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November 26 – December 2 (2012)


After my parents’ recent visit to L.A., they sent me a CD of the photos they took on their trip. On the disc was a shot of Roxy and I hanging out on my leopard print bean bag chair. It looked familiar to me. So I dug through the photo file I have of my late doggie Sassie…and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Virtually the same exact picture was taken by my parents years ago, with the only real difference being the doggies. Strange huh?

One of my most recent Christmas faves is Elvis’ “If Every Day Was Like Christmas.” Though the song’s been around a long time, I only recently discovered it. And it’s GREAT! Enjoy.

Monday the 26th – MANIC MONDAY! – I was up early for another Garfield session. It was one of the last few we’re doing, as we’re about ready to wrap up recording on all the season four episodes. I walked Roxy, checked e-mails and then headed to Buzzy’s Recording in Hollywood to start the session. Our guest stars were the great Laraine Newman and Stan Freberg. After the session I hit the Wendy’s drive-thru for lunch, as is my post-Garfield tradition, then went home to check the mail and walk Roxy again. Then I headed off to pick up my mail at my box, and then get over to NBC for the taping of “The Tonight Show.” In the intro the script said one of the guests was “8 year old actress…”, but during the show the young lady’s reps had informed our producers that she had recently turned 9. So after the show wrapped I went back into the booth and re-recorded a portion of the intro to correct the error. My pal Terry was there at the taping with friends, so I brought them backstage for a quick tour. I rushed home to put the gray wool waistcoat I had just received in the mail on my Stan Laurel mannequin. It looked fabulous and really completed the picture! I fed Spook and walked Roxy, and soon my friend Terry stopped by to check things out. He was in a motorcycle accident recently and broke 4 ribs. He normally works for me doing stuff around the house and making things for Planet Wallywood, but since his accident I haven’t seen much of him. His ribs were still very sore, but he’s anticipating getting back to it soon, so he wanted to take some measurements. After he left, I laid down for some “Christmas Nappies.” That’s my traditional Christmas-season nightly nap on the couch, where I play Christmas music quietly on the satellite, start the fireplace and chill with the pets. Last year it was just Spook and I, but this year Roxy’s included as well. They both like to grab a beanbag chair, settle into it and snooze by the fire. But I woke up at midnight with no music playing. I was wondering what was going on. I noticed that the satellite receiver was turned off. When I turned it back on there was a message that said POWER SAVER mode had shut it off after 4 hours of inactivity. Apparently when you don’t change the channel it thinks you’ve left and shuts itself off. Strangely enough, when I turned it back on I heard the final strains of my favorite Christmas song of all time…”It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams. When I have time I’ve got to figure out how to defeat that Power Saver feature. Sometimes I’ll work around the house and play Christmas music for 8 or 9 hours. I did some auditions and worked around the house, but I had to be up early for another Garfield session the next day, so I hit the hay.

Tuesday the 27th – TIIIIIRRRREEED! – Against my will, I was awakened at 6am by Roxy barking downstairs. Why? I have no idea. So I called her upstairs and we cuddled on the bed for awhile. I tried to get back to sleep (since I had to be up around 8:45) but Roxy was so restless it was difficult to sleep. I got up and got showered and headed back to Buzzy’s for Garfield day 2. I was really tired, plus there was horrible traffic on the way to Hollywood. Something really funny happened on the way to Buzzy’s though. On the sidewalk I saw actor Breckin Meyer getting into his car. Breckin played Jon Arbuckle in the live-action Garfield movie. I wanted to roll down my window and say, “Hey Jon Arbuckle! It’s me! Jon Arbuckle!” But I was too tired. Funny thought though. I got to Buzzy’s 15 minutes late because of a traffic accident on the way. But a few of the other staff got delayed too. It was another fun session. I got released a bit early, so I stopped by Chik Fil A in Hollywood to get some lunch to go. I got home and did some work, then sped off for “TTS.” But by now, my tail was dragging. The early wake up call courtesy of my lovely dog was starting to wear on me. Strangely enough, Liz the director was tired too. Must have been something in the air. I did the opening, then sat down during the taping and checked some e-mails. Then I stretched out on a couple of chairs, put my hat down over my eyes and slept through the remainder of the taping! WOW! I got home and walked Roxy, and then met up with my computer guy Sean to look at a few issues I was having. I took a dip in the jacuzzi, then settled in for some much needed Christmas Nappies. I managed to change the Power Saver setting on my satellite receiver so I didn’t have to worry about the music stopping in the middle of my nap. (As you can tell, I take my napping VERY seriously!) Spook was curled up in one vinyl beanbag, and Roxy was curled up in another. It was SO cute! When I woke up “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was playing. Gee! I’m hearing it a LOT this year! In past years I may hear it three or four times during the month of December, but I’ve already heard it that many times in the first week! Apparently it’s catching on with others! I did some auditions in my home studio and e-mailed them to my agents, did work around the house, fed Roxy and walked her, and then went right to bed. I had to get up early the next morning for a videogame session.

