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December 27 – January 2 (2011 – 12)

Over the holidays, when I would tire of hearing Christmas music on the satellite while staying up all night doing work around the house, I would occasionally switch over to the Zen channel on DirecTV. I discovered a great group called Thievery Corporation, and this amazing song called “Fragments.” It’s electronic and atmospheric, and it really takes me places. In fact, I ended up buying another 7 or 8 of their songs on i-Tunes that night!

Tuesday the 27th – WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK! – I was up and on my way to Beverly Hills to the Regenix offices in Cedars-Sinai. It was good to see my old pal there Gregg Rosenblum again. My individual hairs under the microscope looked good, and the bulbs were nice and fat, but I had a few follicle plugs when he looked at my scalp under the high powered lens. He said it’s common this time of year because of how dry it is when you have your heater on, but I have to buckle down and stick to the discipline to make sure those don’t stay long. Once your follicles get plugged permanently, it’s curtains for your hair growth. I headed over to the Beverly Hills It’s a Wrap location, but there wasn’t anything there that tweaked me. I went home to change clothes and headed off to meet my pal Edi for dinner at The Smokehouse. We were meeting some old friends of mine…my pal Mark and his wife Julie. Mark used to be the President of our Homeowner’s Association, and helped to literally save that organization from certain doom. (Long story!) It’s always fun to hang out with them and enjoy great food. After dinner I headed home to start my week of intense work around the house. I promised myself that during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I would get busy around the house and get some serious things accomplished. My assistant Sara just got back in from her vacation so she stopped by to catch up. Then I set about redoing my bedroom closet. It was a mess. But I bought some shoe racks that I assembled and it really helped. Now I could actually move around in there! I also bought a couple of shower caddys that I put up in my bathroom to help organize all of my shampoos, body washes and conditioners. I also headed to the Chaney Room and put the finishing touches on the costume for my Robo-Elvis project. The belt needed some trim attached to spruce it up a bit, and I was still painting in brown highlights on the jumpsuit to make the design pop. I also got around to cleaning up the kitchen after our big Christmas gathering (finally!) and I spent some time doing a few auditions in my home studio that had trickled in. Whew! What a night!

Wednesday the 28th – WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY WORK! – I got to bed very early in the morning, so as a result I slept very VERY late. There wasn’t any reason to get up really. So I just relaxed and it felt great! And now the bad news. I got spam for Christmas. Strangely enough, starting on Christmas day, my main e-mail address was getting spammed like crazy. It was like a floodgate opened up on Christmas and hit me hard! I’ve had the address since the late 90’s, but now it was getting hit hard. I’m talking about 15 spams every half hour. When I would get up in the morning my spam box would be filled with close to 100 spam messages. I don’t want to change my e-mail address, so I’m not sure what I’ll do. One option is to change my preferences so that I never see any spam messages at all, as they are immediately dumped upon receipt. However, if a real e-mail happens to end up in my spam folder, then I’ll never see it. Rotten spammers! My effects guy Jim Ojala came over to show me the progress on the Robo-Elvis project. It’s awesome and really coming along nicely! We tried the costume on him and Jim padded him out to look more human. We also picked out some rings for his hands. The jumpsuit needs to be tailored, and of course Jim will paint the face and hands to match and look more realistic. When he left I spent all night consolidating my DVDs into my DVD cabinet. I ended up packing up about 4 banker’s boxes full of old VHS tapes I no longer consider “essential” and putting them into the garage for storage. This gave me a little more wiggle room in my video cabinet for other stuff. It was packed full of stuff, and now it looks more manageable and organized. Sara and I grabbed a late dinner at Little Toni’s, then I got home to do more work around the house. Now that I had all the DVDs in their appropriate racks, I set about alphabetizing them. What a lot of work! But well worth it!

