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February 24 – March 2


Crimefighters of all ages have fun in Planet Wallywood!

As I continue to reeducate myself about the music of William Orbit, I find myself for the third week in a row humming another one of his tunes. This one is called “Black Coffee” and is performed by All Saints under his supervision. Great song! I haven’t been able to keep it out of my head!

Monday the 24th – MOVIN’ MONDAY! – Promptly at 11am I got a hotline call from my agent. YUP!  A hotline call!  I hadn’t gotten one of those since “The Tonight Show” was still in production in Burbank.  It was for an audition that was due at noon.  So I sprang awake and fired up the recording software.  After I finished the audition and sent it in, I took Roxy and our special houseguest Bunny for a walk.  I had been dog sitting Bunny since Saturday for my friend Edi who was away on family business.  It was a beautiful warm day and we all enjoyed being out.  We came back inside and I gave them all treats (yup, even my cat Spooky) and I checked my e-mail.  I called the Post Office (again!) to see if they had found any information about my lost Bose QC-15 headphones.  Come to find out, the gal who had been investigating the case just abruptly moved to North Carolina.  No hand-off of the case to somebody else, no phone call, nothing. And that ladies and gentlemen, is why the USPS is quickly going out of business. What a lame, antiquated “organization.”  So I had to tell the entire story to a new lady who seemed like she couldn’t have cared less.  What’s odd is the parcel shows on the website that it was delivered at 9:40am on Wednesday February 5th.  But my mail NEVER comes until 11am.  So that would mean a special parcel run was done, and a different carrier probably dropped it on my doorstep.  But on that day my log shows that I was up early and out the door to walk Roxy by 10.  So in 20 minutes time that parcel “disappeared” from my doorstep.  I’m starting to really suspect theft INSIDE the post office, personally.  I did some other work around the house and then got ready for another US Airways session at 2.  I went to my auxiliary garage and had to jump my Torino with my little portable battery system.  If I don’t drive the Torino after about three weeks the battery drains for some reason.  But with the little jumper it fired right up and I drove it over to Voice Trax West for the session.  It was a long one, as there were a lot of new prompts for the US Airways phone system.  I came home to meet up with my assistant Sara for a few things, walked Roxy and Bunny again, then headed back to Voice Trax West to meet up with my ol’ pal Dan Roebuck.  He’s working on a DVD bonus documentary for one of his films, and he wanted me to narrate it.  It was a fun session, and he got the tracks he needed.  I came back home to feed and walk the doggies, and Dan stopped by to see the new additions to my collection.  Then my contractor Terry came over with some friends, did a little work, and we all headed to Four N Twenty to grab a bite to eat.  While we were there we saw my pal Edi’s daughter Ems.  She was out eating with the people she was staying with.  Edi was due back tomorrow and I’m sure she’d be glad to see both Ems and Bunny.  We finished up a delicious meal and then I headed back home to do some more work with Terry.  I laid down at 10 to take a brief nap, but told myself not to sleep too long.  I was determined to wake up right at midnight because I had a lot more to do.  Sure enough, I woke up right on time!  Right at midnight!  I worked two hours on auditions, then fed Roxy, Bunny and Spook, finished up Wally’s Week, and then took the doggies for a late night stroll.  I came back inside to make a pizza and watch “The Twilight Zone” on Blu Ray.  But when I went to bed to sleep, I was feeling bloated, and with a sour stomach.  I didn’t eat THAT much before bed?!

