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April 29 – May 5 (2013)


When I went to Studiopolis last Friday morning to record some lines for a new Marvel videogame, I looked in the master binder to find my scripts and just look at the names on the tabs! The legendary STAN LEE is among them! Just think! Me! In the same grouping as Stan “The Man” Lee! The mind boggles! I LOVE this business!

This week it’s another great Coldplay song that I can’t get out of my head…“Speed of Sound!”


Monday the 29th – BEAUTIFUL, BIKING, & BEN! – I slept late and then got up to walk Roxy. It was a stunning day, and I was thinking it was a perfect day for biking to work. First I met my pal Edi and her daughter Ems at Paty’s for a bite to eat on the patio. At one point, Ems spilled her Dr. Pepper all over the table, but I managed to leap out of the way of the oncoming sticky liquid just in the nick of time! I laughed and said, “Wow! I still move pretty good for an old guy!” I managed to make it into “The Tonight Show” a few minutes before my call-time, and good thing too. They needed me to record a few comedy bits before we taped the show. Today we had two diametrically opposed guests…Sir Ben Kinglsey (who was fabulous in his first appearance EVER on the show!), and Larry the Cable Guy, who was fall-down funny! He had some great new lines! The genius was having them on together, as the contrast was amazing. I biked back home, walked Roxy and then enjoyed some veggies from my veggie tray. I took a swim in the pool and a dip in the Jacuzzi. VERY nice! I switched cars from my Gran Torino back to my Mustang, and went over to the grocery store to pick up some supplies. I came home and put the groceries away, and then Sara came over to watch an episode of “The Bionic Woman” from the third season DVD set. It was the “Max the Bionic Dog” spin-off attempt episode. Too bad a Max series didn’t happen.

Tuesday the 30th – REGENIX, ROXY AND RAE! –I got up early and headed over to Cedars-Sinai for another appointment at Regenix. I was kind of dragging because it was an overcast day…it really zapped my energy! Afterwards I picked up a sandwich at Subway and went to Studiopolis Studio A to record some voice tracks for a new super-secret videogame! It’s a character I’ve done before, and I think this is one of the sequels. My friend Rae came in to watch the session so she could get an idea how voice-over sessions are conducted. It was a fun session that consisted mostly of sounds and vocal effects, and very few words. This is so the animators can have a library of sounds for the character in case they want to animate in certain looks or facial expressions to help convey a feeling. I finished the session then went home to walk Roxy before heading in to NBC. Cher was on the show with her mom, and they were fantastic. I was in the hallway at the end of the show, and Cher looked right at me! COOL! I stopped by my mailbox to get some mail, then went home to clean up around the house, do some work, and then grab a quick nap on the couch. When I got up I did a few auditions and then watched another episode of “The Bionic Woman.”

Wednesday the 1st – OF ALL THE CHEAP TRICKS! – I got up early and headed over to Technicolor in Burbank to work on another Final Fantasy project. I put in a few hours on that, and then got an urgent call to be at “TTS” to record some comedy bits for the show. I finished the bits and then hung around. Today’s guest band was Cheap Trick! I had seen them (and met them) back in 1980 when I was working at KELO-AM in Sioux Falls. I’ve always liked them, and though I hardly ever come out of my little audio room at the studio, I went into the audience to watch Cheap Trick perform! They did “Surrender” and the crowd was on their feet! Fabulous! I came home to walk Roxy and I met my neighbor Susan’s new little doggie named Scout. She’s a real lover, and though she was a little nervous about Roxy at first, she warmed up to her pretty quickly. She’s a cute little thing! I did some work around the house, sent off some e-mails, and got a call from Sara that she was hungry. I myself was craving hamburgers, so off we went to The Counter. But they were having an off-night again. They kept screwing up our orders. My cheese fries came to the table as chili cheese fries. Sara’s burger had the wrong cheese on it. This is the second time we’ve gotten mediocre service. I came home to put some laundry away and wash some more clothes. I had a ton of auditions to do. By the time I was done I was ready for bed!

