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April 30 – May 6 (2012)


BUT I MADE IT FOR YOU, DADDY! It’s not actually what it looks like, but the guilty look on Roxy’s face would make you believe it’s really real! But it’s NOT real, and Roxy’s just that good of an actress! (But if it was real, I’d better get her an agent, because her talents would lie in a completely different area!)

For some unknown reason, I had“Flowers On The Wall” stuck in my head by The Statler Brothers. I’ve always loved The Stats, but I have no idea why “Flowers” came up in my brain. But it’s a great song! Give a listen to the original 1965 version on vinyl, as opposed to the re-recorded version in the 90’s which was done for the movie “Pulp Fiction.” (STILL love that part where it goes…”Captain (KA)Kangaroo”…

Monday the 30th – THE GREAT STEVE MARTIN SAID TO ME… – I got up and got ready to head to Studiopolis to do the new anime series I’m working on. Meanwhile my assistant Sara was at home waiting for the DirecTV tech to show up to fix a continuing issue I’ve been having with my reception. Come to find out there were several frayed cables up on my roof, and a few rusty connectors. After 12 years of service, it was time for them to be retired. I was going to bike to Studiopolis then to NBC for “The Tonight Show,” but I spent so much time walking my dog Roxy in the morning I ran short of time. I wasn’t quite back into the “dog” routine yet. After all, it had been about 10 months since Sassie died, and I had only had Roxy permanently since the weekend so I wasn’t quite used to her “biological” habits. So I took the Gran Torino over to the studio, and as I was doing the anime cartoon I got hungry. So I ordered Domino’s and had it delivered. I would munch pizza between takes. We also did a bit for “TTS” during a break and e-mailed in the files to NBC. The legendary Steve Martin was on the show that day, and as I was in the hallway showing a new picture of Roxy to a co-worker, Steve Martin just happened to walk by! He saw the pic on my i-Pad and said, “Awwwwww.” STEVE MARTIN SAID AWWWWW TO ME! Awesome! On the way home I stopped at my box and picked up a package. When I got home I took Roxy out and she got to meet many of the other neighborhood dogs. She happened to be off-leash at the time, and just then a bicyclist drove by on the other side of a fence out behind my house. She saw him and took off after him 100 miles an hour! I was petrified! Only had her a few days and now she was gone. Luckily the bicyclist had trained dogs in the past, turned his bike around and headed back my way. I thanked him and he thought it was funny. Though Roxy wasn’t chasing him with insidious intent, she just thinks it’s a fun thing to do. I think it has something to do with her herding instinct inherent in collies. So I got an idea. I put her on her leash and got on my bicycle, and led her down the driveway with me. She loved it! We went inside and grabbed a nap, then I got up to do my auditions, e-mail them into my agents, and then took a long midnight walk with Roxy exploring the neighborhood!

Tuesday the 1st – WHAT AM I, A SHEEP?! – I got up early to do another session for US Airways. Though the brunt of the voice tracks for their interactive phone line have been completed for awhile, they have a new group of “prompts” they need in a very short time. So for the next week and a half I’ll be putting in 4-5 days a week! All this being juggled with the new anime show and of course, “TTS.” So there was a lot of work to do. I walked Roxy and then took off for Voice Trax West. I got some spaghetti downstairs at Al Dente and munched between takes. When the session was over I headed home and got ready for an early call at “TTS.” Cameron Diaz and William Shatner were the guests. What a great show! Being a “Star Trek” fan since I was 12 it was such a thrill to be able to introduce “William Shatner” on national TV! And on NBC…the original network “Star Trek” called home! After the show I got home, I walked Roxy and fed Spooky and then took a nap. At night during our walk, I discovered something really funny about Roxy. While I was walking with her she was fine. But when I stepped up my pace she kept up with me, but kept looking up at me. Then I went into a jog. She turned her nose into me. SHE WAS HERDING ME! She was actually trying to herd me. She LOVES fast paced things. Bikes, runners, skateboards, anything. I would love to get her out with some sheep to see what she does! Later that night Sara came over to do some work and then watch an episode of “Bionic Woman: Season 2” during my nightly TV time.

