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November 30 – December 6


This was taken at the Palm Springs dog park.  The look on the dog’s face who’s trying to get Roxy to play makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it.


The song from Waykey that I hadn’t heard before (see Thursday’s entry in Wally’s Week) is called “Song of the River.”  I sure do love this!

Monday the 30th – THE RETURN OF CHRISTMAS NAPPIES! – Bright and early in the morning I got out of bed and headed to Studio City Sound for a session for Oral B.  It was a nice, short session.  I stopped by Studiopolis to pick up a check, and then headed to Carl’s Jr. for some lunch at the drive-thru window.  I got my Gran Torino washed (it really needed it!), and then dropped by Enterprise to reserve an SUV for my trip to Palm Springs this coming Thursday afternoon.  I drove home and switched back to my Mustang.  I went inside to check e-mails, write Wally’s Week and for the first time this year, enjoyed some “Christmas Nappies.”  What are Christmas Nappies?  Well, when my dog Sassie was alive she would enjoy taking Christmas Nappies with me every evening in front of the fireplace.  We would turn on some Christmas music on the satellite, play it softly and then we would nap for a few hours.  And the tradition was started.  Though I like to grab a few hours of sleep in the evening, this was the first time I did it with Christmas music playing.  Not a year goes by that I don’t think of ol’ Sass when I enjoy Christmas Nappies.  Roxy seems to enjoy them too, but it really was a “thing” Sassie and I liked doing, and Sassie even knew the words “Christmas Nappies,” strangely.  I got up to finish Wally’s Week, do my auditions, work on the computer for a bit, and then I hit the hay for another early VO session on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday the 1st – V.O. GO! – Once again I got up early for another Voice-Over session. But before I left I checked my e-mail and saw that another promo for Go 96.3 in Minneapolis  had arrived in my inbox.  I cut that and e-mailed it over and then hit the road to my session at Pure Imagination studios.  It was for a Casper project, and I got to provide the voice for Stretch!  What fun!  I hit Taco Bell for lunch, and then stopped by a store called Big Kid; a shop that carries all the stuff I’m into.  But the stuff that interested me was stuff I already have.  However I did find a really cool vintage Wizard of Oz Scarecrow squirt gun!  And of course I got to load up on vintage candy.  I got back home and worked on the computer for a while, and then did a bit for the “Ellen” show, and e-mailed it in.  I did a little work around the house and then grabbed a quick nap on the couch. My assistant Sara came by and we headed over to DuPar’s to get some dinner.  It was very nippy out; winter is here!  It’s kind of nice actually.  I came back home and researched a few voice references for a “Sonic Boom” script we’d be recording the next day.  I did some auditions and other busy work. And then I hit the hay so I could be up early for the “Sonic Boom” session first thing in the morning.