Thursday the 29th – MORE ROBOT WORK! – I didn’t get up until 3 in the afternoon. I went to my mailbox and picked up some packages. I also got a photo of Remeil from “Tales of Symphonia” that someone wanted me to sign and send back to them. But the letter they included with the photo didn’t have a return address so I have no idea where to send it! So if you sent a photo to me requesting a photo to be sent to Collette, please e-mail me and let me know what your address is. And hopefully your e-mail won’t end up in my spam folder and be deleted immediately upon receipt. Then I headed to Panera to meet Sara, and my friend Edi and her son Josh for dinner. Then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some more supplies for my “Great Reorganization Plan of 2012.” I also went to Staples and picked up some more banker’s boxes. Then I met up with my pal Thomas and his family at Jerry’s Famous Deli for dinner. I met Thomas initially through eBay when he sold me some parts from the Elvis animatronic bust. He’s become quite an expert at these animatronic busts and his input has been invaluable for my Robo-Elvis project. (To catch you up, I’m integrating one of the Wowee Elvis Animatronic Busts into a full-size mannequin which will be on display in Planet Wallywood. Which is why I’ve been working on the jumpsuit and belt so feverishly.) Thomas brought his wife and daughter over to the house for a tour. When they left I started working on doing more organizing in my master bathroom. I assembled a chrome toilet caddy which is amazing. Then I installed a new phone in my bedroom, because the old one was screeching at me. I have one of the “Incredibles” phones that came out in 2004 as my hotline for when my agent needs me urgently. But over time the little digits that display the caller ID have been wearing out. So I bought another “Incredibles” phone on eBay that had never been out of the box, figuring that the digital read-out would be fresh. But it looks like these digits wear out over time whether the phone has been used or not. When I was done I got set to watch a two-hour “Six Million Dollar Man” episode before bed.

Friday the 30th – THE WORK CONTINUES! – Today I slept until 4 because, well…there was no reason to really get up. It felt GREAT! I had been staying up all nights working so hard, it was nice to relax. My work tonight involved reorganizing my chaotic kitchen drawer (which took a LONG time!), clearing out some old shoes from the Chaney Room and putting away some new boots I had purchased, fortifying the toilet caddy in my bathroom and when that was all over…I sat down for several hours and did data entry. I put a ton of CDs and DVDs in my database, put away a huge stack of CDs in my CD rack, and did a lot of miscellaneous organizing. I finally got to bed around 8am!

Saturday the 31st – NEW YEAR’S EVE! – I woke up with my cat Spooky cuddling me. What fun! I got up mid-afternoon so I could clean up for the get-together that night. Just a few friends and some movies to ring in the new year. My friend Emily came over and took some shots of stuff we’re selling on eBay. Sara went to get groceries and supplies for the party. There was lots going on, and lots of doors opening and closing. But at one point I couldn’t find Spook. I called for him and ran all over the house. I figured he may have slipped into the garage as he likes to explore sometimes. But I looked everywhere in the garage and couldn’t find him! Even Sara tried to find him. Then with horror I thought he may have gone outside. But he doesn’t really like going outside and has only ever slipped out twice since I’ve had him! I was panicking! What a way to bring in a new year! Was this 2011’s final “screw you” to me? I got out on my bike and looked for him. I came down the driveway and thought I saw a flash of a white tail going behind a building. I pedaled harder but when I got around the corner it was a white dog on a walk with his owner. Rats! I just wasn’t getting the feeling that he was outside though. So I drove up to my garage, opened the door and saw Spook jump up on my washing machine. WHEW! I was so glad to see him! He wasn’t sure what was going on but I’m sure he could sense my tension. He got a bunch of kisses and pets, but also got a scolding. I’m not sure where he was hiding in the garage! I cleaned up for New Year’s Eve and got ready for friends to arrive. We watched “Way Out West” with Laurel and Hardy, and we watched “The Rocketeer” on Blu Ray. Strangely enough, the movie ended RIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! I couldn’t have planned it that way myself! We had a great time seeing in the new year with good friends!

Sunday the 1st – ALL IS QUIET ON NEW YEAR’S DAY! – I didn’t get to bed until 7:30 in the morning and slept until 4. I got up to eat a bowl of cereal and then went back to bed. Since it was New Year’s Day there wasn’t any evening church services. I went back to bed and slept until 7pm. Then I got up and showered and slept again until 9pm! BOY is my schedule going to be screwed up next week! It’s amazing how easily I can slip back into the old “overnight DJ” schedule I lived under for years. I just feel better at night I guess. I woke up craving McDonald’s, so I went to get a Big Mac, and I picked up some apples at the corner market. The rest of the night I spent clearing my messy desk, organizing files, boxing up unneeded stuff, and doing more filing. Time well spent, and my place was really starting to look sharp for the new year. I’m going to try like heck to stay ahead of the clutter from now on, so I don’t have to do this again for a long time!

Monday the 2nd – HAPPY 2012! – I am officially starting the new year CLEAN! It’s a pleasure to walk in and see my desk clean, to see my closest organized, to see my bathroom organized and to not see any clutter of DVDs and CDs laying around. I didn’t get to sleep until 8:30am, I woke up at 4, ate a little something, then napped until 8. When I got up I worked on my i-Tunes and started organizing my computer. I had a late dinner with Sara at DuPar’s, then I went home to organize some more. I’m on fire! I’m ready for the new year, and a new week of back-to-work!And how was YOUR holiday week??!!