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March 31 – April 6


Here’s a shot Mr. Stitch took in their store when I first popped on my new Captain Action cap. Reporting for duty, sir!

Though this has been one of my favorite songs for quite some time, I heard it in passing on the radio the other day and now it’s stuck in my brain. The group is DIIV (dive) and the song is “Human.”

Monday the 31st – TAXES & TURTLES! – I had to be up early to do a session at Voice Trax West for chain of east-coast restaurants called The Green Turtle.  It was a fun session, and when we finished I headed to my mailbox to pick up a DVD copy of one of the Multi-Media Assemblies shows I voiced.  It’s a huge multi-media show that travels around to schools all over the country to promote wise choices, doing the right thing, and staying away from drugs and alcohol.  I’ve been voicing them for over 10 years, and I wanted to get the latest one we did so I could use a piece on my demo.  I hit KFC for some fast lunch, and headed over to my accountant’s to sign my 2013 tax forms.  I headed home and did some work, prepared a Fed Ex shipment, called Fed Ex to come get it, then laid down on the couch to nap while I waited for them to arrive.  They showed up just before I was due to head over to Voicecasters for a 5pm audition.  I got cleaned up, drove over to Burbank for the audition, and then I came home to work around the house some more.  I took a dip in the Jacuzzi and napped on the couch.  When I woke up later in the evening I did my auditions, did some more work on my narration demo, made some spaghetti and watched another episode of “Search” on DVD.

Tuesday the 1st – APRIL FOOL! – Ding dong!  My doorbell rang at 9:30am, much too early for me.  But for some reason I woke up and went downstairs to see who it was.  It was the mailman dropping off a package.  But now that I’m awake I decided to stay awake and get some stuff done. (I was hoping the doorbell wasn’t an April Fool’s joke!)  I worked on the computer for a while, walked Roxy, and then headed over to Mr. Stitch to pick up the Tony Clifton bowling shirts I had my seamstress make.  Mr. Stitch needed to put the names on the shirts.  I had Wally put on mine, and Tony put on the one I’m giving Tony Clifton at the Hollywood Collector Show in a few weeks.  They turned out great!  They also did a really nice job on the new Captain Action hats I had done.  But the leather Ant Man hat I’m preparing for Wonder Con was still having its problems.  Because it’s leather Mr. Stitch was having problems getting the design I wanted to transfer to leather without pulling and distorting.  So we decided to make up a little patch that will be hand-stitched to the cap by my seamstress. Perfect!  I gathered up my stuff and headed to my seamstress Karyn’s to do a bunch of work.  She had made some new, improved Batman capes for the 18” Neca Adam West figure. They turned out VERY nice!  She had gotten a sample of fabric in for my Oz  Scarecrow bust, and it was perfect!  Then we started making the patterns for the Hot Toys Batman figure.  The cape that comes with the figure isn’t very accurate, so I wanted to have her take a pattern from the Batman cape I used to wear (which was taken from the pattern of the original TV series costumes) and translate it for a 12” figure.  It was a lot of work, but I think the payoff will be fabulous!  I got a call from my agent Vinnie telling me about a pick-up session for a videogame trailer I had later that afternoon.  I was having difficulty finding a studio, however.  Everyone was already booked.  Luckily I found an opening at Marc Graue for 2:30, and I headed over to do the session.  After we finished I got some gas and a car wash.  My friend Edi texted me to see if I wanted to hang out.  So we met up at my place and went over to Jerry’s Famous Deli for dinner.  When I came home I napped on the couch for a bit, the got up for my daily auditions.  I did some more work on my demo, worked around the house, did laundry, and made some chili dogs on the grill outside Then it was time to retire for the day and watch another “Search” episode.