Wednesday the 2nd – STABBED!! – The alarm went off at 8am and I hit the ground running. My first stop was to get Roxy to the groomer’s for a bath while I was in the “Sonic Boom” session next door.  We recorded the session until noon, which was perfect timing.  I went to get Roxy and they just finished her.  I forget how white her fur really is until I see her freshly bathed!  We walked home and I received another script for a Go 96.3 promo.  I recorded it and e-mailed it over to the guys in Minneapolis.  I drove over to pick up Sara and we hit Toys ‘R Us.  I got a great new animatronic Darth Vader figure. It’s fabulous and has the actual voice of James Earl Jones reciting some of his famous “Star Wars” lines!  We stopped in next door at Hobby Lobby to look at photo albums.  Over the Christmas to New Year’s break, I am bound and determined to blow through my bedroom and clean and rearrange things.  I need to toss out books I no longer need in my bookshelves, throw out clothes I no longer wear, and go through my old photo albums and restore them.  The old “sticky” photo albums I bought when I was 16 have lost their “sticky.”  Photos are constantly falling out all over the place, so I’m looking for a suitable NEW way to store them.  I think the best I’ll do is to get 12” X 12” photo albums, some plastic page holders, some 12” X 12” cardboard sleeves, and a bunch of glue sticks.  I’ll have to reglue the photos to new photo pages, put them in the plastic sleeves, and then put them in the photo binders.  I honestly don’t think they make the “sticky” photo albums any more.  But I wasn’t sure of the process I wanted to undertake quite yet, so I left without any merchandise. I wanted to, as they say, sleep on it.  We ate at a little restaurant called Lancers in Burbank.  We had been wanting to try it for quite a while, as it reminded me of all the great restaurants I used to go to as a kid with my parents in South Dakota.  A very folksy place. It was not disappointing.  The hot beef sandwich I had was stellar!  We will DEFINITELY be back again!  On the way home I dropped by the cleaners to pick up my dry cleaning.  I also hit the post office to mail some things, and got the mail at my mailbox.  I dropped Sara off at her house and then headed home to feed the pets.  I did a little work on the computer, and then laid down on the couch for a nap.  My pal Jasmine came over later for a quick visit.  I hadn’t seen her in a long time so it was good to catch up.  I did some work on the computer, did my nightly auditions, and then decided to open up my new, animatronic Darth Vader figure.  I got out my exacto knife and started cutting off the bonds.  As I sat at my desk freeing the figure from the packaging, I dropped the exacto knife!  Never a good idea.  The exacto knife fell to the floor, but made an abrupt stop in my left thigh.  It didn’t go deep, but it definitely went through my pant leg and into my thigh.  So much so that it stood straight up as it embedded itself into my leg.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and just stared at it for a second or two.  Then, after realizing what happened, I pulled it out of my leg.  I immediately went upstairs to put some Neosporin and a Band-Aid on it. Of all the rotten luck.  But once the figure was out of the box it was really cool!  I packed for Palm Springs and then made a buffalo chicken sandwich and hit the hay to watch “The Addams Family” on DVD before bed.

Thursday the 3rd – P-P-P-PALM SP-SP-SP-SPRINGS! – I slept in until 1, and then got up to go get my SUV at Enterprise.  I even called in advance to let them know I was coming, and to make sure the SUV was there on the lot.  After the trouble I had with them the last time I rented there, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time.  But when I got there I realized the SUV WAS there, but it was filthy.  The manager felt so bad he comp’d me a day’s rental.  I’m not sure what’s going on with Enterprise, but they’re really slipping!  I threw my luggage into the car and I was on my way down the road.  But at 3 in the afternoon the traffic had gotten really horrible. When I took my folks to Palm Springs a month ago at 3pm, the traffic was bad, but not horrible.  But this was unbearable!  Good thing I sprung for the $5 a day Sirius satellite radio in the rental. I got to listen to Christmas music all the way.  I got to Palm Springs a little after 6pm; a 3 hour trip!  I think that’s some sort of record. It’s never taken me that long to get there.  Roxy and I checked into the room, dumped the luggage and hit the street fair. But it was freezing cold!  I bought a neat blanket from Waykey’s booth. He’s the Native American musical artist whose music I really love.  He played a song I wasn’t familiar with, and I knew I didn’t have it on my iPod.  He told me the name of the song, and although I have the CD it’s on in my collection, I wasn’t familiar with it.  So I made a new discovery!  I got back to the room and crashed out for a bit.  When I got up later I realized it was going to be MUCH too cold to do my usual all-night stargazing routine on the balcony. So I went to Rite Aid to pick up some snacks and supplies.  Then I hit Denny’s for some breakfast around 3am.  When I got back to the room I tried to sit outside for a bit, but the cold weather was not conducive to my usual Palm Springs relaxation protocols. So I went back inside and hit the hay around 6am.  I’ve come to the realization that Palm Springs isn’t any fun when it’s that cold at night!