Tuesday the 25th – BAD TWINKIE!? – No, it’s not the name of my new band, it’s something I ate last night.  I hardly ever wake up to my alarm, but today it was blaring at 12:30pm, which meant it had been going off for some time.  I have my i-Pod set as my alarm, and when it comes on it fades in softly.  It gets louder and louder until you wake up and turn it off.  The fact that it was blaring told me that my body did NOT want to get up!  I would find out why later that day.  I got Bunny and put her in the Torino (she was a little nervous) and went over to Paty’s in Toluca Lake to meet Edi for lunch.  Edi hadn’t seen Bunny in almost two weeks and she was glad to see her.  Bunny, however, wasn’t so glad to see Edi. In typical dog fashion, she ignored Edi at first.  Even coming over to lay down by me while we ate!  Bunny was MAD at Edi for leaving her!  Edi had a burger and I had soup on the patio.  Then I sped over to Jerry’s Famous Deli to have ANOTHER bowl of soup with my pal Kevin Castro, a former editor on “TTS.”  Kevin’s helping me redo my sizzle reel for “Uncle Davver’s Really Scary Movie Show” and we wanted to toss around ideas.  I gave him all of my original videotapes that we shot the show on.  We had also planned on going out and doing some fun things around town after lunch, but as the lunch went on my legs started to ache.  So did my back. I felt like I was getting the flu, and it was coming on fast.   Maybe it wasn’t a bad Twinkie after all that was giving me my tummy ache from the previous night.  I told him we would go run around town another time, and I was going home to hit the hay.  I checked the Twinkies in my pantry and sure enough, they had expired November of 2013.  Maybe Twinkies really DO go bad.  The sour, bloated feeling in my stomach was gone, but I definitely wasn’t feeling right.  But would a bad Twinkie do all this?  I took a prescription painkiller and went into the Jacuzzi to soak. The hot water felt really good on my aching back and legs.  When I came inside and got ready for bed, my skin started to hurt. I know it sounds weird, but my skin physically hurt.  The painkiller started to kick in.  I’m pretty much a lightweight when it comes to stuff like that, so when it kicks in, it REALLY kicks in!  My head was spinning but I was too mellow to care. Between that and the Jacuzzi though, I was already feeling better.  But now I felt a headache coming on. Yikes!  The symptoms were parading through my body in rapid succession!  I hope that means I’ll be better sooner than later.  If it is a germ, or bacteria or virus, my daily dose of colloidal silver usually knocks the majority of it out handily, leaving me with minimized symptoms, and an abbreviated period of illness.  I hit the hay and decided to sleep as long as I could.  I put the heating pad on my tummy, and curl up to sleep.  I didn’t get up until midnight!  That pill really knocked me out!  I probably would have slept longer but Spook started walking all over me pestering me for a snack.  I fed and walked Roxy, then came back inside to make a light dinner and watch “The Twilight Zone.”  Not sure what I’ve contracted, but my legs and back are still achy.  And now I’m getting periodic chills.

Wednesday the 26th – WAITIN’ FOR THE WET! – When I got up at noon I felt somewhat better, but still wobbly. And I woke up soaking wet, so hopefully I’ve begun to sweat it out. Thank God I didn’t have any outside sessions scheduled today!  I did a quick one in my home studio, but that went well.  I walked Roxy and went back to bed until 4pm.  Severe rain is expected Thursday through Sunday, so I got up and headed out to get the Torino washed, gassed up and stored away.  When I finished that, I took the Mustang out and got that gassed up too.  I came back home and went back to bed. I didn’t want to push it. But I’m relatively certain it wasn’t a bad Twinkie.  When I got up at midnight it had started raining.  I did some auditions, fed and walked Roxy (briefly) in the rain, and went back inside to work on my music library.   I was going to go out and get some groceries but I just wasn’t feeling it.  So I made a Tombstone pizza and went back to bed to watch more “Twilight Zone” from the second season Blu Ray set.  But I AM feeling better!

Thursday the 27th – OH ROXY! REALLY?! – At 9:30 Roxy was whining at my door to come in.  That means she wants to come up on the bed and cuddle for a while.  But when I opened the door I noticed that she had peed on the blanket on the Puppet Room bed!  And I had just taken her out two hours earlier before bed! Since it was fresh I scolded her fiercely.  She won’t be forgetting that one for a long time!  I’ve had trouble with her peeing on the bath mat that she lays on sometimes, so I’ve had to bar her from entering the bathroom area.  And I think she was lying on the bed when she peed on the blanket.  Now the material the bathmat and the blanket are made of is very similar. It’s that really super soft, fleecy type of material.  I don’t know if she doesn’t like that kind of material or what?  When she lies on the bathroom floor WITHOUT the bath mat she’s fine.  After getting her nose rubbed in it, and getting a spanking I took her outside to pee. But of course, she couldn’t.  So I brought her back inside and gave her a time out in my garage. She was fully aware of what she did.  Hopefully that’s the last of it. I folded up the blanket and put it down in the garage to take to the cleaners.  I went back to bed and slept until noon.  When I got up I took her out again and ran into Sara who was walking my neighbor’s dog.  I had Sara run the blanket to the cleaners, then I hit the hay again to try and finish beating the bug I had.  I was feeling MUCH better though!  At 7:30 I met my pal David Elkouby for dinner.  He’s the producer of the Hollywood Collector Show, and he’s doing a private signing with Dick Van Dyke and Tim Curry. So I brought him a few things from my collection to have signed.  After dinner I stopped to get some groceries.  It felt good to be out and about again!  I’m feeling MUCH better, and I’m going to try skipping the painkillers tonight before bed.  My legs and back weren’t hurting as much as they had been.  I made some soup and a sandwich and watched a few really good “Twilight Zone” episodes.  I opened up the windows and went to sleep to the sound of heavy rain.

