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February 25 – March 3 (2013)


This week’s Random Pic of the Week is actually SEVERAL pics…all strung together in a funny animation I found on-line recently. Watching this dog’s happy tail thunk on the poor kitty’s head (as the cat looks completely aggravated) is more than my poor funnybone can handle. Aaahhhh, nature!

I had just ridden my bicycle to Paty’s in Toluca Lake to get lunch, on the way to work at “The Tonight Show.” Paty’s likes to play a lot of 70’s and 80’s music in the restaurant.“Urgent” came on from Foreigner and I had forgotten how cool this song is. But just as I had placed my order for a Southwest Chicken Salad, I got a call from “TTS” asking me to get there as soon as I could to record a bit before we taped the show. I threw down my salad as quickly as I could, and as I was riding my bike as fast as my little legs would take me to NBC, I kept humming this song. I think it gave me super powers, because I got there in record time! “Urgent, urgent, urgent, urgent. Emergency!”

Monday the 25th – MONDAY MOTORIN’ AND “MANNIX!” – Late in the morning I headed to Elm Silverlake Studio in Silverlake to do some more radio commercials for Canada’s “Underwear Affair.” It’s a 5k walk and 10k run benefitting the fight against “below-the-waist” cancers. It’s about the fifth year in a row I’ve done their spots. They’re great people. Then I drove into Hollywood to get some lunch at Arby’s. I got home and walked Roxy, then headed off to NBC to do a comedy bit before the show. I finished the bit and then hung out visiting with the staff. I got a chance to talk to Jay in the hallway about a show we both love from the 60’s called “Mannix.” Jay had mentioned “Mannix” twice in two weeks on the show, and he said he was watching the first season on DVD. I’ve just completed watching the sixth season and am about to start the seventh season soon. Maybe I should loan him my DVDs when I’m done with them!? The more I know about Jay, the more I recognize similarities between us. We both eat the same kinds of food, have similar philosophies on life, love our work, and seem to like the same kinds of TV shows. I guess it’s because we’re both Taururses. We taped the show and I headed home. But first I stopped by McDonald’s for a snack. I got home, took a dip in the Jacuzzi, then took a nap on the couch. After I awoke later in the evening, I put the top down on my Mustang, popped my bicycle in the back, and headed to the Ford dealer. I was going to drop it off for service so it could get looked at first thing in the morning. They have something called “Early Bird Service.” I couldn’t find a ride home from the Ford dealer, so I figured I’d just ride my bike home. Easy right? It was, except it was REALLY cold! It was about 1:15am when I biked home, and even though I had three layers on, I could still feel the cold on my chest and arms! I just kept plowing ahead, knowing that I’d be home and warm soon enough. Once I got home I thawed out and did seven auditions. Then I fed and walked Roxy and made some dinner. Just before bed I watched a few more episodes of “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” on DVD.

Tuesday the 26th – A WELL-TIMED POP TART! – I got a hotline call to record a bit for “TTS” in my home studio, so I got up and did the bit and sent her in! I took Roxy for a walk and it was a beautiful day! I decided that if “TTS” called me in early I’d take the Torino. And if not I’d ride my bike. Well, they didn’t call me in early, so I pumped up my tires to 60psi, packed my messenger bag with all the essentials I’d need for the trip, got a bottle of water and hit the road. What a stunning day! I stopped off at Paty’s on the way to NBC. Paty’s is a little diner in Toluca Lake that I frequent, and I’m in love with their Southwest chicken salad. Fried chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, and cheddar cheese. It normally comes with onions and avocado, but being a fan of neither I have those left off. Along with a delicious iced tea it’s a sumptuous lunch! I finished up and hit the road again. Just as I was pulling in I heard my cell phone ringing in my bag. I ignored it, because stopping on your bicycle to answer a cellphone call could be dangerous. I got into the studio and found out that they had decided at the last minute to tape 15 minutes earlier than usual. Strangely enough, I had arrived exactly 15 minutes earlier than my usual call time at 3:30! What are the odds! Good thing I didn’t hang around at Paty’s for another glass of iced tea! Toward the end of the show my sweet tooth was screaming, so I went to the vending machine and got myself a Pop Tart. Good thing too. Because on my way back to the audio booth the great, legendary, amazing Boz Scaggs walked right by me! He’s awesome! “Silk Degrees” is one of my favorite albums of all time! I didn’t say anything to him, but he looks and sounds exactly like he did back in the 70’s! Talk about a well-timed Pop Tart break! Since we wrapped up 15 minutes earlier than usual, that meant I would have an extra 15 minutes of sunshine for the bike ride home. I got a call from Ford saying that they needed to keep my Mustang in one more day to do an alignment. One of the problems I had was a squeaky steering wheel. I figured it was because of the cold snap we had recently, but it still was squeaking when the weather warmed up. Come to find out there was a worn ball joint on the end of my front tie rod, and that caused the squeaking. There was also a leak in my rear shock absorber, so they fixed that too. I have a tiny transmission fluid leak, but they’ll need the car for another two days to repair that. That requires removal of the entire transmission. EEK! I think I’ll wait until I’m on hiatus next week to have that done. I got home and took a dip in the Jacuzzi. As I sat there, the duck couple who visits our pool for a month or so this time every year, were in the pool next to me. They’re no longer afraid of me being in the Jacuzzi next to them. So we both just chill out and leave each other alone. They respond to my quacking sound, because they know that there’s usually a treat to follow. Some peanuts or pieces of bread. I came inside, turned on the Tranquility channel on the satellite, lit the fireplace, and the pets and I took a nap for a while. When I got up later I did 5 auditions in my home studio and e-mailed them to my agents. I fed Roxy and took her for our late-night walk. At this point it was about 3am, and I needed to go to my auxiliary garage and get my Torino so it would be ready for the next day’s activities. I was afraid starting it up would be too loud for the neighbors, but what could I do? I drove it over to Jack-In-The-Box to get some food, then came home and watched 3 more episodes of “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”

