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May 29 – June 3 (2012)


Since February 2009 I’ve been using the Regenix program to strengthen and fortify my hair. In late 2008 I noticed that each of the hairs on my head were losing girth and becoming wispy. Since their headquarters are located in L.A. in the Cedars-Sinai building, I could easily go in for follow-up visits every three months or so and have my hairs and scalp evaluated under a high-powered microscope. The results of the past 3 years have been considerable. But the other night I didn’t need a microscope to see the obvious progress that has occurred over the 3 plus years. After a shower I noticed that one of my longer hairs had fallen into the sink. At about 6 inches in length, this one had been in my head for quite awhile. Like looking at the rings of a tree, you could easily see how this particular hair had developed thanks to Regenix. Just compare the thin end (at the right) to the much thicker root end (on the left). The way the hair tapers clearly demonstrates that Regenix helped it gradually thicken over the course of its life. The results are dramatic! Amazing! (Do you have any idea how difficult it is to take a decent picture of a hair in a sink?)

The other morning I woke up with the haunting piano strains of “Alone” running through my head. I couldn’t shake it! It’s a great song from Heart! (I REALLY like the part at 2:04! That girl can SING!)

Tuesday the 29th – GARFIELD OF DREAMS! –I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I took my dog Roxy out for a walk and then hit the hay again to sleep for a few hours. I got up at 8 and was on the way to Buzzy’ Recording in Hollywood for a whole new season of “The Garfield Show!” But first I dropped Roxy off at Rusty’s so she could get a bath. Then I got to the studio! It was great to be back at work on a great show, with great and talented people. We had a full day of work to do on an hour-long special. We were on hiatus from “The Tonight Show for a week so I had all day to play with the Garfield gang. At the end of the day I spent a good amount of time in afternoon L.A. traffic trying to get home. I got home and was welcomed by a very clean doggie. We had a nice afternoon walk. Then I fed my cat Spooky and grabbed a nap. I actually slept a long time. I must’ve been very tired. I got up late in the evening, walked Roxy, did Wally’s Week, worked around the house a bit, did an audition and e-mailed it into my agent, and then started “Wonder Woman: Season 2” on DVD. I made some of my world-infamous Buffalo Mac (Kraft Mac N Cheese with bits of diced buffalo chicken and celery…MMMM!) and settled in for a night of vintage TV!

Wednesday the 30th – SHORTS STOP! – I got to sleep in a bit, and it felt very good considering I was up all night the night before. It was Roxy’s first night that she was allowed on the bed, and she did very well. I would have her on the bed occasionally for naps, but for nights, I would put her on the floor on her own bed. She gets very restless when she’s by herself on the floor, but on the bed she seems to do better. When we got up I took her on a nice, leisurely walk. I did some work at home, made some calls, and then headed into Voice Trax West for more US Airways work. I grabbed some spaghetti at Cafe Al Dente downstairs. For some reason I seem to work better when I can take a bite of food here and there. It helps keep my energy up. After the session I stopped over at The Gap and Banana Republic to buy some shorts for the summer. I ended up getting about 7 new pair. Then I stopped at Rusty’s to buy some Linatone for Roxy’s coat. Roxy’s former owner Carol suggested I get some, since it was given to all of the Lassies down through the years by original trainer Rudd Wetherwax. I went home to feed Spooky and walk Roxy around the neighborhood. Then I took a quick nap on the couch. Later in the night my pal Edi and my assistant Sara joined me for dinner.

Thursday the 31st – BLEACH MOVIE! – I did the usual morning stroll with Roxy, then hit the McDonald’s drive-thru for some food, and headed to Studiopolis to do Renji’s lines for the new, upcoming Bleach movie. I worked for about 3 hours, then headed over to my mailbox to pick up packages and other mail. I stopped by the house for awhile, then headed over to Voice Trax West again to finish up this phase of voice tracks for US Airways. Whew! Since I always work standing, by the end of the day I had been on my feet a total of 5 hours! I got home and grabbed a nap. When I got up Sara came over with Denny’s food-to-go and we caught an episode of “Wonder Woman” from the 2nd season DVD.

Friday the 1st – AREN’T I ON VACATION OR SOMETHING? – Even though we’re on hiatus from “TTS,” it’s still been a very busy week with lots to do. Today it was back to Studiopolis for the new anime series we’re working on. We did episode 10 of 26. So there’s still more work to do. But everyone involved in the show is very excited and hopes are high for a huge success! When I finished that I went to North Hollywood Sound for some pick-ups for the videogame “Guild Wars 2.” Apparently, the last time I was in doing work for them, I did a character that the writers really liked. So they wrote more lines for him. When I finished I went home to walk Roxy and grab a quick nap before my friends Edi and Brittney came over to meet me for a late dinner at DuPar’s. A hot turkey sandwich really hits the spot after midnight! When I got home I stayed up all night working on music for my i-pod and i-pad, I organized photos in my folders and did miscellaneous work around the house. In fact, I didn’t get to bed until 9am Saturday morning!

Saturday the 2nd – SLEEPY SATURDAY! –Since I got to bed so late I spent all day in bed. And it felt nice. Both Roxy and Spook were up on the bed cuddling with me. At one point I was laying on my side half asleep petting Roxy with my left hand and Spook with my right. If I adopt any more pets I’m going to have to grow an extra hand! I got up late in the afternoon and Sara and I went to get supplies at the grocery store for movie night. We watched “Neverending Story” and “Death Race 2000” on Blu Ray. When my guests left I continued working on my i-Tunes and organizing my photo folders. I caught an episode of “Wonder Woman” and then hit the hay.

Sunday the 3rd – HIATUS…I HARDLY KNEW YE! – I was awakened in the morning hours by a restless Roxy walking around the bedroom. She had wet her bed again. I guess I wasn’t watching her “after midnight” water intake carefully enough. Oh well. I took it outside and hosed it down, walked her and then went back to bed. Spook was up on the bed asking for pets. And then Roxy jumped up and wanted pets. Spook is used to Roxy now and doesn’t take off when Roxy joins us. He’s now content with fending for himself and he stands his ground. The final day of hiatus from “TTS” was spent resting (that’s what Sundays are for, right?) and I got up for evening church. It was Youth Sunday, where the youth of the church take over the services. It was nice hearing their individual stories and struggles. The kids absolutely loved Roxy and she enjoyed getting all the attention. One little gal ran her around the social hall so many times I honestly think Roxy was worn out! I told the young lady that I was going to hire her to come over and wear her out every day so I could get some decent sleep at night! When we got home I crashed on the couch (Roxy was comatose on the living room floor!) and when I got up I did auditions, paid bills, and did some more work around the house preparing for a new week. It’ll be great to be back at “TTS” and I’m looking forward to seeing everybody and hearing about their adventures during their time off.

And how was YOUR week??!!!