Friday the 4th – HEY! WHO TURNED OUT THE SUN!? – Don’t kid yourself…Palm Springs can get COLD in the winter!  It was a cloudy, cold and gloomy day in my favorite desert city.  I got up to walk Roxy at 9:30 and then promptly went back inside to sleep some more.  We got up at 1 and hit the dog park.  We drove back to the room, I fed her dinner and then I headed over to Palm Desert to meet up with my pal Marcus; another Gran Torino owner.  I love riding around in his Torino as it’s a beautiful piece of machinery. We went to Outback Steakhouse with his family for dinner and had a great time. But BOY was it cold out!  On the way back to the room I stopped at a store to pick up some gifts for Elliot and Edi’s wedding, the reason I had gone to Palm Springs this weekend. I got to the room and napped for a bit, and then got up to order a pizza at NYPD across the street.  I ate the pizza and hit the hay.

Sat the 5th – E & E! – By the time I got up at noon the weather was gorgeous!  It was a nice, warm and sunny day – perfect for another trip to the dog park.  I knew I was going to have to leave Roxy alone in the room for several hours later while I attended the wedding of my friends Elliot Lurie and Edi Baker. So I tried to get her as tired out as possible.  When we got back to the room I went up to the sun deck by the pool and sat in the sun and enjoyed a nice cigar. (A Monte Cristo in the white tube!)  Then I got cleaned up and dressed up for the wedding.  Strangely enough, the wedding was scheduled on the same day and at the same time as the annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Christmas parade.  They close down the entire stretch of Palm Canyon Drive, and thousands of people line the streets to watch the parade go by.  Luckily, getting out of the area would be a lot easier than getting INTO the area.  I made my escape and hit the Ingleside Inn just in time.  It was a very nice, intimate wedding with close family.  In fact, I think I was the only friend in attendance. But since I was the one who introduced them I guess it was only right. We had dinner at the famous Melvyn’s after the wedding and it was a great time.  I’m so happy for those kids I can’t tell you!  But after four hours I was getting nervous that Roxy was going to need to have a potty break.  So I got back to the room, walked Roxy and then crashed for a few hours.  Since it was too cold to watch stars on the balcony all night, I decided I’d drive back to L.A. during the night. I checked out of the room around 2am, gassed up and hit the road at 2:40.  It only took an hour and 45 minutes to get home.  It was good to be home.  I unpacked a little bit, and then settled in to my own bed.

Sunday the 6th – I HEARD “I HEARD THE BELLS ON CHRISTMAS DAY!”  – Sensing that it was another gorgeous day, I got up around 1 and rode my bike around the neighborhood a little bit to get some exercise and knock out the cobwebs.  It was nice to get the blood pumping.  I got back home and unpacked some more, and then got ready for evening church.  Roxy and I walked over for the service, and it was a really nice event.  Pastor Louise had a great message in light of the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino.  And Josh, the leader of the band, sang an amazing rendition of “I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day,” particularly poignant given the developments of the recent week.  Very moving indeed.  We walked back home and I grabbed a “short” nap on the couch. FIVE hours’ worth!  I must’ve been a lot more tired than I thought!  WOW! I never nap that long, but all the traveling and brouhaha must’ve worn me down.  I got up for auditions and more unpacking.  My assistant Sara dropped over for just a bit to make sure I was OK.  She couldn’t get ahold of me while I was dead to the world and she feared the worst.  But I assured her I was just REALLY enjoying a long stretch of “Christmas Nappies.”  After she left I made a giant salad and started in on the final season of the old British TV series “The Avengers.”

And how was YOUR week??!!


At the Palm Springs dog park, Roxy’s not quite sure of the concept behind digging a hole. I’m not sure she’s ever done that before. Unaware of the physics of hole digging, and that sand is projected outward, she accidentally gets some sand in her face during the process…

…but she embraces the idea and decides to dig some of the hole on her own, and then lay right down in it!

Here’s a quick clip of the staging area for the Palm Springs “Festival of Lights” parade. I wish I could have seen it, but I had more important things to attend to…

...namely the wedding of my friends Elliot and Edi!

…namely the wedding of my friends Elliot and Edi!