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October 29 – November 5 (2012)


This is a picture of myself with the great writer Ray Bradbury from a few years ago. It was at a book signing in Glendale, CA. Though the book-signing was a few years back, my friend who took the photo just recently got it to me. Better late than never!

Since we’ve been watching the James Bond series on Blu Ray every Saturday night, the very catchy themes have been buzzing around my head. But one of my all-time favorite Bond themes is “You Only Live Twice” by Nancy Sinatra. Beautiful!

Monday the 29th – DAD, CAN I SHOOT IT NOW? – After spending several days on the go with my mom and dad (who were in town visiting from South Dakota) we all got to sleep in a bit. I took the folks in to NBC as I had gotten an early call to come in and record a comedy bit. When I finished the bit, I took the folks over to the famous NBC commissary for lunch. Then I checked them into the show, they got seated for the taping, and I went to my booth to rehearse the show opening. We finished up the show and I took the folks over to the shooting range in Burbank to try out my new Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum, Model 29. The very first shot I took with it, I hit the target DEAD CENTER! I stopped and showed my folks so they could witness. This gun is ACCURATE! After a few more shots, my dad tried it out. I was still wrestling with my Kahr .380, which was jamming all over the place. Meanwhile my dad was LOVING the .44! My mom even fired it a couple of times, but it was too much for her, so she bowed out. I was shooting my Walther P-1, but it wasn’t shooting very well. Then I realized that the front sight was missing. Apparently, it had fallen off at some point. So it was time for me to shoot the .44 some more, but it was very difficult getting it away from my dad. He was totally digging it! After a fun time at the range, my dad asked me to take them to In ‘N’ Out for hamburgers. We took the food home, ate it, and then they headed upstairs to pack for their early Tuesday morning flight. All in all it was a VERY good trip!

Tuesday the 30th – TORNADO TUESDAY! – Wow! Lots to get done today! First off, I had to be up really early to get the folks to the airport for their flight. Then I gassed up the car, got breakfast at McDonald’s and headed home to grab a shower. Then it was off to Buzzy’s for another Garfield recording session. I had to bail out of the session an hour earlier than normal because we were taping early at “TTS.” We finished the taping, then I headed over to Leet TV Service and Repair in Burbank to pick up my camcorder. Some chip in the camera got old and went haywire, and made my videos look like either a bad acid trip, an Andy Warhol painting, or both. It was worth it to me to have it repaired, as opposed to buying a new camcorder I’d have to learn all over again. I stopped by the Halloween store to see what was happening and they were swamped. I got some Taco Bell, some groceries and headed home. While I was on my computer it totally froze and a screen came up that wanted me to pay $200 to get my computer unfroze. Obviously a Trojan virus. Luckily my pal Sean, the computer expert, answered right away and walked me through getting rid of it. He got me in safe mode, then got on-line and took over control of my computer. He used my anti-virus software to locate the bug and destroy it. Whew! Then my pal Jim Ojala came over to pick up my Andy Kaufman/Elvis figure to do some work on the teeth. The way the mannequin ended up looking portrayed Andy as being a bit “buck-toothed.” My theory on why is, when Andy did the robot character in “Heartbeeps” his teeth didn’t look human. They had a pair of prosthetic teeth in his mouth to look more mechanical. I believe when Andy sat for the head cast, the Stan Winston studio technician had him pop in the prosthetic teeth to faithfully replicate his facial contours. As prosthetic teeth can add bulk to the upper and lower lip areas, it was important to have his head cast represent those contours accurately for the artist who was responsible for the sculpting his appliances. So Jim is going to cut out the teeth that were in the mannequin, and replace them with acrylic dentist-quality teeth. I also gave Jim my friend Scott’s Michael Myers mask for a repaint. As if Jim wasn’t loaded up enough, I also gave him the Sean Connery foam and latex head I purchased at the Son of Monsterpalooza the previous weekend. That night my friend Emily came over to give me a massage, and I really needed it! I relaxed a bit and then did some auditions. My folks called and said they made it home alright, and my mom saw Jeff Dunham in the Burbank airport catching a flight. My folks are big fans of his so it was a real treat for them to meet him. He’s a very nice guy and I’m glad my mom was able to get an autograph from him. I worked on some more signage for Planet Wallywood, and they were all looking really good! I’m very happy with the results so far. I fed Roxy and hit the hay. LONG DAY!