Friday the 28th – HEAVENLY FRIDAY! – My pal Jim Ojala came over at noon to pick up a new mannequin bust I bought.  This bust will be the Tin Man in my new “Oz” set.  Luckily the heavy rain had ceased for a bit, so I took Roxy out for a walk before it came back.  I had nothing going on the rest of the afternoon (almost as if fate knew I would be sick these days and cleared my schedule for me!) so I got Roxy and Spook on the bed and we listened to some music on the i-Pod while it rained outside. It was an absolutely heavenly afternoon!  I drifted in and out of sleep, listening to great music, smelling the rain coming in through the windows, hearing my rooftop getting pelted with the heavy drops of water, and watching the birds dart to and fro in the storm.  I got up around 6 and fed Roxy and Spook.  The rain had let up for a short time.  I showered up and went to pick up my friend Brittney Powell for dinner at DuPar’s.  I always like to have a certain combination of comfort foods on rainy days.  A grilled cheese sandwich, chicken noodle soup, fries, and a side of ham.  We got a table right by the window so we could watch the wet street in front of the restaurant.   After I dropped Brittney off back home I came back home for another nap.  When I got up at 1am I fed Roxy and walked her.  There wasn’t any rain falling and it was beautiful!  Everything was wet and smelled really good!  We walked down to the bridge over the L.A. wash and I watched the huge river of water rush by.  We got back inside just in time, as the heavy rain returned for a bit.  I made dinner and hit the hay to watch more “Twilight Zone” episodes on Blu Ray.  One was called “The Rip Van Winkle Caper.”  As it began to unfold, I remembered hearing about this story from my dad when I was a kid.  When we would take family trips to visit Grandpa and Grandma, sometimes we would take the long drive home at night.  By the light of the dashboard Dad would tell me “Twilight Zone” stories to pass the time.  The way he told the story’s plot, cold and flat with no embellishment, made it extra chilling! I’ll never forget hearing dad tell those stories!  As I continue to make it through the “Twilight Zone” set, I may come across more episodes that I remember hearing dad talk about on those long night-time car rides!

Saturday the 1st – A HOG, A PIG AND TWO VOYAGES! – I walked Roxy when I got up at noon and was happy to see that the rain had ceased again.  I got ready to meet up with my pals James and Officer Mark so we could take a drive over to get some good Bar-B-Q at Dr. Hogly Wogly in Van Nuys.  When we got there I noticed that, across the parking lot from the Dr. Hogly Wogly sign, there was a billboard promoting the new Muppet movie featuring Miss Piggy!  Coincidence, or some ad guy’s idea of a funny twist!?  I wanted Mark to try and get a shot of both signs in the same photo, but it had started to rain again, and we weren’t able to get the right angle for the picture without endangering our lives on the busy street.  After lunch we went over to Target Range to do some shooting.  It was packed!  Sid Flynn, the guy who initially trained me in handgun operation and safety, was there! I hadn’t seen Sid in a long time.  Because the Target Range isn’t as close to my house as Firing Line, I haven’t been in as much.  It was good catching up. While the rain poured outside, James, Officer Mark and I were in firing away.  I got to try out my new Sig Sauer P238, and also shot my .357 Taurus.  It’s so accurate it’s scary!  We headed out and when I got home I showered off all the GSR and napped for a few hours.  Sara came over at 7 to start cleaning up for movie night.  We watched two great movies on Blu Ray… “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” from 1961, and “Fantastic Voyage” from 1966. Both looked gorgeous and were fabulous!  When everyone left I did some work, chatted on the phone with friends, fed and walked Roxy, then enjoyed another Saturday Night Saint and Salad Night…a giant salad and another episode of “The Saint” on DVD.

Sunday the 2nd – PLANET WALLYWOOD TOUR! – My pal Pete works on the new “Hawaii Five-O” and is a huge ’66 Batman fan.  He’s the one who helped me get not one, but TWO voice-over jobs on the new “Five-O.”  Pete brought his editor friend John over to Planet Wallywood to take a tour.  Pete hasn’t been over in quite awhile, so there were lots of new things to see.  We started the tour at 1, but didn’t end until 4.  We were talked out!  It was a great time…LOTS of fun!  We started scheming on ways to get us both to Hawaii for a “Hawaii Five-O” episode!  When they left I was bushed, so I walked Roxy and hit the hay and slept from 5:30 until 9:30.  Though I was feeling better, I still didn’t want to push it.  It was still overcast and misty out, so it was great sleeping weather.  I picked up Sara and took her to the Coral Café for dinner.  We stopped to get some groceries, and then I spent the rest of the evening working on auditions.  I checked e-mails, looked in on the news and hit the hay early so I could be up in time for two sessions on Monday.

And how was YOUR week??!!


James and I get ready to head on in for some tasty Bar-B-Q! (NO, I know what you’re thinking! We did NOT go to La Perla Gentlemen’s Club!)