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July 30- August 5 (2012)


While sitting in a Wendy’s drive-thru in Burbank, I was struck by their beautiful flowers. As good as digital technology is, and as good as my camera is, this picture still doesn’t capture the stunning beauty of these flowers!

I had a conversation with one of the engineers at Buzzy’s Recording about modern-day music. While we agreed that most of the current pop music is absolute @#($*!, I told him about this great song by The Kooks called“Junk of the Heart.” Love this!

Monday the 30th – OLYMPIC HIATUS DAY 1! – Today was our first day of hiatus from “The Tonight Show” because the Olympics are running on NBC all the time. I enjoyed the day off so much, that I slept until 3 in the afternoon! I got up and headed to Studiopolis to do another episode of “Tiger and Bunny.” While we’re on break from “TTS,” it’s my goal to finish up all of the “T&B” episodes that are left. That way when I get back to “TTS,” there will be as few scheduling conflicts as possible. While I was at Studiopolis I saw my old pal and voice acting legend Tom Kenny. It’s always fun to catch up with him. We recorded for two hours on an episode that was very emotionally draining. Plus it was rather warm in the studio, so it was an exhausting session. When I got home I met up with the producers of Invadercon to show them around my place. Then we sped off to Jerry’s Famous Deli for dinner. While we were there I saw my old pal Chuck McCann and his wife Betty, and my friend Fred the agent. It was a lot of fun! When it all came to an end I did my auditions and e-mailed them to my agent, and then settled in for another episode of “Wonder Woman” from the Season 2 DVD set!

Tuesday the 31st – AC IS FUBAR! – I got up for a phone interview with Mike Kara (see the link to the interview here), then I sped off to Voice Trax West for another US Airways session. I grabbed some spaghetti at Café Al Dente and headed home. Sara stopped by to work around the house for a bit, then I went back to Studiopolis to complete the “Tiger and Bunny” episode we started on Monday. But again we were in the studio with AC problems, so it turned out to be another hot, uncomfortable session. Good thing I’m allowed to dress cool! But my AC curse wasn’t over yet! Feeling very hot and tired, I went home to do some work and grab a nap. I got up late for my auditions, and noticed that my own AC was blowing cool, but not cold. (My AC has a “meat locker” setting on it, since I like to live in “deep freeze” mode most of the time) I don’t get it, since my unit is brand new. I just bought it a year ago! After finishing a TON of auditions, I hit the hay to watch the final episode of “Wonder Woman” from the 2nd season DVD set. I’m hoping my AC situation will improve.

Wednesday the 1st – THE SPIRIT OF COMPETITION! – No, not the Olympics. The AC business. I woke up at 10:30 sweating. My AC had officially taken a dump. I called the guy who installed it, but got his voice-mail. I didn’t want to wait for his call back. I called my assistant Sara and told her to start calling around to find an IMMEDIATE repair service. I called as well. The first place I called said they could send someone out “first thing tomorrow.” Thank you, but no. I told her if they couldn’t be out within the hour they couldn’t have the job. I found Speedy Heating and Air, and they said they’d be out by 11:30. I called Sara and left her a voice-mail message telling her to stop looking for a repairperson. But she called me back and said that Fedders was on their way within the hour! TWO repair guys? Well, let’s see which one gets here first. The first one to arrive gets the gig! That’s what the world of competition is all about, right? Come to find out, at 11:30, THEY BOTH ARRIVED TOGETHER! What are the odds? So I explained the problem and told them to work it out between themselves. One was getting the job, and the other was going to get a check for the service call fee and get sent on their way. Andre from Fedders was taken with my collection and enjoyed looking around. He said he would give the gig to Pete from Speedy. Pete got the keys to the roof and got started. Andre and I started talking about Batman and other “nerd” subjects. But it was starting to warm up in my house, and it wasn’t even supposed to be a hot day! I cut Andre a check for $45 and he was off and running to his next appointment. I got the feeling that he wasn’t suffering from a shortage of jobs. Roxy was starting to pant, so I climbed up on the roof to consult with Pete and he found that it was a bad capacitor. We chatted for a while, and he thanked me for being so honest. I said, “What do you mean?” He said he is confronted with the “dual booking” situation all the time. Homeowners will call several repairmen, and give the job to the first guy to show up. The others have to go on their way with no money. He said when I offered to pay the service charge to the “loser,” he knew I was an honest guy. Well, it’s only fair after all. To think that some people call repair people to their homes, take them away from another paying gig, and then not compensate them for their time, is unthinkable to me. Pete rigged a new capacitor and he said it should be blowing cold again. He also showed me the slot where the filter goes, but it was sealed shut for some reason. I know I have a filter slot inside my house, but I wasn’t sure why the one on the roof was sealed. I consulted with Rod, the association groundskeeper, who normally replaces the roof filters on a regular basis. Come to find out it hadn’t been replaced in a year, when my new AC was installed! Because Rod couldn’t get access to it to change it out! I called the guy who installed the AC and he said I didn’t need the roof filter because I had the slot inside the house. So they sealed it shut last year. But somebody else had told me that since the association replaces the filters on the roof, I didn’t need to have one inside. So I never replaced it. I’ve been breathing unfiltered air for about a year! So I asked Pete the AC guy what I should do. He said I should have both, with one serving as a back-up. So Pete went back up on the roof to unseal the filter slot, and Rod replaced that filter with a new one. I sent Sara on a mission to get a replacement filter for my inside slot. What a mess! But I think I got it all figured out. Rod also said that my unit was the only one he’s ever seen with an indoor AC filter. Strange! Meanwhile, the termite guy came back to do some more work on my door. When they did the repair work a few weeks back, they replaced my door wrong. But he fixed the issues and was on his way. Lotsa work going on around Planet Wallywood that day! I got a call from my friend Randy the Realtor to go see a house for sale. It was an interesting house with a three car garage that had been converted to a studio (complete with hard wood floors and acoustic insulation panels on the wall) and a black box screening room! It’s a nice two story house completely surrounded by a fence and a 10 foot high hedge! Very private. Plus Roxy could have some yard to run around on! There was all sorts of cabling running through the house and patch panels everywhere. The previous owner may have had editing bays in each room, feeding the work to the main studio in the converted garage. This interested me greatly. A very nice “compound.” I was off to “Tiger and Bunny” for another two hour session. Today we worked in the studio with wonderful AC! AAAAAAHHHHH! We got a lot of work done and were very productive! We were able to do a full episode in just over two hours! We rocked it! I drove home, happy with how the day turned out, and walked Roxy, who had been enjoying nice, cool and comfortable surroundings all day. My pal Brittney Powell came over for some work, then I did my auditions. I settled down for a short nap, then got up to get some groceries with my assistant Sara (the grocery stores are best at 2am!) then we came home to have a late dinner and start watching “Night Gallery” Season 3 on DVD!

