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June 6 – June 12 (2011)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…I used to play this song on KABR-AM 1420 in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Since we’re in that time of year…here’s “Almost Summer” by Mike Love (of the Beach Boys) and Celebration.

Monday the 6th – MANIC MONDAY! – I got up early to do an audition for an animated film. The reason I had to be there so early, is because the producers are from South Africa. And in their time zone it was at the end of their day. Luckily I was out and about because “The Tonight Show” called and asked if I could scoot over there for a quick voice-over for Ross Matthews’ report on the MTV Movie Awards. I went in, recorded the tracks and then was on my way out. I got some food and then went to pick up another prescription at the pharmacy. While I was out I got another call from a producer friend of mine to see if I could voice a quick bit for a hair care product. So I rushed home, laid that down and e-mailed it over. I got to take a short nap, but it was very short. The MTV Movie Award bit needed another line so I got up and went back to NBC to lay the line down so it could be on the air in that night’s show. By the time I got home I was wiped so I took a nap, then got up and recorded some auditions in my home studio to e-mail to my agent. WHEW!

Tuesday the 7th – TONIGHT, ON A VERY SPECIAL GARFIELD…” – I was up early again, but today it was for a Garfield session. Today we were doing a one-hour Garfield special that was a BUNCH of fun! It was a touching, amazing episode that will answer some questions life-time Garfield fans have held for years. Great writing, a great cast, and great characters will make this a very memorable episode…one likely to win an award of some kind! I went home to walk Sassie, then went to “TTS.” After the show I went back home and took a short nap. Short because I was awakened by Sassie pacing around. Then she made it evident why she was pacing. Diarrhea. Apparently she was having some sort of reaction to the supplements that her acupuncturist had prescribed her. So I called the doctor and she told me it was alright to stop giving them to her. I did some auditions that night and e-mailed them in to my agents.

Wednesday the 8th – TORINO UPGRADES! – I got up early to check on Sass and she was doing well. I went to Voice Trax West to do another 2 hour session for the IVR project.(IVR is interactive voice response, used on company’s phone services) It was starting to wind down and the scripts were getting thinner. Phase 1 was over long ago, and it looks like Phase 2 is winding down. Next is Phase 3 and Phase 4. Both phases are considerably smaller than the first two apparently. When I got home I revved up the Gran Torino and drove to NBC. My mechanic Bodie Stroud was going to come get it at NBC and take it back to his shop to change out the stereo, install an alarm and do a few little fix-its. I got a ride home from my assistant Sara. But my sinus headache had returned with a vengeance! I was in pain! I napped for a little bit and then went to Jerry’s Famous Deli to have dinner with Peter Katz from the Wizard World company. We discussed putting together a killer voice actor panel for the September Wizard World convention in L.A. But my head was hurting so badly it was tough to concentrate. Luckily, the chicken noodle soup I had at dinner was helping and I was feeling a little better toward the end of the evening. I got home, took some meds and went to bed. But before I retired I grabbed a stick of grape licorice made by the company in Palm Springs that I love. But I didn’t swallow a piece correctly and it got lodged in my windpipe. It was small so it wasn’t going to kill me, but wouldn’t it be funny? “What was the cause of death, officer?” “Death by licorice.” Luckily I coughed up the piece of licorice and I hit the hay!

Thursday the 9th – JIM, CARREY ON! – My ENT doctor called and upped my prescription for the anti-biotics I was on, as he got my message that I wasn’t doing much better. Sassie, however, was doing much better. Apparently those supplements were making her ill. I walked her and she did well, and I went back to bed for a bit. I got up and headed back to Voice Trax West for another IVR session. While there I got a call from “TTS” and I recorded two bits for the show and e-mailed them over. The producer for the IVR project is really good about letting us stop the IVR session for a bit and do the urgent “TTS” stuff. When I got to NBC later there were more bits to record. Jim Carrey was the guest today and he was hysterical. Though he said he was suffering from a bronchial condition you couldn’t tell it. He even got up to sing “Dancing in the Dark” with the band. This guy loves fun and seems to love life. My sinusitis was feeling a little better, but I still went home to take a looooong nap. Later that night I did some auditions on MP3 and e-mailed them in.