Wednesday the 2nd – APRIL FOOL RAIN! – When I got up at noon my assistant Sara called me. She was back in town from a weekend trip to her home state of Arizona.  I had some mail for her to take to the post office.  Then I drove over to Coral Café and met up with my friend Edi and Elliot Lurie, former lead singer of Looking Glass, and author of the world-famous song “Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl).  After lunch we would be going shooting at the local range.  Elliot hadn’t shot in a long time and was interested in freshening up.  When we finished we stopped by Krispy Kreme to get some donuts to go.  But it was raining out!  The weather forecast didn’t say anything about rain at all!  And I had just washed my car the day before!  I guess the April Fool’s joke was on me!  RATS!  I got home and fed Roxy and Spook, and walked Roxy for a little while.  I napped until 8:30, then got on my computer and started the arduous task of cleaning out some files and organizing them.  I have a lot of documents and I needed to categorize them accordingly so I could find them with ease down the road.  Then I did some auditions.  I noticed that the lights in my kitchen and my Chaney Room were flickering, and the electric interruptions were evident in the signal of the AM radio I was listening to.  I didn’t think that was normal, so I started to worry.  Though it was 2am, I looked up a 24/7 electrician in the Yellow Pages and got him over by 2:45 to look at it.  Though it was expensive, I didn’t want to die in an electrical fire!  When he arrived and opened up my breaker panel I was flabbergasted!  Some of the wires had been cooked!  Some the breakers had a burning smell, and one of the breakers had a wire that just fell out when the electrician’s finger brushed by it.  He said the whole panel was a mess, and was most likely original equipment from when the house was built.  Though it was VERY costly, I had him shore up all the wires, replace all the breakers with all new equipment, and clean and organize my breaker box.  It looked MUCH better, and is MUCH safer!  Whew!  I’ll sleep a lot better knowing that’s fixed.  And no more flickering!  He left  just before 4am.  I was too tired to watch anything before bed, so I just went to sleep.

Thursday the 3rd – NO GO TORINO! – I woke up at noon with Roxy cuddling me.  I hit the computer and checked e-mails, and got ready for my lunch meeting with Troy Thomas, one of the former “Tonight Show” writers.  We covered a lot of stuff.  He’s been looking around for another job and had some fun stories.  We talked about other talkshows…Letterman, Ellen, etc.  We discussed the stories we’ve heard about how Ellen is very difficult to work for.  We also talked about how much longer Letterman could go before calling it quits.  Apparently we were in touch with the universe, because as soon as lunch was over, Troy got a notice on his iPhone that said Letterman had just announced his retirement.  Later when I went to the store I saw a magazine with Ellen on the cover and the headline that read, “Ellen is the Queen of Mean!”  Wow!  Timely!  After lunch I went to Mr. Stitch to pick up my Ant Man patch, which turned out very nice.   Then I went home to try starting up the Gran Torino.  I haven’t driven it in a while, and sometimes it won’t start when it sits for a long period of time.  The alarm tends to drain the battery down if I don’t start it up and charge the battery every so often.  When I got in the car I knew it wouldn’t start.  I had left the cutoff switch in the ON position, which allowed all of the utilities on the car to drain juice.  RATS!  I tried to jump it with the Mustang…no go.  I tried to jump it with the portable battery charger I have…no go.  So, I’ll deal with it later.  I hopped back in my Mustang and went to my mailbox to pick up the new mannequin bust I bought for my Oz Lion figure.  I stopped by my pal Dan Roebuck’s house to get some DVD copies of his new documentary “Doctor Shocker’s Vault of Horror.”  And then it was back home to feed Spooky and Roxy.  My computer guy Sean got on remote with me to look at my computer to try and fix my anti-virus programs.  When we finished that up, I went over to my pal Pete’s house to see his amazing collection of action figures.  We ate dinner at a place called Jersey Mike’s and though I had never been there, I ate a whole GIANT sub myself!  It was REALLY tasty!  With a very full tummy I came back home to nap on the couch, then got up to do auditions, pay bills, reconcile my corporation’s books, comb through my checkbook registers, feed and walk Roxy, then head to bed! What a day! Whew!

