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February 29 – March 6


My folks sent me this pic of a cat and a guy, and the look on the cat’s face is hilarious!  It’s like he’s saying “Don’t jump!  It’s not that bad!”


Last week I posted a song that I used as a warm-up during the Dell commercial shoot I recently did.  While I was waiting around on the set for the cameras to move around, I started singing “Beautiful Girls” by Van Halen to keep the pipes warmed up.  Now I’ve been singing it all week.  What a terrific song. Lots of fun and the lyrics are easy to remember!

Monday the 29th – TAKE A FLYING LEAP DAY! – The day started out very busily, as I texted my assistant Sara to come by and run some errands with me. We first stopped by McDonald’s for some drive-thru lunch, then it was off to my seamstress’ studio to drop off some more starfield material for a few new curtains in my “Tranquility Zone.”  I’ve totally redesigned my bedroom to provide the ultimate ambience for meditation and relaxation.   And I had her make a few curtains out of this awesome starfield fabric; blue and black with a star pattern. The way I have the lighting set up in my room, this fabric looks magical!  Then we hit the freeway and headed to Plastic Depot to pick up a few odds and ends for my bedroom;  just a few scrap pieces of plastic that I needed for my big bedroom redesign project.  Then I headed home.  I napped for about 5 hours!  I must’ve been beat!  I got up to do auditions, write Wally’s Week, and prep for the new week.  I made a Chef Boy Ar Dee pizza (YUM!) and watched “Lost In Space.”  It was a bad episode about a space pirate.  It was probably the worst episode from the first season Blu Ray set that I’ve seen so far.  Very annoying.

Tuesday the 1st – “WACKY WALLY’S VINTAGE TOYS!”  – When I got up at 1 my pal Electric Bob came by to put in a new kitchen faucet.  The old one had given up the ghost.  I made some phone calls, worked around the house, and my buddy Troy from the “Ellen” show sent me some copy for another bit.  I recorded it and then got ready to meet my pal Grigg for dinner. He was in town from Detroit and we decided to head to Lancers for dinner.  But just before we left, my pal Kevin Castro (producer of my webseries “Wacky Wally’s Vintage Toys”) came by to show me the cut of the first episode of the show.  We were amazed!  Kevin and the crew did a great job of putting it all together!  He’s going to make a few tweaks and then post it this coming Sunday.  I gave Grigg a quick tour of Planet Wallywood, and then we picked up Sara for dinner.  After a Heavenly hot beef sandwich at Lancers, I came back home and grabbed a nap on the couch for a bit.  Then I got up to do my auditions, feed and walk Roxy, did some more work, and then made some chili and watched “Lost In Space” before bed.

Wednesday the 2nd – “CUZ I’M THE TAX MAN…” – Well it’s that time of year again.  Time to visit with the accountant for tax stuff.  At 3:30 I was at my accountant’s office to go over all my tax stuff for 2015.  My corporate stuff had been taken care of a month ago, but this was for my personal tax return.  He had a few questions I had to find answers to, so I hit McDonald’s on my way home (I hardly ever eat McDonald’s twice in the same week!) and then went home to start digging up the info he needed.  I found it, typed it out, e-mailed it, and waited for him to receive it.  I’m not sure what I’m going to spend my tax refund on yet, but I have a few ideas.  My pal Edi came over to stay a few days.  She was in town to do a job for my friend Emily who was out of town.  Edi had taken a few days off from her job in Palm Desert to fill in for Emily and just relax.  We chatted and got caught up on all the news, and then Sara joined us for dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli.  We got back to Planet Wallywood and got Edi all set up in the Puppet Room for her stay.  While she got unpacked, I headed to my room and grabbed a nap for a few hours.  Then I got up for auditions, did some work around the house (quietly!) and watched “Lost In Space” before bed.  It was an episode called “War of the Robots” and featured the legendary Robby the Robot from “Forbidden Planet!” It was nerd heaven!!