Wednesday the 28th – WARNER WEDNESDAY! – I got up early again, but this time for a videogame session at Warner Brothers studios in Burbank. I can’t tell you what the game is, but the initial footage they showed me looked FANTASTIC! I’ve never seen better imagery and animation in any videogame! It was a bit overcast, as we were expecting rain for the next 5 days. I LOVE IT! I had lunch at the WB commissary with my pal James, who works in Post Production Services. It was a great lunch, but I got a call on my cell to be at “TTS” early to record a comedy bit. They also had a bit for me to record asap in my home studio, so I dashed home to do that. I e-mailed the bit in to NBC, then got in my car and headed over to the studio to do some more stuff. After we finished up I went over to Studiopolis to do some auditions for an anime pilot. Then it was back to NBC to tape the show. Afterwards I came home to enjoy another evening of Christmas Nappies with the pets. I woke up and did some work around the house, and did a ton of work putting new DVDs into my database. They were stacking up so I’m glad I got it done. Then it was off to bed!

Thursday the 29th – MUSICAL GARFIELD! – It was up early again for the fourth day in a row. But this time it was to sing songs for “The Garfield Show.” Last time we were doing a singing session I was having serious voice problems, and it was difficult for me. But the voice was back in full force (Thanks Dr. Grosh!) and it was a blast! In the parking lot I saw my pal Juliet Landau, who was just coming out of the gym in the lower level of the studio. We chatted quickly and I introduced her to Laurent, the songwriter for “The Garfield Show.” We said our goodbyes, and as she was walking away I saw one of the Garfield writers Julien Magnat approaching. I yelled to him, “Julien!” But Juliet stopped and turned back around to look at me. I realized that Julien sounds a lot like Juliet, and she thought I was yelling at her. I laughed (what are the chances?) and apologized for the confusion. As Julien, Laurent and I were walking together, I told Julien who the young lady I was talking to was. When he found out it was Juliet Landau and got excited and said, ” I LOVED her in Buffy! Druscilla!” I wanted to introduce him, but Juliet had already gotten to her car and left. We cranked through four songs in just under three hours. We were rockin’! One particular song was really great. I played an Italian gondolier singing a song about his girlfriend Maria. But halfway through the song he ceases singing in his operatic style, and rips into a screamin’ rock anthem. Then, seamlessly, he goes back into his Italian tenor. Fun!! I stopped by Arby’s to get some food in the drive-thru, and then went home to walk Roxy. The rainy spell had started, as it was very misty. I went to NBC to record “TTS.” After, I went home to meet up with Daniel who makes glass eyes for his company Eyes Only. He brought over a pair of blue eyes for my Stan Laurel mannequin (or my “Stan-nequin) and brown eyes for my Oliver Hardy mannequin. Then my pal Brittney Powell stopped by for a visit. We both needed some jacuzzi time, as our backs were hurting. (Maybe it’s the weather?) I took Christmas Nappies again, then got up to do two auditions. I worked around the house and then hit the hay.

