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May 26 – May 31


I found this on the internet.  I LOVE it!  If you don’t get it, don’t ever talk to me again. 🙂


Though I’ve been back from Palm Springs for a week now, a song from Native American musician Waykey has been spinning around in my head.  Haunting and beautiful.  Meditative and introspective.  DEEP music!  It’s called “Rainbow Canyon.”  Enjoy.

Tuesday the 26th – SIGNS, SIGNS, EVERYWHERE ARE SIGNS! – There were some last-minute, urgent auditions in my inbox when I awoke around noon. So I recorded those and e-mailed them to the appropriate agents.  I went through the mail that had stacked up during my Palm Springs visit, paid some bills, and then hopped in the rented SUV and took it back to Enterprise.  I walked home and enjoyed the gorgeous day.  I hopped in my Mustang with Roxy and went to my box to pick up my mail.  We met with my assistant Sara at Paty’s for lunch.  Then I headed over to Fast Signs to pick up the signage I had printed for Planet Wallywood.  They also printed some great artwork for my new lunchbox I had made.  When I got there they had the stickers all attached to the lunchbox and it was ready to go. It looked awesome!  I jetted home to write Wally’s Week, and then met for a bite of dinner with my pal David Elkouby, the producer of the Hollywood Collector Shows.  Roger Moore is doing another private signing and I had some stuff for him to sign that I gave to David, who’s acting as the intermediary.  When I got back home I finished up Wally’s Week, continued unpacking from my trip, did a few more auditions, did some work around the house, made some sloppy joes, and started in on “Batman” season 2 on Blu Ray.  Unfortunately it was the episode featuring Art Carney as The Archer. While I generally enjoyed Art Carney’s work, this episode was a total misfire in many ways.  A sad start to a much-anticipated second season.  But I’m sure they’ll get better as we go.

Wednesday the 27th – RIDE, WALLY RIDE! – What a stunningly gorgeous day.  The day I was hoping for became a reality, and I had planned on riding my bike to all my gigs.  First I rode about a mile to Voice Trax West for a quickie session for US Airways.  I had thought about riding back home, jumping in my Mustang to go get it washed, and then driving to Studiopolis in Burbank for a Marvel session.  But once I got on my bicycle and started enjoying the day, I just kept riding, and riding, and riding.  I figured I’d bike all the way to Studiopolis and enjoy the day and the ride. I could get the Mustang washed another day.  I enjoyed the 6 mile ride out to Studiopolis only to discover when I got there…I WAS AT THE WRONG STUDIO!  The information for the location of the session fell between the cracks, and I SHOULD have been at the Studiopolis location about 2 blocks from my house!  Oh well!  I had lots of time before my session started, and I was enjoying the heck out of riding my bike…so I headed back to my house.  With a quick stop along the way at Jersey Mike’s to pick up a sandwich, I got to the session just in time!  The session was short and sweet and I rode back home to eat my sandwich.  I did some work around the house and then grabbed a quick nap on the couch.  I got up and finished cleaning off my desk and organizing some receipts.  I got on my computer and input some new media items into my database, and then I recorded some new voice tracks for Go 96.3 in Minneapolis.  I finished up my auditions and settled in for the night to finish off my Jersey Mike’s sandwich and watch another “Batman” episode from the 2nd season Blu Ray set.  It was a Catwoman episode, and it’s always a privilege to watch Julie Newmar in action as the felonious feline!

