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February 8 – February 15


Can you guess who this little tyke is celebrating his 2nd birthday?  As I was going through some old books and doing some organizing, I came across the Baby Book that my folks put together for me when I was growing up.  I scanned a bunch of pictures from book.  It’s hard to imagine I was ever that small.  And CUTE!


Even though I sang this song at church a week ago, it was still stuck in my head.  The Youngbloods’ “Get Together” came out in 1967 and was a huge hit.  Some of the gals in the band tried to get us to change the lyrics from “smile on your brother” to “smile on each other,” but I told them I knew the song so well from playing it for years on the radio, that I would probably forget and sing “brother’ anyway.

Monday the 8th – THE HEAT IS ON! – By the time I got up at 2 it had gotten really warm out.  It was record-breaking, warmer-than-a-normal-February-should-be kind of temp.  Roxy took some time in the grass sunbathing, as she is prone to do from time to time.  I did a last-minute audition, checked my e-mail, and then did a bit for the “Ellen” show and my buddy Troy Thomas, who’s a writer on the show.  With not much going on I went back to bed.  I ended up sleeping until 8pm!  Wow!  I must’ve needed the rest.  When I got upo I answered e-mails, took a dip in the Jacuzzi, wrote Wally’s Week, did my nightly auditions, and tried to make myself busy.  The past few weeks in the industry have been slow, and I really hate these down periods.  It drives me crazy because I’m a go-getter.  Just before bedtime,  I made a Tombstone pizza and watched another episode of “Lost In Space” from the Season One Blu Ray set.

Tuesday the 9th – LIKE JULY IN SODAK! – The ever-rising temps continued in Los Angeles, and our warming trend ran on.  I worked on the computer, answered some e-mails, did some miscellaneous business paperwork and bookkeeping, and called my tax guy for some answers to some questions.  I contacted a casting agency with a few questions, and made a few other calls.  I was asked to write an essay about “Dark Shadows” that will be published later this year to celebrate the gothic soap’s 50th anniversary.  It was a lot of fun, and it certainly brought back a lot of great memories of playing Barnabas Collins around the neighborhood.  I drove to my mailbox to get my packages, and then Roxy and I enjoyed dinner on the patio at Paty’s in Toluca Lake.  As the sun began to set I positioned myself on the other side of the table so I could watch the gorgeous sunset in the west; the fading sun making the clouds a purplish/pinkish/gray.  Stunning!  With the warmth in the air, and the gorgeous sunset, I started to get the feeling I used to get when living in South Dakota on those warm July nights.  I halfway expected to hear fireworks going off in the distance, and smelling freshly cut grass.  I put the top down in my Mustang and drove home.  I gave the little boy who lives next to me his Spider-Man pillow, that I had the Palm Springs Pillow Lady make custom for him.  Then I went inside to watch the election results from the New Hampshire primary.  Then I took a dip in the Jacuzzi and took a nap.  When I got up I did a TON of auditions in my home studio and e-mailed them to my agents.  Then I made hot dogs on the grill and watched “Lost In Space.”

Wednesday the 10th – PHONE “PHUN!” – Luckily I woke up on my own at 11:30.  I had set my alarm to wake me up, but when I installed my new iPod dock alarm system I set the time to the wrong time of day. I set it to PM instead of AM!  (Times like these I understand why some people prefer military time!)  So when my alarm was set to go off at 11:30am, my clock actually still thought it was 11:30pm!  It’s all fixed now though.  Lesson learned.  I’m glad I have a reliable body clock.  It was 90 degrees out again, and Electric Bob my contractor came over to fix a leak in the frame of my shower. Since they installed the new shower over a year ago, there’s been some water intrusion leaking into the wall.  Hopefully it’s fixed now.  I started making some calls about my Gran Torino to inquire why no work had been started on it yet.  Come to find out my pal Bodie’s insurance company wasn’t actually an insurance company, but a finance company for insurance premiums.  But I finally got to the bottom of it and found the real company.  My insurance company has been great, but Bodie’s has been less than stellar through this whole thing.  He’s definitely not getting what he’s paying for!  But it took me a good couple of hours on the phone to figure all this out.  Electric Bob worked until 2, and I spent the rest of the afternoon handling business stuff, doing auditions, and doing other random stuff.  Then my computer developed a freezing problem.  I would frequently get the white screen and the little “spinning wheel of doom.”  I called my computer guy Brian and he looked in on it remotely.  He said he thought my hard drive was hanging up. Uh oh…that means installing a whole new one.  Brian is the son of my best friend Terry Crisp who passed away last August.  Brian told me that his grandpa, Terry’s father, passed away last week.  That means that Terry’s dad passed away within in a year of his son’s passing.  Strange.   Though Brian’s leaving for the funeral on Friday, he said he could come out and do the hard drive swap on Thursday.  I only had two auditions for the night, so I figured I would be able to dance around the freezing problem long enough to get them done.   I hopped in the Jacuzzi and grabbed a nap. But before I laid down I restarted the computer.  But when I woke up, the computer was absolutely fine!  No freezing at all!  Perfectly normal!  Of all the weird things!  And I worked it hard; running it through its paces to try and get it to freeze.  No luck.  It functioned perfectly.  I did my auditions like normal, worked on some word documents for my autograph books, and even edited some photos and made some labels.  I e-mailed Brian and told him to abort the mission.  Everything was fine.  I made some Buffalo Mac and watched another episode of “Lost In Space.”  Whew! What a day!  And I never left the house!