Thursday the 2nd – WHITTLING AWAY AT T&B! – Another day of sleeping late, then up for “Tiger and Bunny.” We’re tearing through the episodes and only have about 7 episodes left. At this point we need to finish one episode a day for the next 7 work days, so I can be all wrapped up before we start back with “TTS” on Monday the 13th. We knocked out another episode and I headed over to It’s a Wrap to see what was available. I didn’t find anything that suited me, so I headed back home to work around the house. I grabbed a nap, then got up to spend all night doing auditions, paying bills, and handling other business.

Friday the 3rd – ZIMFANS! – I realized with horror late Thursday night that I wouldn’t be home on Saturday and couldn’t let my maids in. Sara was doing a photo shoot on Saturday, so she wasn’t available either. I left a message on my maid’s voice-mail late Thursday asking if they could come over late Friday. When I got up I had a message stating that they’d be over at 2pm. GREAT! I did some work around the house getting ready for the maids, and then Sara came over to assist. I had to take off for “Tiger and Bunny” while the maids were busy, so Sara sat with them in my absence. After the session, I drove over to Universal Studios to pick up some new friends. Emma (from Australia), and Daf and Pat from San Francisco were three Zimfans I met at the Invadercon the previous weekend. They said their trip was keeping them in the L.A. area for another week, so I invited them to hang out. I gave them the tour of Planet Wallywood and then we headed off to dinner at Little Toni’s with Sara, Edi and her daughter Ems. Then it was back home to finish up some work and hit the hay.

Saturday the 4th – CUDDLY CAT & THE FONZ! – I woke up with my cat Spook cuddling me. That was neat! I got up, walked Roxy over to the groomer’s for her bi-weekly bath, got cleaned up for another Hollywood Collector Show in Burbank. I went to the show with Edi and Amanda, and we met up with Emma, Daf and Pat. I figured if they were visiting in Hollywood, they should meet some stars! Emma loved meeting Edward Furlong from the “Terminator” films, and Daf loved meeting Doug Jones from “Pan’s Labyrinth.” I was there to have Robert Loggia sign my “Scarface” stuff (Robert’s a GREAT actor with a ton of credits and a huge body of work!) and have Henry Winkler sign this brown leather jacket I bought awhile back. I got it at It’s a Wrap and it was the closest thing I’ve ever seen to Fonzie’s jacket. I had Henry (the nicest guy on planet Earth, by the way) sign the front of the jacket in silver. On the front left it says “Stay Cool!” and on the front right is his signature. We saw the usual collector crowd at the show, and I did an on-camera interview with some guys who are pitching a show about collectors. I took the gals to lunch at the Daily Grill next door, then we took off to go get Roxy at the groomer’s. She was glad to see me. I walked back home and dropped her off, then walked over to Floyd’s to get my hair color touched up. I got back home and got ready for movie night. Emma, Daf and Pat were my guests that night, and they had a great time. We watched the terrific new film “Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope” (a documentary about the San Diego Comic Con) and “Mystery Men” on Blu Ray. Funny film! Then everybody took off and I hit the hay. LOOOOOONG day!

Sunday the 5th – FAN FAREWELL! – I slept all day, as I usually do on Sundays, but got up in time for evening church. Emma, Daf and Pat came to church about halfway through so they were able to meet everybody. They spent the day roaming around Hollywood, and now we were going to have a final farewell dinner. My pal Emily joined us at Paty’s for dinner on the patio. Then we headed back to my house for more chatting. Then their transportation arrived and they were back on their way to their hotel in Anaheim. They would all be flying off late Monday. While Daf and Pat only had an hour-long flight, Emma would have a 13 hour flight back to Australia. I did my auditions, and turned in to be ready for an early Monday morning doing more Garfield cartoons.

And how was YOUR week??!!