Friday the 4th – THE CURSE OF THE PAINFUL PUPPY! – At noon I got up and did some work around the house before the maids arrived at 2 to clean up Planet Wallywood.  Sara came over to sit with the maids while I ran off to Voice Trax West to do another session for US Airways.  I grabbed some spaghetti at the restaurant downstairs from the studio and headed over to CVS to get some photos printed.  I stopped by the car rental agency to reserve my SUV for my upcoming Palm Springs trips, then went home to do more work on my voice-over demos.  I had a bunch of phone calls to make before I got ready to have dinner with another former “Tonight Show” friend.  While we ate at Sammy’s Pizza on the patio, we couldn’t stop staring at a little yellow lab puppy at another table.  He was so cute it was literally painful to look at him.  I couldn’t get enough of him!  What a cutie!  After dinner I came home to relax in the Puppet Room.  I haven’t heard my frog croaking outside my window for several nights now, and I’m kind of thinking that he got washed away with the last big rain we had.  Maybe he relocated to a new place and will have better luck finding a froggie girlfriend there.  When I woke up I was incredibly energetic.  I got busy reorganizing all of the costumes in the Puppet Room closet.  I removed a bunch of old shirts, pants, jackets, jeans, etc. which I’ll have Sara sell on ebay.  Stuff I haven’t worn in years that’s just taking up space.  Some will go to Goodwill, while some of the other, more unique things will go to ebay sales.  I rehung stuff, organized them by color and then turned my attentions to the Chaney Room closet.  There were a lot of things in that closet that needed to go as well.  I did a total overnight purge and it felt great!  But I was starting to develop a nagging toothache in my top left molar.  It has a crown and I had a root canal on it years ago.  But instead of it being a tooth issue (I just had a complete dental exam with x-rays two weeks ago) I was thinking that all of the warm, windy and sometimes rainy weather was playing havoc with my allergies and swelling my sinuses.  When your sinuses expand, it crowds the nerves in and around your teeth.  I finished up my closet work around 5am, then I retired with a sandwich and another episode of “Search.”

Saturday the 5th –  A REAL PAIN IN THE TOOTH! – A TV newsman I used to work with at KELO in Sioux Falls contacted me recently about doing an interview for his podcast.  Steve Hemmingsen has been retired for a few years, and passes the time in his Minnesota home by recording his podcast and interviewing people.  So we did a phone interview at 2 and it was a blast.  It’s always fun talking about the old days.  My effects guy Jim Ojala came over to drop off the freshly painted kid mannequin for the Chaney Room.  This one will be wearing the VERY rare Ben Cooper Barnabas Collins Halloween costume.  I’ll stand him next to my big Barnabas figure for contrast.   Jim also picked up the new mannequin bust so he could start working on the Lion figure.  I cleaned up around the house, then Edi and Sara came over so we could carpool down to Culver City for my friend Shawn Sheridan’s 50th birthday party.   But first we detoured over to George Petrelli Famous Steaks in Culver City for dinner.  I hadn’t been there in years, though I used to be a regular there when I lived in that area.  Omar, my favorite waiter, remembered my order! Amazing!  But my tooth was really starting to act up and eating was no easy chore.  I could also feel sinus pressure, so I was becoming more and more convinced that it was sinusitis.  At the party, the pain was getting even worse, so I went home and took some pain killers.  Overnight it had gotten to the point of excruciating!  I had Sara run out and get my some Anbesol.  I took some Advil in hopes of counteracting the inflammation in my sinuses.  I worked on the computer a little bit, fed Roxy and Spook, walked her, and then came back in to make a salad and watch an episode of “The Saint.”  First thing Monday I’m going to try to get into my Ear Nose and Throat doctor to see what’s what.  I’ve been in e-mail contact with my dentist, and he concurs that it’s most likely sinuses, since my recent exam gave me a clean bill of dental health!  OUCH!

Sunday the 6th – THOSE SINISTER SINUSES! – At 2 in the afternoon I got up and did a phone interview with my ol’ pal Jimmy Falcon for his radio show.  My pal Pete came over to hang out and to meet Tony Mei, an action figure customizer who does fabulous work upgrading certain action figures.  Tony and his girlfriend Crystal have created upgraded costumes for the new Hot Toys Batman and Robin action figures.  Their work is amazing!  We spent all afternoon looking around Planet Wallywood, and talking about action figures and customization.  I gave him some patterns from the original 1966 Batman costume pieces.  I was going to head to evening church, but Tony and Crystal mentioned wanting Italian food. So I took them over to Barone’s for dinner. I had been trying to get there for a week or so, and now’s my chance!  We had a great dinner, and were even joined by my friend Edi and her daughter Ems.  But the tooth pain was getting out of control.  I picked up some Sudafed on the way home in hopes of shrinking my sinuses and relieving the pressure on the nerves in my teeth.  I also used coldpacks on my face to try and constrict the inflamed sinuses.  I laid down for a short nap, but when I got up it was worse than ever. Excruciating doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I took some Aspirin and Advil and laid down again.  I got up around 1:45, did some auditions, and phoned the voicemail of my Ear Nose and Throat doctor to see about getting in to see my doctor first thing in the morning.  I’m 100% positive it’s sinus related now, because the pain is starting to move around my jaw and is no longer focused on one specific tooth like before.  This sucks!

And how was your (OUCH!) week??!!