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August 27 – September 3 (2012)


In keeping with the theme of last week’s Random Pic of the Week, a friend of mine (a POLICE OFFICER, no less!) sent me this shot from his favorite hardware store. I guess this is the type of thing you see when you shop at “50 Shades of Gray Depot!”

In preparation for my friend Mary’s karaoke party last Friday, I listened to a wealth of oldies to pick out a few I might like to sing at her event. This one popped up and I had forgotten how much I loved “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” by Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley…The Righteous Brothers!

Monday the 27th – SUMMER’S NOT OVER YET! – It was up early for another Garfield 5-part episode, and we were joined at Buzzy’s Recording by the great Joe Alaskey and Frank Buxton. I had never met Frank before, but I instantly liked him. In certain ways he reminded me of my dad. Not sure what it was. We finished up at 2pm, and then I popped into another studio at Buzzy’s to do a quick bit for “The Tonight Show.” Then I sped off to Wendy’s for a quick drive-thru lunch. It was another hot day, but it’s hot in August in Los Angeles. Nothing much you can do about it but dream of Christmas! I went home to walk Roxy, then I headed off to NBC to tape “The Tonight Show.” I got home after the show and met up with my pal Jonathan Klein, a videogame producer I had worked for in the past. He likes to stage charity auctions, so he brought over a bunch of stuff to have me sign for upcoming auctions. When we finished I swept the leaves on my porch, cleaned up inside a little bit, then headed over to the gas station to get gas. I grabbed a footlong tuna sub at Subway and made it back home. My assistant Sara stopped by to pick up some work, then I got ready to hit the hay for another early morning and more Garfield!

Tuesday the 28th – HUNGER HEADACHE! – I got up early again for more Garfield at Buzzy’s. We finished up the 5 part episode at around 2, then I hurried home for to do a bit for “TTS” in my home studio. I walked Roxy quickly, then drove off to NBC to tape the show. When we wrapped I came home and napped, but I got up later that night with a tremendous headache! I realized I hadn’t eaten anything since lunchtime. I had forgotten to eat! I did some work around the house quickly, then made some dinner and went to bed to watch another episode of “Hawaii Five-O” from the season 10 DVD set.

Wednesday the 29th – ROXY UNWELL! – I went to bed around 6:30am, but at 9 my dog Roxy got up on the bed and started rousing me. She wouldn’t let me go back to sleep no matter how many times I told her to get down. I figured something was up because she was so persistent. I took her outside and sure enough, diarrhea! Good dog! Thank God she let me know! I got her cleaned up and back inside. I went back to bed but got a hotline call at 11 to be in to NBC to record a bit. I took Roxy out again and this time she barfed a little. I knew she wasn’t well, but I had a busy day, so I called Sara to take her to the vet. I got to NBC, recorded the bit, then went to Voice Trax West to do another session for US Airways. I went home for a bit, recorded another bit for “TTS” and headed into work. Sara texted me regular updates on Roxy as she was being examined by the vet. They weren’t sure what the problem was, so she sent Roxy home with some medicine for the barfing and the diarrhea. When I got home I noticed that Roxy wasn’t quite herself. Very lethargic and unenthusiastic. I checked the pamphlet that came with the medicine and one of the side effects was lethargy. Another side effect was flatulence! OH NO! We took a nap with the full moon shining in through the window. We got up later when my friend Edi stopped by to see how Roxy was doing. I got Roxy to eat a little, but Sara came by to go to the grocery store with me to get some food for Roxy’s bland diet. Whenever doggies have tummy troubles, they go on a diet of rice and chicken. She loved it so much she ate THREE bowls full! Then I took her out again and hit the hay.

Thursday the 30th – SUNNY RAIN! – I got an early call to record a bit for “TTS,” so I got up and walked Roxy, recorded the bit and e-mailed it in. I got another call to be into NBC at 1:15, and since it was a ways away, I tried to get back into bed and sleep some more. But I couldn’t. So I got up and did work and then got another call canceling the 1:15 call. Apparently the bit I was going to do got dumped. I got dressed and met my realtor at a beautiful home in Valley Village that was for sale. As amazing as the house was, it was simply too much house for me. It was stunning, but the maintenance fees would have been considerable. I made my way over to NBC early and we taped the show. After we wrapped I headed home. But on the way home it had grown increasingly cloudier. Not completely clouded over, but much cloudier than it was earlier. Then it started to pour rain, but the sun was still shining bright! I love when that happens. And HUGE drops too! I stopped at the McDonald’s drive-thru to get dinner, and got soaked when I rolled down my window to order! When I got home the rain had stopped, and my computer guy Sean was there to work on resolving some problems with my computer. While he was at work, I decided to sort through the spaghetti that was under my computer. My cabling was all screwed up. Some cables that were there weren’t plugged into anything! Stupid! So I reorganized the whole thing and it ended up looking really great! Then Sara came by to make dinner for Roxy, with rice and turkey, and then I walked her for a bit. I was exhausted so we headed to bed.