Wednesday the 2nd – AN OOPSY POOPSY! – When I awoke, like an idiot, I went for my computer to check e-mail. I should have taken Roxy out first thing. While I was checking my e-mail she left me an oopsy poopsy on the floor. My fault, and totally my fault. Like I said, I’m still getting used to the scheduling. I took her out and then cleaned up the mess. Luckily it cleaned up fairly easily. I took off for the US Airways session at Voice Trax West, then came back home to meet up with Sergio Lopez, my wig guy. He had done such a great job on Robo-Elvis’ hair, I wanted him to style my other Elvis bust. While he did the first one in the 70’s style, he kept the style on my bust more pompadour/50’s style. It looks great! He finished just in time and I headed out the door to NBC. The amazing Scarlett Johansson was on the show today! WOW is she classy! I figure she’s like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn, with a much better figure than Audrey’s. After the show I headed home to work on some stuff around the house, I fed Spooky and Roxy, and then grabbed a quick nap. I did my midnight stroll with Roxy again and sure enough, she herded me again! It makes me laugh so hard that I have to stop running. When I stop she jumps up on me and gives me a huge hug! I went inside and did a bunch of auditions, then I headed out to get groceries. I figured since I had the Torino out, I may as well make use of the huge trunk space. It’s tough to buy groceries when I have my Mustang because it’s so small. As I walked down the pet aisle, I remembered that I needed to look for dog treats. It was weird looking at and buying doggie treats again after all these months. I got home and unloaded the groceries, got busy with stuff and Roxy had another accident in the house. Again, totally my fault. I had taken her out just before our nap and not since. So to help me get this schedule/timing thing down I started writing it down on a piece of paper. That way I can keep it in front of my face all the time and remember! We had fun during TV Time watching another “Bionic Woman” episode.

Thursday the 3rd – MACTASTIC! – I got up to meet Bodie at my house so he could take my Torino in for a few maintenance things. Then I hopped in the Mustang and stopped at McDonald’s to get some food for another anime session at Studiopolis. While I was there I recorded another bit for “TTS” and e-mailed it in. My friends Chris and Daniela were at the show, in addition to my friend Shaiza. I met Shaiza while working on a project for US Airways recently. She’s a big Robert Downey Jr. fan, and since he was the guest she wanted to see him. She got in the front row and was only a few feet away from him! She was loving it! I told her that all cute chicks get put in the front row. After the show we went to Paty’s for dinner on the patio, then I went home to walk and feed Roxy and Spook. I did some work with my friend Edi, then I grabbed a nap. When I got up I took Roxy for a midnight stroll, did my auditions and e-mailed them in, spent a few hours updating my website and then for TV time, I made some of my world in-famous Buffalo Mac! My pal Mark had made some Buffalo Mac a few days earlier based on my recipe and he said it was “life changing.” It IS good!

Friday the 4th – A BEAUTIFUL END! – I didn’t get a hotline call from NBC, so I ended up sleeping fairly late. I walked Roxy, did a little work around the house, then got my bike gear on and bicycled into work. It was a beautiful day! My friend Amanda was at the show to see Skylar Laine, the gal who had just been released from “American Idol” the night before. Amanda’s a huge fan so it was fun for her to see Skylar in person. After the show I told Jay he rocked the monologue, and he said he liked the job I did on the phony “Avengers” promo that ran on the show the day Robert Downey Jr. was there. I thought that was nice and always good to hear from your boss! I biked home, worked with Roxy for a bit on the bike, then got showered and headed to dinner with my pal Brittney Powell. After dinner I walked Roxy and relaxed all evening.