Wednesday the 31st – HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL YOUR HALLOWEENERS! – I woke up with a pretty bad sinus headache. I drove to Buzzy’s to do another day of Garfield voice work, which thankfully was pretty short. Though I had taken some Excedrin my headache wasn’t going away. I grabbed some food at Wendy’s on the way home. I stopped by Studio Copy to get some more prints for my Planet Wallywood signage project. I had wanted to take some guns by Guns Direct in Burbank to have them cleaned, but they’re closing early. Luckily I called ahead! I wanted to get by Halloween Town to pick up some items for Halloween night, but I ran out of time. But with my lingering sinus headache I had pretty much given up on going out to parties anyway. I got to NBC and cut a comedy bit, then we taped the show. I went home, set up my Michael Myers mannequin at my front door. I put in a blue light overhead to make him look extra creepy. We don’t normally get trick or treaters at my complex, but in case anyone walked by I wanted them to get a good old fashioned Halloween scare! My agent Vinnie called me with a late audition, which I recorded in my home studio and sent to him. Then I dug out some old prescription painkillers I had laying around, took one and went straight to bed. I woke up later that night feeling much better. I walked and fed Roxy, and did some stuff around the house. It was a pretty lame Halloween for me, but mid-week Halloween nights are usually pretty lame. I didn’t have a party this year, or do much else to celebrate. I just wasn’t feeling it this year. I did some more work with the signage and hit the hay.

Thursday the 1st – JAMIE LEE CURTIS! – I got a hotline call to record an audition and a bit for “TTS.” Then I went back to bed for about an hour before my U.S. Airways session at Voice Trax West. It was the first session I had done for them in awhile. I got some spaghetti at Cafe Aldente and headed to my local craft store to buy some more supplies for my signage project. I got a another call from my agent to be in early to “TTS” to record a comedy bit, so I called my assistant Sara to walk my dog Roxy. But when I got there they didn’t need me early after all. But Jamie Lee Curtis was on the show and she talked about signing stuff for charity. I’m a huge “Halloween” fan (says the guy who has a life-size Michael Myers figure in his house) and I’d love to get her to sign some stuff. But I’m unable to make it to the Indianapolis convention she’s appearing at in mid-November. I hope she does something in L.A. soon! After the show I went to It’s a Wrap to buy some more supplies for my upcoming Sean Connery James Bond figure. I bought black tuxedo pants, a handkerchief for his breast pocket, suspenders and shoes. Then I headed home to meet up with my computer pal Sean who did some more work on my system. I did some more work on my signs and then hit the hay for a nap. I ended up sleeping until 3am! I was TIRED! I got up to walk and feed Roxy, then I did some work around the house. For the first time in months I had to turn on the heat in my house. It was a chilly night! Summer’s over at last! In fact, I dug out the ol’ electric blanket and put it on my bed!

Friday the 2nd – OLATE DOGS! – I got a hotline call to be into NBC at 1:30 for a comedy bit. But first I took my guns into get cleaned, got some lunch at Taco Bell, went back to It’s A Wrap to see if they had any clearance items from the Halloween sale, stopped by Rocket Fizz to pick up some soda and candy, and headed into “TTS.” I did the comedy bits and then hung out until the taping. One of the guests on the show were the Olate Dogs! They won “America’s Got Talent” and they are the world’s greatest dog act. I actually left the comforts of my little voice booth and went out to see the dogs perform in the studio. They were fabulous! My pal Jeremy Johnson, Tony Clifton’s assistant, was at the taping with his pal Steve. I took them backstage to give them the tour, and then I headed to Guns Direct to pick up my newly cleaned guns. When I got home my pal Brittney Powell stopped by for a visit, then I grabbed a nap until late into the evening. I stayed up all night doing work and organizing. I watched an episode of “Kojak” from the second season DVD set. I hadn’t had a chance to enjoy “TV Time” with Roxy and Spooky for awhile, so it was fun to get some food and sit on the bed just chilling.

Saturday the 3rd – ERRAND BOY! – Since my assistant Sara has been down for several days with the flu, I had to get a lot of errands done. It was a beautiful day! I walked Roxy over to Rusty’s Discount Pets for her bath, then I bought some frames at Aaron Brothers Art Mart, got some groceries, picked up a prescription and headed home. I worked around the house until it was time to go get Roxy from the groomer’s. Spook had gotten his semi-annual bath earlier in the week, and got so stressed that clumps of his fur started falling out. So he’s got a little bald spot on his neck and on the top of his head. It’ll grow back. But he’s beautiful and sparkly white again! I got the house ready for movie night. We watched the fifth James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice” on Blu Ray. After movie night I grabbed a quick nap on the couch, then spent the remainder of the night doing work and watching “Kojak.”

Sunday the 4th – SNOOZY SUNDAY! – I slept in but got up in time for evening church with Roxy. Sara was feeling better, so she and her sister Heather joined my friend Amanda and I for dinner at Ernie’s Taco House. Sunday’s normally my veg-out day, so I was very very relaxed. I got home, did a few things, napped and then got up to do auditions. The first few days of the new week are supposed to be in the 90’s! I guess summer’s not quite gone yet!

And how was YOUR week??!!


Mom says goodbye to Roxy.

Michael Myers stands waiting for any wayward trick-or-treaters who happen by.

Sara stops by before her Halloween partying begins.