Friday the 30th – FRIDAY AT LAST! – Boy was I glad Friday was here! After the week I had I was REALLY looking forward to the weekend. Plus, it was RAINING! GREAT! Everything was looking so green and fresh! I went to Voicecasters for an audition, then went to Staples to get a 2013 day planner. (That’s right, I STILL write down my appointments in a book with an old-fashioned ink pen!) I went to the bank to get a money order for a collector piece I was buying, and then went to It’s a Wrap to shop. I didn’t find much, but I did find a GREAT pair of black shoes for the Oliver Hardy mannequin. Size 14, so they’ll make his feet look really big, and very retro looking. Very thin shoelaces! Best of all they were only 10 bucks! I’m still looking for a suit for Ollie, but it’s proving difficult. I was told by a lady who runs a vintage store that actual suits from the 30’s and 40’s in the larger sizes are rare. She said back then people were small. Apparently Ollie must’ve had his suits tailored custom. So what I’ll have to do is find a more recent suit with a vintage look. I’m thinking 50R would be a good size. Unlike Stan, Ollie would sometimes wear mismatched outfits…a patterned jacket with black pants. I may have to end up doing that after all to get a suit that will fit his sizable girth. I drove over to NBC and got a salad, then met with Geoff in NBC Photo about acquiring a photo of Andy Kaufman from SNL wearing his first Elvis suit (the one I currently have in my collection). He had me sign the appropriate forms and he promised he’d have some prints for me in the next few weeks. YAY! Merry Christmas to me! I went back to the studio and recorded a quick comedy bit. Then we got ready to tape the show early. My mechanic Bodie was on set taping his new show, so he had his people bring my Gran Torino back after servicing. It was great to have it back after a couple weeks! Plus it had stopped raining for a short period, so it was the perfect opportunity! I stopped over to my chiropractor’s office and got adjusted, then had a nice drive home in the Torino listening to Christmas music by Elvis on the satellite. I got home, walked Roxy, and my effects guy Jim Ojala came by to pick up the Stan-nequin and the glass eyes. I took a dip in the jacuzzi and then grabbed Christmas Nappies. I got up later in the evening, goofed around the house, made dinner and watched another episode of “Charlie’s Angels” from the season five DVD set.

Saturday the 1st – CHRISTMASTIME IS HERE! – I got up mid-afternoon and walked Roxy to to Rusty’s Pets for a bath and grooming. Then I walked back home, relaxed for a bit with some Christmas music, and then walked back to Rusty’s to get Roxy. I worked feverishly around the house to get ready for movie night. Guests arrived later and we enjoyed the next James Bond film in the Blu Ray series. “Moonraker” has always been my least favorite Bond film (I felt it was made for kids) but with our wacky group it was actually pretty fun. Then we watched the John Carpenter classic “They Live,” also on Blu Ray. When everyone left I cleaned up the place, then made a killer salad and settled into bed for another “Charlie’s Angels” episode.

Sunday the 2nd – RESTOCKING! – I slept all day, and it was great! I got up for evening church with Roxy, then met up with my friends Amanda and Emily for dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli. The next rainy period had just started again, and the water was beading up on my Torino as I drove through town. (It’s waxed VERY well!) I came home to do auditions and then I hit the internet to reorder some supplies. It’s strange, but it seems that everything I like suddenly becomes unavailable locally. So I have to order it on-line. Jolly Time popcorn in Mini-Bags, Mentos spearmint gun, and the delicious Diet Rite soda flavors. I ordered up a ton of stuff, plus I found the perfect jacket for Ollie! Once I get the jacket in my possession, I can search for the perfect pair of pants here locally. I also need to see how large Ollie’s waist is going to end up being after Jim finishes padding him out. I made some of my famous summer sausage spaghetti and watched another “Charlie’s Angels” episode.

And how was YOUR week??!!