restored Gran Torino was going to be my “adopted grandma” Shirley.  I drove over to pick her up for dinner and she was amazed.  She had seen the Torino in Bodie’s shop when it was all sanded down and looking sad.  But she totally enjoyed the ride.  We drove to Lancers in Burbank to meet up with Sara for dinner.  On the way back home I noticed that the passenger door rattles.  That’s new.  So I need to take it back in to have that fixed for sure. It’s not closing completely.  There are a few other “fix-its” that need to be attended to.  It was a great dinner, and the people in the restaurant loved seeing it drive by.  I went back home and grabbed a short nap, and then got up to do about 2 hours’ worth of auditions.  I worked on the computer, made some spaghetti and watched another episode of “Lost in Space.”

Wednesday the 1st – TORINO TWO! – I was having trouble breathing when I woke up at 2.  The residual effects from my sinus infection are still lingering, unfortunately.  I took some nose spray and got up to let my nasal passages clear.  I’m sure over this stupid sinus infection, but the doctor warned me that they’re very stubborn.  I went to my garage and swept it out while I chatted with a neighbor.  I took my new car cover and put it on the Torino to determine where the hole should be cut to accommodate the antennae.  I remember cutting a hole in my old car cover, and I didn’t do it very well.  When I thought I had the exact spot, come to find out it was about 6 inches off.  Luckily, my most recent car cover (which was stolen along with other stuff from the Torino back in January of 2016) had been customized by Bodie’s guys, and the hole was placed exactly where it should have been.  I measured carefully and put the hole in the cover.  I put the cover on the car and…RATS!  It happened again!  I was about 6 inches off.  So I put another hole 2 inches further up.  Again, it wasn’t right.  So I put another hole in another 2 inches further up.  Still no go.  My car cover was staring to look like Charlie Brown’s Halloween costume.  But the fourth hole was the final hole. It worked great.  FINALLY!  Luckily, the car cover came with a few scraps of leftover fabric (purely by accident, I’m sure).  So I got some Barge glue and glued the scrap of fabric over the unusable holes.  The fabric JUST fit over the holes!  LUCKY!  I decided to let it dry overnight before putting it on the car.  I didn’t want leftover Barge glue leaking on to my new paintjob!  I dug through my garage and found a long piece of cardboard that I can place under the car I my auxiliary garage to catch any random drips and leaks that may occur.  I went inside to work on my computer, and then I headed to Jerry’s Famous Deli for dinner.  It was fun to park it on Ventura Boulevard and show it off.  On the way home I gassed it up and then went inside to do another 2 hours’ worth of auditions.  I took a short nap and then got up later to do some more work.  I sent out my movie night invites, walked and fed Roxy, and then made some hot dogs and watched “Lost in Space.”

Thursday the 2nd – GROUNDHOG DAY! – After waking up at 2 and checking some e-mails, I hopped in the Gran Torino and headed over to Studiopolis Burbank to do some voice tracks for a new cartoon.  It originated in China and is now being dubbed into English.  It looks like a very fun show!  When we finished at 6 I stopped by my mailbox to get my packages, and then went home to meet up with Jim Ojala to hand over the “Shotgun Hutch” figure for customization.  He measured the room available in the passenger seat of the Torino.  I got back to Planet Wallywood and let my pal Pat Evans in with his film crew so they could get some “B Roll” for his documentary about the music of the “Batman” TV series.  I grabbed a quick nap and then got up to tackle my auditions.  The “Lost in Space” episode for tonight featured my “adopted grandpa” Leonard Stone.  It was the second episode in which he played the character of Farnum B.  It sure is fun to see him in action.  He was a great actor, fun to watch, and a dear, dear man.  I miss him.

Friday the 3rd – SUPER SECRET SESSION! – Last week I told you that a “super secret” project we’ve been working on for a year and a half was back in the studio to get more voice tracks. After hitting Del Taco for some quick lunch, I was back at Bang! Zoom! studios for a 3 hour session.  The supervisor was on the line with us to help direct, but it was all going SO well she decided to bounce off after the first hour.  Neat!  After the session I stopped by my mailbox to get my packages, and then headed home to feed the pets and relax.  My pal Brittney Powell came over to do some work, and then my assistant Sara and I went to Miceli’s to get some dinner.  When I got home I grabbed a short nap.  Sometimes I wish that I could sleep a full eight hours in a row, but I’m not wired that way.  I usually sleep about five hours when I get to bed, but I catch up on an additional three hours in nap form during the evening.  I only eat when I’m hungry, and I only sleep when I’m tired. It seems to work for me.  I got up later to do some work around the house, and then made a pot pie and watched “Lost in Space.”

Saturday the 4th – SUN, SATURDAY, SPOCK & SALAD! – The pets woke me up around 3 by bouncing around on the bed looking for cuddles and pets.  When I went outside it was a gorgeous day!  Sara and I went to the grocery store to get some supplies for movie night, and then headed home to let the guests in.  We watched the amazing documentary “For the Love of Spock” by Adam Nimoy.  After everyone left I took a short nap on the couch, and then I got up to do some work around the house.  I worked in the “Tranquility Zone” (my bedroom which has been totally redesigned to be the quintessential quarters for relaxation and meditation) to install some new lighting effects.  My pal Officer Mark gave me a “water ripple” light that projects lighting effects on the ceiling that approximate the look of light bouncing off rippling water.  Unfortunately the remote that controls it, is the exact same frequency as that of the Super Night LED strip lights that line my room along the top of my bedroom walls.  So while I’m using the remote for the “water ripple” machine, I need to cover it with my hand so it doesn’t reset the color and pattern of my Super Night lights.  But it’s a small problem.  I made my traditional Saturday night Super Salad and watched another episode of the old BBC show “The New Avengers.”  I only have about 3 episodes left, and then I’ll have to figure out something else to watch next.

Sunday the 5th – BURGERS AT BOBS! – My ever-affectionate pets woke me up mid-afternoon again.  It was a very cloudy day as there was a few days’ worth of rain coming.  I got ready for evening church and walked Roxy over for the service.  We met up with Shirley there, and when it was over we walked home to put Roxy away.  We drove over to Bob’s Big Boy because I was craving a great hamburger.  It was deeelicious!  I came home to grab a nap, and then got up to do some auditions.  I did some work around the house, worked on my database doing some updates, and then walked Roxy on our late night stroll through the neighborhood.  It was gorgeous out, but a bit misty.  It was the precursor to heavy rain expected later.  I made some hot soup and a sandwich to enjoy another “Lost in Space” episode.  As I got set up in bed it began to rain heavily.  It was fun sitting in bed watching a great old TV show underneath a toasty electric blanket, watching it pour rain outside.  Sadly, the “Lost in Space” episode (the second to last episode ever) was a horrible one about a giant, talking carrot.  The worst!  But watching, hearing and smelling the rain made it all OK.  I got to bed around 9am.

And how was YOUR week??!!


Here’s a shot of my dinner guest Ichabod Bun Bun…in his carrying case at the restaurant enjoying some parsley.

Every once in awhile, I need to post a picture of my gorgeous cat Spooky as he’s lounging around my house looking beautiful.