Thursday the 28th – WONDERFUL WALLY WATER! – When I got up at noon the first order of the day was to get on the phone with a Program Director friend of mine in the Midwest and record some tracks for his station.  He was looking for a new voice for the station, and since the station is in my hometown, he thought it might be nice to get me back on the air there.  When we finished my contractor Electric Bob sent his co-worker Ernie over to look at an issue in my bathroom wall.  Ernie worked on it while I did some work on-line.  When he left I headed over to Paty’s to have lunch with my assistant Sara.  I picked up the mail at my box and got 10 cases of Wonderful Wally Water; custom labeled bottled water that I had made to pass out at sessions and auditions as a promotional vehicle.  They turned out great!  240 bottles will go fast, I have a feeling!  I got home and recorded some auditions, and then high-tailed it over to my hair stylist for an update on my cut and color.  My pal Brittney Powell was in the neighborhood so she stopped by and kept me company.  There were 3 boys there getting their hair cut, and we had a great conversation about comic books and super hero movies.  They said their dad had been showing them the old Batman TV series on DVD. Good job!  Luckily I had my iPad with me so I could show them photos of my collection.  They were very intrigued with certain things they saw, including The Creature From The Black Lagoon.  They said, “Who’s that?!”  I said, “You haven’t seen The Creature??!!”  I’m sure their dad is going to show them the film now!  Brittney and I went to grab dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli, and then I headed home to do some work.  I recorded a TON of auditions, and some more tracks for Go 96.3.  I made a sandwich and some soup and retired to watch another “Batman” episode.

Friday the 29th – TYLENOL P – M I TIRED! – Before going to sleep Friday morning at 8am I took 2 Tylenol PM pills because my back was hurting.  I woke up at 2 to let the maids in and ended up sleeping on the couch the entire time they cleaned!  When they left I slept some more.  I got up around 7:30 to feed Spook and Roxy, but then laid back down again until my pal Boz showed up at 10 to do some filming around Planet Wallywood for an upcoming webseries we’re doing. (More on that later!)  After he left, I laid down on the couch again and slept until 2am!  I guess not doing any drugs and never drinking alcohol has made me a total lightweight when it comes to things like Tylenol PM!  From now on, if I need it, I’m only taking 1 pill and not 2. WOW!  I don’t like feeling drowsy the next day like this.  I worked around the house and tried to shake it off.  I needed to get some groceries for my Saturday night movie night, so I headed to the 24 hour grocery store around 3am, made my purchases and headed over to my neighborhood Denny’s to get some food to go.  They had been closed about a week for renovations, and WOW did the place look different!  I got home and unloaded the groceries, and enjoyed my Denny’s with another “Batman” episode.

Saturday the 30th –FUN WITH FILMS AND FRIENDS! – It was mid-afternoon before I finally rose from my “crypt.”  It was VERY warm outside, so I put on a fan in my living room.  I could tell that Roxy and Spook were warm too, because they were lying in front of the fan.  At that point I decided that maybe I’d crank on the AC for a bit.  I was going to have a house full of people later that evening for movie night and I didn’t want them to be uncomfortable.  It was a great movie night.  My old pal Edi was in town and brought her fiancé Elliot over to tour my house and have dinner.  Elliot was the lead singer of the group Looking Glass in the 70’s and I love their music.  Through me Edi and Elliot met and they’re going to eventually be moving to Palm Springs so Edi can start her career in real estate.  Now that I have a good friend who sells houses there…maybe I’ll find myself in the market for a small second home someday soon. Hmmm…who knows?  I sure do love it there!  We watched the movie “Gravity” on Blu Ray and it sure was stunning!  When my guests left I cleaned up the house, worked on inputting some more stuff into my database, and labeled and edited some of the personal log recordings I do for posterity and family history.  I made one of my killer salads and watched a few episodes of “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” on Blu Ray before bed.

Sunday the 31st – ANOTHER WEEK DOWN! – The pets and I lounged around all afternoon like the lazy beasts we are.  I got up and got ready for evening church with Roxy.  The speaker for the service was from…PALM SPRINGS!  Boy, I just can’t get away from it!  It was a beautiful night and I enjoyed walking home and enjoying the weather.  I checked some e-mails and then met up with my pal Emily for dinner at DuPar’s.  That hot turkey sandwich sure did taste good!  I came back to grab a quick nap on the couch and then spent the rest of the night doing auditions and e-mailing them into my agents.  I made some Buffalo Mac with the chicken strips I got from Denny’s a few nights earlier (it’s diced buffalo chicken with diced celery in Kraft Mac ‘N’ Cheese…YUM!) and boy was it good!  I enjoyed while watching another Batman episode on Blu Ray.

And how was YOUR week??!!


On a hot Saturday afternoon, Roxy relaxes in front of her “biggest fan!”

Great minds think alike. On a warm Saturday afternoon, both animals take their turn lounging in front of the cool fan.