Friday the 31st – ANDY/ELVIS IN ‘DA HOUSE! – I got to sleep late and it felt great. I got up around noon to record a bit for “TTS” in my home studio. Then I got a hotline call to be into NBC at 2:15, so I got my rump in gear and headed out. I did several bits at the studio and then got a salad at the commissary. I had been in touch with some of the folks over at the NBC photo archives to see if they could round up any set photos of Andy Kaufman when he did Elvis on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on March 3, 1977. They’re looking, but it won’t be easy. Since I have Andy’s original Elvis costume, and am putting it on a mannequin, I wanted to have a great shot of Andy in the costume to display with it. Good photos of him wearing the costume are hard to find. Hopefully we’ll strike paydirt! After the show I came home to meet up with Jim Ojala who brought over the finished Andy/Elvis mannequin. He just needs a wig and sideburns, and my hair guy Sergio will add that next week. So far it’s looking GREAT! My pal Brittney Powell came over and we went to a friend’s house for a karaoke party. My pal Mary from church, loves the vocalists we have at our church, so she threw a party to have some of us come by and sing some good ol’ rock and roll. I sang “Copacabana,” “What’s New Pussycat,” and Roy Orbison’s “Crying.” When the party was over I came home and crashed out hard.

Saturday the 1st – CELEBRITY SATURDAY! – My pal Electric Bob came by to fix some lights that had gone out, replace a switch, and look at my bathroom to consult on a possible bathroom remodel I may want to do. The maids came by to give Planet Wallywood a good cleaning, and I took Roxy over to get a bath at the groomer’s. I met up with my pal Edi and Sara for lunch at the Studio Café. In the booth next to us was the great actor Bruce Dern. He’s one of my dad’s favorites. I didn’t make a scene, but I quietly hailed his server and paid Mr. Dern’s check. He turned around to thank me and said it was the first time anyone has ever bought his lunch. I thanked him for talking to my dad on the phone one time at a Hollywood Collector Show, and we started talking about the Midwest. He said he’s going to be in Nebraska in October to do a film. What a nice guy. I wish my dad had been in town eating with us so he could have met him too, but I’m sure he’ll run in to him someday. I came back home and swept up some more leaves on my porch (is it FALL already??!!), do some work around the house, and relax a bit before movie night. Sara brought in a super clean Roxy and we got ready for the evening. Movie night was great…we watched “Abbott and Costello Meets Frankenstein,” and 1970’s “Airport.” It was great because not only did we have a full house, but most everybody stayed for both features! Both the features had just come out on Blu Ray to help celebrate Universal Studio’s 100th anniversary. When everyone left I did some more work around the house, redid the cabling under my computer AGAIN (I finally got it right), fed and walked Roxy, and watched another episode of “Hawaii Five-O” from the season 10 DVD set. I get to sleep in on Sunday! YAY!

Sunday the 2nd – LABOR DAY EVE! – I slept virtually all day and it was wonderful! I did a quick voice-over bit for my pal Reed Kaplan who’s working on another set of bonus materials for an upcoming DVD release. I got ready for evening church, and though Roxy had been feeling unwell, I took her anyway. She was feeling much better than before. I met Sara and Edi at church, and afterward we met up with Amanda. We all went to eat at The Coral Café, then came home to relax. Last year I got into the habit of recording my personal thoughts, feelings, stories and recollections on a small digital voice recorder. That way if my grandkids ever want to know what was going through Grandpa’s head at a certain time in history, they have a verbal record straight from the horse’s mouth. I just filled up my fourth little recorder and need to get another one. Though I dub the files off to my computer and an auxiliary hard drive, I also keep them on the original recording device. That way I have three copies of the files on-hand. I took my most recent recording device and dubbed all the files to my computer and the external hard drive. Then I labeled them and organized them in their folders. I fell asleep on the couch until around 5:30am. When I woke up I took a shower and watched another “Hawaii Five-O” episode. I walked Roxy and went to bed around 8am

Monday the 3rd – HAPPY LABOR DAY! – I ended up sleeping until 3:30 in the afternoon, then I got up to walk Roxy. It was warm and breezy. A nice, lazy end-of-summer day. I came back inside and fell asleep on my comfy couch until 7pm, when Sara called me to meet for dinner. I got the Torino out and took Sara, Edi and her kids out to the Counter for hamburgers. Sitting on the patio on a nice summer’s evening was amazing. A neighborhood gal brought her two collies out for a walk, and I ran down to see them. I remember meeting the big collie about a year ago, shortly after Sassie died. But the lady had since gotten a new collie who looked more similar to Roxy. But she was considerably more petite than Roxy. Beautiful night, beautiful girls, beautiful beef and beautiful collies. Who could ask for anything more? I dropped everyone off at their homes and continued out and about in the Torino to get some supplies. I had a busy night ahead of me so I needed to get busy. I filed my tax receipts, reconciled my bank statements, paid some bills, cleaned up the Chaney Room, cleaned the living room, did some laundry and a few other odds and ends. The weekend was WAY too short, but enjoyable.

And how was YOUR week??!!