Thursday the 2nd – HOT DAY! – Roxy woke me up at 9 to go outside, so after a quick walk I came inside and turned on the A/C and went back to bed. It was starting to really heat up! I got a hotline call just before 1 to record a bit for “TTS” in my home studio. So I sent it in and decided to start the day. I scanned some checks and readied a deposit for my bank, and then headed to NBC. I got some Taco Bell on the way. After the show wrapped, I went to the bank and made the deposit, then went home to meet up with Edi so she could give her dog Bunny a bath in my kitchen sink. (Bunny’s REALLY little!) But while Bunny was still wet, Edi had to run off to get her daughter Ems at the Equestrian Center. She said she’d be back to dry Bunny off with my blow dryer. So I laid down on the couch to grab a quick nap. Edi and Ems returned to finish the job, but I was passed out on the couch. The heat had really drained my energy. My pal Brittney came over later so we could go out to Jerry’s Famous Deli and get a late dinner. I came back and did some auditions, then hit the hay for the night.

Friday the 3rd – FRIDAY, FINALLY FRIDAY! – I got up early and headed to Studiopolis Burbank to work on a new Marvel game. Director Jamie Simone was there directing the session, and he directed all of the “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” sessions. I had recently found a really cool M.O.D.O.K. cup on-line and bought several of them. I took one of them into Jamie as a gift, and he opened it up right away and poured some coffee in it! After the session I found out about an estate sale that would be going on Saturday and Sunday. After Bob Hope’s wife Delores passed away a year or so ago, the family gathered up some of their belongings and decided to have an estate sale, with the proceeds going to Bob and Delores’ favorite church. I made a point to get to that sale first thing Saturday morning! After the Marvel session I sped off to Wendy’s to get some lunch, then went to Target to get a bunch of supplies. Not the least of which were three new foldable chairs for movie night. I used to have four but one broke awhile back, and the remaining ones aren’t looking too much longer for the world. Plus Paul Michael Glaser was coming over for my Saturday night movie night to provide commentary for his film “The Running Man,” so I knew I’d need some extra seats as I was expecting a lot of guests. I got to work a half hour early, so my pal Billy in props took me over to Special Effects to have a frame cut to size. I needed to display two photos with my new David Soul “Hutch” jacket, and the frame needed to be a specific size to accommodate the photos. Then I headed over to tape the show. Chris Evans was the guest today. Cool! Captain America himself! We wrapped the show for the week and I came home to make some calls. I went outside to enjoy a nice swim and a dip in the Jacuzzi. As I did the backstroke I looked up into the sky and enjoyed seeing lots of stars popping out. The Jacuzzi had relaxed me immensely so I went inside to grab a short nap. Later my friend Edi came over and we went to grab a late dinner at DuPar’s. I had pancakes! YUM! I went home and got ready to turn in for the night.