Thursday the 11th – KALMENSON, KARYN & KURTAINS! – The first thing I did when I woke up was to sign on the computer and see how it was doing.  Still good.  I had Brian look in via remote and he said everything looked normal.  I told him not to worry about it and go to the funeral to be with his family.  I stopped by my seamstress Karyn’s shop to have her make some cool curtains out of this nifty starfield fabric I found.  They’re for my “Tranquility Zone,” (aka my bedroom) and they fit right in with the new design scheme I’ve been working on to optimize my relaxation and serenity.  I dropped off the fabric and some original Levis jeans from the 70’s that I needed repaired, and then I headed over to Kalmenson and Kalmenson casting to do an audition.  When I finished I headed to Jerry’s Famous Deli to have lunch with my old pal Ashley Laurence.  She’s done a ton of on-camera acting, but she had questions about Voice Over work.  We had a great time catching up.  I headed home to feed Roxy and watch the Presidential debate on TV.  Edi and Elliot were in town, so I walked Roxy over to Studio Café so we could dine on the patio and chat.  While I was there I ran into another old pal of mine…super glamorous pin-up queen Emma Julia Jacobs, and her friend Ariauna!  I told them about all of the new acquisitions I had added to Planet Wallywood and they promised to come over for a tour soon.  I got back home and there were lots of auditions to handle.  I had some cereal and then hit the hay so I could be up for an early Friday session for PBS at Voice Trax West.

Friday the 12th – MATH HAS NEVER BEEN MY THING! – The alarm went off perfectly at 9am and I was up and at ‘em and ready to start the day.  I began by stopping by Voice Trax West to do a promo for “Peg and Cat Save the World” on PBS.  Sounds like a fun show!  Andrew, the owner of VTW, showed me some cool lighting effects he had just purchased for the studio.  It gave me a great idea for my “Tranquility Zone.”  I hit my mailbox to pick up my packages, and then stopped by Jersey Mike’s to get lunch.  I called my maids to see what time they were coming by to clean Planet Wallywood and they said around 1:30. That meant I had about an hour to go to Karyn’s, pick up my curtains and jeans and get back home.  But once I got to Karyn’s I was shocked.  I had only bought enough fabric for ONE curtain, not two!  Damn my horrible math skills!  I got home to let the maids in and immediately got on the computer and ordered more starfield fabric.  With the remnants she had from the first batch, I’m having her make me a cool starfield bowling shirt!  The maids arrived and began their work and I walked Roxy to the groomer to get a bath.  When the maids left I went back to my mailbox to pick up a few more packages that had just arrived, I took my comforter in to get cleaned at the dry cleaners, stopped by the hardware store to pick up an electric power strip for my “Tranquility Zone,” and then picked up Roxy and headed home.  The Time Warner cable guy came by to install a new digital box I needed in the Puppet Room to receive the new digital signal.  I have DirecTV everywhere else in the house, but I keep Time Warner in the Puppet Room because it’s free in our complex.  That way if I have guests staying over they can watch TV.  He got it all hooked up fine, but the technician forgot to bring a remote.  So I have digital signal, but I have no way of changing the channels!  Oh brother!  Does anybody actually care about their profession anymore?  He promised me that a “supervisor” would be bringing me a remote in just a little bit.  So I hung out for a few hours but he never showed up.  Stupid Time Warner.  Now I’ll have to call them next week and have them come back out again.  I want him to be able to personally show me how this new digital cable box works.  I was exhausted after the busy day, so I crashed on the couch.  I got up to do some more work around the house, and then watched another episode of “Lost In Space” and finished the other half of my Jersey Mike’s sandwich. YUM!