Wednesday the 27th – A CREAK IN THE PIPES! – I was up at noon, did some work around the house, hopped in the Gran Torino and drove to Technicolor in Burbank for a session for “Final Fantasy.” It was a short session (only an hour) but there was some intense yelling toward the end of it. When we finished I only had 20 minutes to get to “TTS” for my call time. As soon as I got there they had me record a comedy bit, and I could feel some creakiness in my voice. The yelling in the previous session had affected me somewhat. EEK! I soldiered through the opening of the show, then sat back and rested the pipes for the remainder of the taping. When we finished I drove to Ford in my Gran Torino (you should’ve seen the looks on their faces!) to pay for my Mustang. I couldn’t pick it up yet because I needed to arrange for a ride over there. But I figured if I paid for it now, they could leave it locked up in their parking lot, and I could come get it at my convenience. I got home and napped on the couch for a bit, until my friend Edi came to pick me up to take me to Ford. I got my Mustang, drove to Taco Bell for some late dinner, and then came home to take a dip in the Jacuzzi. I did a little work later that night, including creating my niece Julia’s “Flat Stanley.” I had done one about a year ago for my cousin’s daughter, and it was very elaborate. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make this one too elaborate because I was very late in getting it finished and returned to my niece’s school. I’ve always thought that the child creates the Flat Stanley, and then sends it off for an adventure. But this was just a vacant form. Turns out I needed to design it and color it myself! So, I made it look like me! I started thinking about some of the things I could do with it over the next week or so. I did a few auditions, then headed to bed to be up for an early Old Navy session the next day.

Thursday the 28th – FOUR FANTASTIC FUNNIES! – I got up in the morning and hit the freeway to be in Santa Monica by 11. Lime Studios was the studio where I did another three spots for Old Navy. I play the swingin’ pilot in the current series of commercials that take off on the whole “Airplane” vibe. I started taking pictures of Flat Stanley in the studio, outside in my Mustang, etc. The session was short and sweet, and of course, always a fun time with Jackie, Alex and the gang! In the car on the way home I got a text from my agent that I had FOUR bits for “TTS” to record and get sent back in asap. I got inside, buckled down and turned them around lightning fast! Then I got ready to head in to NBC, put the top down in my Mustang (it was another fantastic day!) and hit the road. We taped the show, and during the monologue 2 of the 4 bits I recorded earlier that day made the cut! Additionally, a bit I had recorded the previous day also made it, so I had a total of 3 bits in the monologue that day! That’s pretty rare, but it’s very cool! I walked over to the world-famous NBC Commissary and got a salad to eat while I watched the taping. When we wrapped I headed home, took a Jacuzzi break, did some work around the house, and grabbed a nap on the couch. Later I got up to do a ton of auditions. When I took Roxy for our late-night walk, I saw the ducks swimming around in the Jacuzzi! I don’t mind them in the pool, because it’s not heated and nobody swims in it anyway, but I definitely didn’t want them in the Jacuzzi! So I opened the gate and started walking toward them. They saw me approach and hastily swam to the edge and hopped out and got back into the pool. They were like a couple of mischievous kids who got caught trying to break into mom and dad’s liquor cabinet. I think they learned that the Jacuzzi is off-limits to them. I turned in, watched 3 episodes of “Avengers: EMH” and slept.