Saturday the 4th – MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! –I got up at 10 and got ready to go to the Bob Hope estate sale. But even though the sale had only been open a few hours, most everything was already picked over. Plus, the line to purchase stuff was wrapped around the inside of the building. Most likely an hour’s wait! I didn’t want to wait, plus I had to meet up with my contractor Electric Bob to go looking for a new bath tub! My tub in the master bathroom has a bad crack in it, and it needs to be replaced. I think while we’re at it I’m also going to replace the toilet. We checked out a few stores and got an idea of what’s out there, and then we came back to my house and looked up tubs on-line. I think I’m going to get a nice, wide Jacuzzi tub so I can enjoy some occasional hydro-therapy. As I browsed the websites, I turned on my i-Tunes to listen to some music. Last week’s “What’s Wally Humming” song-of-the-week came on. “In My Dreams” by James Morrison. I was enjoying looking at all the fancy tubs and trying to pick which one was best for me. Between the song talking about “in my dreams” and trying to pick out a luxurious tub, I started to get a little emotional. I flashed back to life in South Dakota in my early 20’s when I was so poor I didn’t have money for food or rent…dreaming of living life in Los Angeles. And now here I was…in my cool house…in Los Angeles…picking out a luxurious bath tub. My eyes grew misty as an overwhelming feeling of deep thankfulness swept over me. Dreams CAN come true! I bid Electric Bob farewell and then napped for awhile to rest up for movie night. But a screaming kid in the swimming pool shattered my rest. Why do parents just let their kids scream relentlessly in the pool? Don’t they realize people live there?! Their inconsideration makes me nuts. I got up and walked Roxy. While we were walking down the street she was so focused on watching two dogs on the other side that she walked right into a signpost! THUNK! Her ample nose batted up against the post and it sounded painful! She shook it off and kept walking. She needs to start paying attention to her walks I guess. Poor kid. I felt bad but it was kind of funny. I got cleaned up for movie night, and a ton of guests arrived to hang out with Paul Michael Glaser while he told stories about directing Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Running Man.” It was a perfect pre-birthday get-together. While I was talking to Paul after the movie in the living room, James ran up to me and said there was an emergency in the kitchen, and I needed to get up there right away. I thought, “Oh no! Did Roxy poop on the floor or something?” But when I got up there they yelled, “SURPRISE!” My pals Mark and James had brought two cakes over to surprise me. I sure didn’t expect that, because I hadn’t mentioned ANYTHING about my birthday in the e-mailed invites I sent out a few days in advance. I wonder how they knew??!! Paul came up to the Chaney Room to sign my “Wally’s Wall of Fame” while he was eating a slice of cake. I’ll never forget the visual of Paul holding a plate of birthday cake while singing my wall. FUN! When everyone left I sat down and worked on my Palm Springs playlist on my i-Tunes. I have about 15 hours of specific music I’ve selected for my starwatching time on the patio of the Hyatt Regency Suites. But my upcoming trip will have me there for four nights instead of the usual three. And if I stargaze four or five hours every night, I would need about 20 hours of music! So I added some tunes on to the list so I would have adequate mood music for my relaxation periods under the stars. And since it was Saturday night, I would be watching “The Saint” for TV Time before bed. But it was a two-parter called “Vendetta For The Saint.” So I made a giant salad, got Roxy and Spook on the bed, and we watched the show. There’s nothing like “Saturday Night Saint!”

Sunday the 5th – RAIN RULES! – I got up at 2 to walk Roxy, and then headed back to bed. I got up in time for evening church with Roxy. It was cloudy out and considerably cooler than it had been the past few days. While I was at church, my pal Edi, her daughter Ems and son Josh met me there. My pal Chris showed up as well. Surprisingly, my friend Reverend Dr. Marilyn Fiddmont was in town from Houston, Texas. So I asked her to go to dinner with us at Barone’s. I dropped Roxy home and we caravanned over to Barone’s. My friend Amanda joined us as well. It was a great pre-birthday dinner, and it’s always fun to hang with Rev. Dr. Marilyn! I got home and hit the Jacuzzi, but the water was about 15 degrees too cool. Nothing like trying to jacuzz in tepid water. I took a short nap and then did some auditions. It had started spritzing outside, and it was expected that rain would be with us for the next three days! I fed Roxy and took her on our late-night walk. It was misting lightly, but strangely enough the minute we got up to the door to go inside, the sky opened up and it started pouring! Good timing! I was going to watch “Bionic Woman,” but I decided I’d rather just hit the hay as it was getting close to sunrise on Monday morning.

And how was YOUR week??!!


Like it never was there! As promised, I’m showing you the before and after shots from the removal of my skin tag from the area around my left eye. Dr. Patt is the greatest!

When Roxy sleeps, not only does she grin, but her tongue hangs out the side of her mouth. Too cute!