Saturday the 5th – PERFECT EVENING! – I slept late, but when I woke up I saw that I had a voicemail from my pal Dan Roebuck. He was in the area and I called him and told him to drop over. Edi and Sara came over to hang out by the pool. Dan and I just goofed around my house all afternoon until he had to leave. Later in the afternoon my friends Joe and Zandra Pendleton came by, and so did Scott and Vickie Sebring. Amanda was back again and we all got ready for my birthday get together. We didn’t do a traditional Planet Wallywood movie night, but instead we did something different. I got a reservation at Barone’s (my favorite italian restaurant) for 24 people and we started off with dinner. Toward the beginning of dinner a nice elderly couple walked in. The little old man said, ” Why are there so many beautiful women here?” I said, “They’re all here for you!” They laughed and took a booth against the wall. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. They were such a cute couple. I wondered how old they were, how long they had been married, what their lives must have been like, the historical things they’ve seen in their lives. So I told my server Laura that I was going to pay their check and she wasn’t supposed to tell them who it was. I saw the little elderly guy hold out his credit card for her to take it, and then I watched their faces as Laura explained to them that their dinner had already been paid for. Then she left and I watched them discuss between the two of them who it might have been. I saw the lady motion toward our table. And when the little old guy looked over I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. He and his wife came to our table and said, “Nobody’s bought me dinner since World War 2 when I was in uniform!” I thanked him for his service and asked his name. He said it was Alex and when he went to introduce his wife and he turned to her and said, “What’s your name again?” She patted his arm and laughed. It looked like they still had a great relationship after all these years…still kidding around! Her name was Ann, who told me their youngest child was older than I was! Alex said he’s 89 and Ann wouldn’t divulge her age. They were great people and it was fun meeting them! I hope to see them again sometime. But my birthday group was running short on time. We had to be at the movie theatre in a half hour. Luckily it was close and thankfully I had reserved our seats a month ago for the 9:15 showing of “Avengers.” I bought the entire Row G in the theatre. We filed in, got our snacks and just made it in time. In fact, the very last trailer was playing when we walked in. Whew! The movie is phenomenal and I’ll be seeing it again for sure! You will NOT be disappointed! I had the aisle seat on the far right, and when something cool would happen in the movie, I loved looking down the row and seeing my good friends enjoying themselves. It was quite a time! After the movie we got pie at DuPar’s and then I headed home to collapse!

Sunday the 6th – WHAT THE HELL COULD THIS POSSIBLY MEAN?! – I woke up around 11am from a very vivid dream. I was doing some kind of performance with two other people but I was having trouble remembering the words to the song I was supposed to sing. So a bunch of us went backstage and turned on an radio. It was a Jimi Hendrix-sounding song, and a lot of us gathered around the radio and played air guitar. But the lyrics were really odd. The singer said, “I met this Mexican dude down in L.A. And he said Ojo Achawa.” Then I woke up. Strange. I started thinking that maybe it wasn’t actually Ojo, but ocho, since it means 8 in Spanish. But what’s an Achawa? I may never know. After taking Roxy for a walk I went back to bed for a nap. I got up mid-afternoon and got some KFC and took Roxy and Amanda to my friend Fred’s to hang out by his pool and relax. Edi and Sara came over too. We chewed the fat until it was time to head to church. After church I went home to feed Spooky, and then took Amanda to the Coral Cafe for dinner. We met up with my friend Alex Capriola, whom I hadn’t seen in awhile. We had a lot of catching up to do. She hadn’t met Roxy yet, so she came over to introduce her dog Lady to Roxy. When they left I started on my auditions, paid a few bills, did some organizing, and then hit the hay!

And how was YOUR week??!!


The amazing Ruben Procopio does it again. This drawing is one of the coolest things ever! THANKS RUBEN!

Ruben, James and Cynthia approve of the Barone’s menu items!

My friend Edi’s daughter Emily has no idea I’m secretly trying to melt her brain!

Joe and Josh prepare for the feast!

Within minutes, an empty tables becomes…


WW2 vet Alex with his lovely wife Ann. They were a hoot! It’s always nice to make new friends!

Barone’s owner Tommy stops by to say hi!

Mark and Connie have their palates sated and they’re ready to assemble for “Avengers!”

Brittney and Josh grab a self-pic.