Saturday the 13th – MICHAEL MYERS MANIA! – When I finally woke up on Saturday afternoon I looked to my right and Roxy was laying in the crook of my right arm. It was super cute!  It was a warm day but not as hot as it had been.  I worked on-line and then got ready to go to my friend Emma’s birthday party.  Emma is a huge fan of cartoons and Voice Actors, and she has an encyclopedic knowledge of everyone I work with.  Her aunt is my neighbor Caroline, and her grandpa, Irwin Yablans, produced the original “Halloween” movies!  It’s funny; Emma is a fan of mine, but I’m a fan of her grandpa’s.  Emma’s dad Mickey was in the original “Halloween” as Richie, one of the bullies who tormented Tommy, the lead kid in the movie.  Richie was the one grabbed by the shoulders by Michael Myers.  We had a great birthday party for Emma, and after she went to her room to download some songs on her newly gifted iTunes gift cards, I had a chance to chat with Irwin and Mickey.  I brought along my new Michael Myers/William Shatner mask that I had created through digital scans.   They thought it was amazing.  Mickey had done some “Halloween” merchandising at one point and complained that all of the masks he was set didn’t look anything like the one he had seen while working on the set of “Halloween.”  He said the cheekbones and brow wasn’t right.  But he said mine was spot on; as it’s a digital scan of a copy of an original William Shatner mask.  Irwin was amazed as well and said, “I love the hair!”  (I told my hair guy Sergio Lopez that the producer of “Halloween” loves his hair work and Sergio was pleased!)  Irwin signed a few of his books for friends of mine, and had some fun putting on the mask and posing for photos.  Irwin published a book last year called “The Man Who Created Halloween.”  Great book!  Mickey showed me one of the inferior masks he had been given and he put it on and played piano after dinner. Hilarious!   What a nice evening with some VERY nice people I was honored to have been a part of it.  On the way home I got some groceries and then headed home.  During the evening, at some point, I sat wrong and tweaked my lower back.  I’m not even sure how I did it, but it was hurting something fierce.  I made it home just in time to get a few minutes in the Jacuzzi before it shut off for the night.  Then I went inside to nap for a bit.  I had to cancel my normal movie night for Emma’s party, but it was well worth it!  When I got up later I made my regular, giant Saturday night salad and watched the old BBC show “The Avengers,” while leaning against a heating pad for my back. YOWCH!

Sunday the 14th – Happy VD! – In the early afternoon I set about downloading photos from the party and sending them to a few friends.  Then I got ready and headed into Burbank to meet my friend Dakota for lunch.  The restaurant we had originally planned on patronizing was packed for Valentine’s Day, so we moved over to the Coral Café where it was much more peaceful.  I got home in time to pick up Roxy for evening church.  When the service was over I took Sara and my adopted grandma Shirley for a Valentine’s Day dinner at Barone’s; my favorite Italian place in the whole world!  When I got home I dunked my back in the Jacuzzi for a bit and took a “blue lamp nap.”  It’s a nap in my “Tranquility Zone” with nothing on but a subtle blue lamp.  The blue light relaxes me (always has since I was a teenager) and I go right to sleep!  It’s President’s Day eve, so I only had one audition due on Monday.  When I got up I did the audition, sent it in, and vowed to wait a day to do the auditions that were due on Tuesday after the holiday.  I did some other work and then hit the hay to watch “Lost In Space” and enjoy my leftover Barone’s pizza. YUMMY!

Monday the 15th – ON A HOT SUMMER DAY IN FEBRUARY…! – Though I had slept until 3 in the afternoon, the afternoon was blazing away!  90 degrees in L.A. in February!  Pretty sweet!  I’m just glad I turned on the AC before I hit the hay earlier in the day.  Hard to believe last week I had the heat on, and now the AC.  I hit the Jacuzzi for my back and watched everyone cavort in the pool on a hot, summery FEBRUARY holiday afternoon.  I came back inside and did some work until it was time to take my assistant Sara and my pal Brittney Powell to dinner at Ernie’s Taco House.  It was delicious and really hit the spot!  I came home and took a nap, and did a bunch of auditions when I woke up.  Then I made some stew and watched “Lost In Space” before I went to bed at 7am Tuesday.

And how was YOUR week??!!


Here's my friend Caroline with her dad Irwin Yablans, showing off his book and wearing my new Michael Myers/William Shatner mask.

Here’s my friend Caroline with her dad Irwin Yablans, showing off his book and wearing my new Michael Myers/William Shatner mask.

And here's Irwin without the mask on. MUCH better!

And here’s Irwin without the mask on. MUCH better!

Mickey is Michael?  Here's Mickey with his dad Irwin having a "Michael-off!"

Mickey is Michael? Here’s Mickey with his dad Irwin having a “Michael-off!”

Mickey looks much different today than he did when he was in the original "Halloween" movie in 1978 facing down the Haddonfield killer himself!

Mickey looks much different today than he did when he was in the original “Halloween” movie in 1978 facing down the Haddonfield killer himself! relaxes at the end of the evening by playing some piano music.

Michael…um…Mickey… relaxes at the end of the evening by playing some piano music.