Friday the 1st – ALL THE BEAUTY AT BOB’S! – I slept ‘til noon, and got up to wait for the maids to arrive. My assistant Sara came by to sit with the maids while they worked, as I had to speed off to “TTS.” Not only do we tape an hour early on Fridays, but I wanted to bike again and stop at Paty’s for a salad. It was 80 degrees! Beautiful! But I had just placed my order for my Southwest Chicken Salad when I got a call from “TTS” asking how soon I could make it in. I needed to do a one-line revision on a comedy bit that was airing that night! So I scarfed down my salad, got on the bike and pedaled just as fast as my legs could take me over to the studio. I actually made it five minutes before my call-time, did the line and it all worked our great. It was the final tape day before a week-long hiatus, and everyone was in a great mood. After the bit I did the voice stuff for played in the taping, it was decided during the show to change it again before it aired on TV. So after the taping I stayed around to do another line in the bit that they could plug in. I wished everybody a great hiatus, then hopped back on my bike and started for home. What a perfect day! The kind of day where the Vitamin D from the sun, mixes with the endorphins in your body from exercising, and makes you feel thankful, privileged and invincible! I suggest it for anyone who may be feeling down in the dumps. This will pick you right up! I realized that it was Hot Rod Day at Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake! When I’m on the bike, or driving the Torino, I always like to swing on through the parking lot and see the amazing vehicles. Since it was warm the sexy girls were wearing their summer outfits. Along with the shine and colorful paintjobs on the vintage vehicles, my eyes were constantly being dazzled with beauty. Throw in a few gorgeous dogs (I saw a Husky that was amazing!) and the perfect day, and I was being overwhelmed with beauty everywhere I turned. One guy had a red and white 1965 Mustang for sale for $15.5. Hmmmm…..where would I keep it though? But the color would complement my Torino perfectly! The frozen yogurt place by my house just recently remodeled and had a grand reopening, so I figured I would stop by and see what their flavors were today. After all, I scooted out so quickly after lunch I didn’t get dessert! They had Very Berry Strawberry, one of my favorites. Yes indeed…it was good to be alive! What a day! I got home and fed my cat Spooky, and walked Roxy around the ‘hood for a little while. Then it was Jacuzzi time, and nap time on the couch. Later that night my pal Brittney Powell was one her way home from a concert, so she decided to stop by and say hi. The rest of the evening I did work around the house, filed tax receipts, downloaded my pictures of Flat Stanley, and did a little work on the presentation for my niece. I made some dinner and watched the final three episodes of “Avengers: EMH.” What a great series! Top quality! I am proud and honored to have been a part of it.

Saturday the 2nd – IT’S FUN BEING A GROWN-UP KID! – I didn’t wake up until mid-afternoon, because I was up so late. I actually didn’t get to bed until 8 Saturday morning! I don’t sleep well in full 8 hour blocks. I found it’s better for my constitution if I sleep in shifts. 3 hours here, 4 hours here, etc. I walked Roxy over to Rusty’s to get a much-needed bath, and then I showered up and drove to Staples to buy a new label-maker (the one I’ve had for 15 years just died), and a file box for my Planet Wallywood, Inc. receipts. I’m going to need to keep all my receipts separate, now that I have a corporation. There will be Wally receipts, and PW, Inc. receipts. Sara and I ate at Togo’s, and had ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. Why? Because Togo’s and BR are in the same restaurant! Neat! I got some groceries, and then we headed home to unload them. Sara put the groceries away while I walked down to Rusty’s to get Roxy. I chatted with Terry, the owner of Rusty’s for a little bit. Then on my way home I talked my neighbor Matt, who has a lovely Golden Retriever named Ruby. Ruby has that kind of face where she always looks blissfully happy, no matter what’s going on. I had a few minute to take a dip in the Jacuzzi, and then my guests started to arrive for movie night. We watched the second episode of Dick Van Dyke’s 70’s era variety show “Van Dyke and Company.” It was the first prime-time exposure to an up and coming comic named Andy Kaufman! I remember seeing this episode as a kid, as I was intrigued by the Fonzie Look-Alike contest they were having. Of course the contest was a gag, and a good way to introduce the world to Andy Kaufman. When this show aired in 1976, I was obsessed with Fonzie. I had a black vinyl jacket I thought was cool, and I walked around saying “AAAAAYYY” all the time. (Didn’t everyone back then?) So when I heard that there was a Fonzie Look-Alike contest on this show, I couldn’t resist. So actually my love of The Fonz, was directly responsible for my exposure to Andy Kaufman. Ain’t it funny how these things work? Then we watched “Casino Royale,” the next 007 film in our James Bond series. It’s a very good film, and I enjoyed watching it again immensely. But we only have two more to go before we’ve watched the entire series! All 22 films! After movie night was over, I decided to give my pal Scott Sebring temporary custody of my original Donny Osmond jumpsuit. I’ve had it for awhile on display in the Chaney Room, but it seemed out of place with the rest of the figures in there. So in order to make room for a different figure, I handed it off to Scott who’s been an Osmond fan since he was a kid. The mannequin the costume was on was suited for my Robin costume, so after my movie night guests left, I spent a part of the evening redressing the mannequin in my Robin costume. It fits VERY well! James Tooley, a film-maker who is also the son-in-law of Adam West, had contacted me earlier in the day to see about obtaining copies of some rare Adam appearances on talk shows. Luckily I had copies of them on VHS in my collection. I guess being the unofficial Adam West documentarian and historian for all those years actually paid off! I was glad I could help. He arranged to come pick them up Sunday morning, so he could include clips from them in the Adam West documentary he’s making. For his convenience, I spent a few hours going through the old VHS tapes and dubbing them to DVD. I figured it he was under the gun time wise, it would help him considerably if I removed one of the steps he would have to take. I finished them and set them outside for him to pick up, seeing as how I most likely would not be up early on a Sunday morning! It was time to turn in, so I made some dinner and watched a two part season premiere from the “Kojak: Season 3” DVD boxed set! By the time I got to sleep it was 8am Sunday morning. Those old overnight radio DJ hours sure become a hard habit to break!