Thursday the 3rd – DANGER! DANGER! – When I got up at noon I walked Roxy and Edi’s dog Bunny (whom I was watching while Edi was off doing her fill-in job for Emily).  Then I got ready for a session at Warner for a really cool new videogame.  For one of the voices, the director Jay told me he wanted a bit of a “Lost In Space” robot voice.  I told him I had been watching all of the first season episodes on Blu Ray (what are the chances of THAT?!) and I was well versed in Dick Tufeld’s B-9 robot voice.  Weird stuff like that happens all the time.  So now I can officially deduct the cost of the Blu Ray set from my taxes!  After the session Jay told me that he had just bought the Yvonne Craig Batgirl statue from Tweeterhead and was elated.  He said he was looking for her autobiography on eBay but wasn’t finding it for a price he liked.  (Yvonne passed away this past year)  I told him I would e-mail Yvonne’s sister Meridel and see about getting him a copy.  Sure enough, Meridel said she would send one over right away!  Too cool!  On the way home from the session I stopped and got my mail at my box.  My buddy Jeff in South Dakota sent me two ORIGINAL speakers and junction box from the Starlite Drive-In Theater!  He had to close the drive-in a few years ago because of all of the changes in movie delivery systems.  He (along with a lot of other drive-ins around the country) had to go out of business because of the expense of buying the new digital projection equipment.  Considering that a drive-in in South Dakota is only open 3 months out of the year, it wasn’t really cost effective.  But these speakers are fully functional and are wired to be hooked up to a system!  I got home and fed Spook, Roxy and Bunny and settled in to watch the debate.  I got an e-mail from my friend Edi’s husband Elliot Lurie, who had just uploaded his third video to Youtube.  This was one of the songs he performed at Planet Wallywood on New Year’s Eve.  “Sweet Somethin’” is one of my favorite Looking Glass songs (Elliot was the lead singer, guitarist and writer for the 70’s band Looking Glass) and this acoustic version is terrific.  Check it out here!  Edi got back from her job and we darted out the door to pick up my adopted Grandma Shirley so we could go to dinner.  Our pal Brittney Powell met us at Barone’s and we had a great time.  I got home and grabbed a quick nap (it was a VERY exhausting day!), and then I got up to do auditions, work around the house, and enjoy my leftover Barone’s pizza while watching “Lost In Space” before bed.

Friday the 4th – FREE FRIDAY! – Boy did it feel good to sleep until 3!  It was an overcast day, as we were expecting a weekend full of rain in L.A.; so it was perfect sleeping weather.  I checked e-mails, did some business on-line, walked the doggies and gave them treats, did some writing, did a little work on my database, and waited for Edi to get back from her job.  When she returned we went to Jersey Mike’s to get some dinner.  While we were eating we noticed a gal that came in to order.  This gal was so amazingly pretty I literally could NOT take my eyes off her!  Edi said, “Well, I definitely know I’m back in L.A.!”  Wow, was this girl amazing!  I got home and I napped a bit, then got up to feed Roxy, do some work around the house, and then ate the rest of my Jersey Mike’s Giant #13 on white while watching “Lost In Space.”  By the time I was going to bed, Edi had gotten packed up and was ready to head back to the desert.  It was good seeing her again and catching up. And it’s always good to see her dog Bunny!

Saturday the 5th – “IT’S RAINING, IT’S POURING…” – By the time I got up at 3 it looked like it was getting ready to rain something fierce.  The brunt of the rain wouldn’t actually start until later that evening, but it sure was pretty and overcast!  I went to the store to get some groceries for movie night, and then came back home to clean up the place for my guests.  We watched “A Mighty Wind” on Blu Ray and I had forgotten how funny that film is.  When my guests left it had started to sprinkle, so I laid down on the couch for a bit to grab a quick nap.  It was great napping to the sounds of pouring rain outside.  I got up to do some work and then made my traditional Saturday night salad.  But even though I had bought all new ingredients at the store earlier that day, I forgot to get new salad fixins!  So my lettuce was a little mushy.  Yuk.  I watched the old BBC show “The Avengers” and enjoyed my usual Saturday night ritual.  By the time I went to bed at 10am Sunday morning, the rain clouds were gone and it had turned very breezy and sunny.  But another storm was on the way.

Sunday the 6th – SUNDAY SPRINKLES! – Around 4 I hopped out of bed and got ready for evening church with Roxy.  The service was amazing.  The band was terrific, and Pastor Louise’s message was spot on!  I walked Shirley back to my house so we could drive to DuPar’s and get dinner.   After dinner I came home to nap, and then got up to do my normal routine of recording auditions in my home studio and e-mailing them to my agent.  Just as I was getting ready to hit the hay and watch “Lost In Space,” the second storm started around 5:30am.  It sure was nice to sleep to!  It got fairly heavy at times and I even heard some thunder; a rarity in Los Angeles!  But we sure need the rain!

And how was YOUR week??!!


Roxy, Bunny and Spook all share space on the bed while they wait for me to bring them treats.

Roxy, Bunny and Spook all share space on the bed while they wait for me to bring them treats.

These are the super cool, vintage drive-in movie theatre speakers my friend Jeff sent me. THANKS JEFF!

These are the super cool, vintage drive-in movie theatre speakers my friend Jeff sent me. THANKS JEFF!

This past week I was blessed to have Jeff Nimoy (cousin of the late Leonard Nimoy) and my friend Dorothy Fontana (writer on "Star Trek") stop by to check out my Mr. Spock figure in The Chaney Room.

This past week I was blessed to have Jeff Nimoy (cousin of the late Leonard Nimoy) and my friend Dorothy Fontana (writer on “Star Trek”) stop by to check out my Mr. Spock figure in The Chaney Room.