Friday the 10th – GREAT FRIDAY! – I was up early again (accidentally) so I decided to walk Sassie. Since I’ve been getting up so early on a semi-regular basis, my internal clock has been waking me up at that time, even when I don’t need to be up. After I walked Sass, I went to bed for another hour before the IVR session started. The scripts seem to be getting smaller and smaller and it was a pretty easy day, even though we were having sound consistency issues. It’s strange. Even though the settings and set-up of the recording studio don’t change, from day to day sometimes things sound differently technically. We just can’t figure out how that happens. But we got it done. There were two “TTS” bits to record at Voice Trax West, so we sent them over and I headed home to get ready for “TTS.” I was devising a great new idea for a new display at Planet Wallywood, but I’ll tell you more about that as it develops. I got into NBC and one of the techs told me that a member of our guest band that day Neon Trees, was a huge “Family Guy” fan. So he brought Brandon in with his wife Emily and daughter Katie. They were very nice and I did some “Family Guy” voices for them. But the day was getting away from us and it was getting close to showtime! I did the rehearsal for the opening and it went well. One of the writers of the bits I recorded came in and thanked me for a good job on his piece, and that made me feel really good. But the day was going to get better! A guy in the audience was suppopsed to compete on “Meal Or No Meal” by listing off all the Presidents in 30 seconds, but he surprised everyone by proposing to his girlfriend! It was amazing! And to top it all off, Bill Cosby was one the show. Always nice to see a legend in person! I grabbed a quick nap after the show, and then got up to help my friend Bruce Kulick celebrate his doggie Joe’s 16th birthday. Joe had just gone through pretty horrible surgery for a thing on his paw, but Joe was looking spry and very happy. Later that night my friend Amanda came by.

Saturday the 11th – SUPER SATURDAY! – I got up just before noon to let the maids in. After they finished cleaning I went over to Floyd’s Barber Shop and got a touch up on my color and a little trim. Slowly but surely we’re cutting off all of the thin ends on my hair that were there before I started the Regenix plan. So hopefully soon we’ll be down to only the nice healthy hairs. But she did take off a considerable amount of length, but my hair looks much healthier. I had my effects guy Jim Ojala come over to Planet Wallywood to discuss my new idea with him. This would be a major undertaking, unlike anything we’ve attempted to put together before for my menagerie of madness! For awhile there I was discouraged and thought it wouldn’t’ work, but I did some research on the web and found a guy who had done something similar to what I wanted to do, so I got fired up about it again! Stay tuned! I did manage to grab a quick nap while my assistant Sara and my pal Amanda went to get some grocery items for that night’s movie night party. The gang arrived and we watched “Legend” starring Tom Cruise on Blu Ray, followed by the 70’s legendary indy film “Billy Jack.”

Sunday the 12th – SHOOT ‘EM UP SUNDAY! – Though I got to sleep in a little this morning, it wasn’t as long as I had hoped. Sassie’s acupuncturist arrived around 2 and started her treatment. I discussed the possibility with her of having 2 treatments a week for her. She agreed that it might help her. Sassie’s alert and has a great appetite still, but the mobility of her back legs comes and goes because of the degenerative condition she has. Some of her nerves are virtually dying. It’s sad because she’s such a good dog and I can see that she gets frustrated when she can’t easily get up from her bed, or lay down where she wants to. Hopefully this will help. I have great faith that it will. I got ready for church and Amanda and I went over for the evening service. I laid out all 9 of my guns on my bed and let her pick which 3 she wanted to shoot that night. I promised her I would take her shooting since she had never shot a handgun before. She picked the .38 snubnose revolver and the stainless steel .45 automatic. I took the Walther PPK with me because I hadn’t shot it in awhile and it’s my first and favorite gun. After church we picked up Sara and headed to the Coral Cafe for dinner, then off to the Target Range in Burbank. I shot pretty well for not having shot in awhile. I was kind of proud of myself. The girls shot well too. On the way home we stopped by Chill to get some frozen yogurt and then I went home to rest up for a long Monday, and a long week! Whew!

And how was YOUR week??!!