Sunday the 3rd – A DAY OF FAVORITES! – I got up mid-afternoon, had some Quisp cereal and went back to bed. I figured I would naturally get up in time for evening church, since I have an excellent body clock. Plus, Spook’s dinner time and the time I need to be up for evening church are very close in proximity, so normally Spook will jump up on the bed and wake me up anyway. But I overslept! When I woke up church had been going on for 10 minutes already! I leapt from my bed, grabbed a quick shower, put Roxy’s leash on and headed out the door. I made it there halfway through the service, but I’m glad I did. I had considered not going. It’s rude enough to arrive in the middle of the service, but to walk in with a big dog is even more disruptive. But the service is a casual service, and everybody is really cool. So I crept in as quietly as I could. A few of the other dogs at the service saw Roxy and barked a little, but nothing too bad. (There were 5 other dogs at the service that night in addition to Roxy!) When the service was over I walked home, and as I was watching the ducks in the pool my pal Amanda walked up. We packed up some guns in my range bag and headed to dinner. I brought along my Smith & Wesson 9mm model 3913, my Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum model 29, and my Kahr .380 compact. Amanda likes the .44, and I hadn’t shot the 9mm in a while, so I figured it was time. My Kahr .380 had been jamming quite badly in past outings, but when I called the manufacturer they said that reloaded rounds that you get at a range (target loads) sometimes are odd-sized. And because of the Kahr’s compact size, it may have difficulty with those types of bullets. They suggested using factory loads, as they’re more consistently sized. The Kahr company couldn’t suggest a specific brand, although they said they use American Eagle in their factory. So I bought a box to try them out. If it jammed it would mean that there was something wrong with the gun and I would have to send it back or have it replaced (a huge hassle), and if it shot fine, then it was simply a problem with ammunition. Easily rectifiable! After dinner at The Coral Café, we headed to the Firing Line shooting range in Burbank. I shot 50 rounds through the Kahr without a problem! Those rounds went through the gun like a hot knife through butter! Awesome! Problem solved! Amanda loves the .44, and though I hadn’t shot well with the 3913 in the past, I was getting the hang of it this time. That’s why we practice, after all. I got back home later in the evening and did some work around the house, a few auditions, and started in on Wally’s Week. I also took a few more shots of Flat Stanley meeting some celebrity friends…like Spider-Man, Mike and Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.”, Batman, Iron Man, Darth Vader, etc. I’m putting together a little 10 page booklet of photos and I’ll send them off to my niece this week. I hope she gets an “A”!

And how was YOUR week??!!


Bad moon on the rise? One night, a beautiful orange moon rose up over the horizon. Stunning!

Spook was looking particularly cute one night,
so we did an impromptu photo session

It’s Mr. Catastic from the Catastic Four! STREEEEEEEETCH!

Here’s a quick video of the duck couple enjoying the afternoon. How peaceful!