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April 25 – May 1 (2011)

This guy can really write songs!  Stevie Wonder’s “Yesterday, Yester-Me, Yester-You” came into my mind this week and I haven’t been able to get it out since!

Monday the 25th – GREAT TO BE BACK! – I got to sleep in fairly late. When I woke up I had a comedy bit for “The Tonight Show” in my e-mail. I recorded that and sent it back to the guys at the show. I had received a bunch of residual checks from Screen Actor’s Guild for the Garfield series. So I spent awhile scanning those into my computer and preparing the bank deposit. Then I faxed them all to my agent to see how much their commission on the whole thing would be. We had an early call-time for “TTS,” so I got over there early and we did the show. It was the first day back since our weeklong hiatus, and it was good to be back! Everyone seemed rested and in a jolly mood. After the show I went to Panera with my friend Edi and her son Josh, and my pal Sara. I stopped next door and picked up some more anti-inflammatory prescription nose spray. My entire vacation in Palm Springs the previous week was ruined because of my inflamed sinuses. I got a refill of the nose spray my doctor prescribed to me when I had my sinus infection, and I was hoping this would solve the problem I was still using 4-Way nasal spray which was saving my life and my career. My pal Alex, who was in from Nashville and was staying at my house for a few days, met up with Chuck McCann, Sara and I for pie at DuPar’s. Unfortunately, today my 12 year old collie Sassie was having a rough day. She has good days, and then has bad days where her legs just won’t work well. I put her orthopedic braces on her back legs and left them on for awhile to help her. It’s very sad to see this happen to her.

Tuesday the 26th – TWO-SDAY! – The second day of the week was off and running! I was on hold for a morning session that would have had to take place from 9a-11a before my usual Tuesday IVR session. But I didn’t get the call on my hotline to be at any particular studio, so I assumed they went with somebody else for the job. Which is just as well since I was very tired and I enjoyed the extra sleep. I got to Voice Trax West to do another IVR session (Interactive Voice Response) but we had some technical issues. Apparently during the week I was gone, something had changed. They weren’t getting the same sound they had from the previous week. They moved the microphone position, futzed with the spacing off the mic stand, moved some dials around, but it still wasn’t matching properly. In IVR, you have to have an exact match so when the computer puts the fragmented sentences together the sound quality matches so it sounds seamless. We found a close approximation to the tonality of what they were looking for, so we did the session and I headed home. I walked Sassie and she was having a better day today. I went into “TTS” early to record a bit, and I was able to meet up with my pal Cindi and her parents who were in town to watch the taping. Cindi was one of the producers of the Old Navy sessions I did at the end of last year. It was good to see her again and she and her folks had a great time. Her parents were in town from Tennessee. I stopped off at Weinerschnitzel to get a few chili cheese dogs, and I set about working up my birthday plans. My big 5-0 is just around the corner, so I spent some time working up a Hawaii Five-O themed party. After “TTS” I went home to rest. Later that night I met up with Alex and Sara at Denny’s for dinner.

Wednesday the 27th – WHO WAS THAT TERMITE GUY? – My homeowner’s association sent a termite inspector to my house on Saturday the 16th. He said that there was no evidence of termites in my house, but under my house there was some. He said they would have to do a soil treatment. Now the termite inspection company said none of their inspectors had ever been to my house. Now, it’s not like my house is forgettable. I mean, I have Batman standing at the top of my steps! But none of their guys remembered being at my house. So…who exactly WAS in my house looking around? I started getting very uneasy. I called my association and raised hell that they needed to have the inspectors show an approved ID when they come to our homes. I spoke to them on the way to my first gig of the day…a radio commercial for McDonald’s. It took place at Patches Recording in Hollywood and we finished up in about 15 minutes. I headed back home where my pal Alex was sound asleep in the Puppet Room. I had an appointment to go to Profiles in History in Calabasas at noon, and I asked Alex if he wanted to go along. He happily agreed. We had a great time looking over all of the items which will go up for auction in a few weeks. There was one specific item I wanted to look at to see if I was interested. Even now I’m not sure if I’m interested, but I’m sure I’ll decide before the auction happens. Alex and I hit the local copy place to get 300 color copies of my birthday invite flyer made, then I got back home and walked Sassie. Then I turned right around and headed to NBC to record a bit for “TTS.” After the show, my pal Sergio came over to style a wig for me. For my upcoming Hawaii Five-O themed birthday party, I wanted to put myself in an episode of the original “Hawaii Five-O” where the cast sings happy birthday in Hawaiian to Steve McGarrett. I needed a poofy hairstyle to look like McGarrett’s, and Sergio whipped it up in about 15 minutes! I grabbed a quick nap on the couch. Later that evening my pal Terry came over, and he, Edi, Sara, Chuck and Alex all met at DuPar’s for dinner and pie. What fun!

Thursday the 28th – TORINO 2 TO THE SHOP! – In the morning, my mechanic pal Bodie Stroud came over to pick up Torino 2 and take it to his shop to see why the battery is getting drained. Sassie was up and running around like a champ. She was doing much better and I was elated! I got to my IVR session at Voice Trax West and it was more of the same. It’s a great gig, but the work is very very mundane. Literally tens of thousands of fragmented sentences need to be recorded for the database. After this week there are only two more weeks left of Phase 1 recording, so I’ll get a little break soon. While I was at Voice Trax, I got a text from my agent that I needed to record a bit for “TTS” while I was doing the IVR session So we took a break, I recorded the bit, it got sent, and I continued on with the IVR work. Afterwards, I got home and there was a second “TTS” bit waiting for me. I recorded that and sent it over. Today we were having another early call because one of the guests needed to catch a plane when the taping was over. Plus, today was Jay’s birthday! When “TTS” was over, I went to Studiopolis to audition for a Christian based cartoon series. I took an ANTMODOK t-shirt to voice director Jamie Simone. He directed all of the sessions for “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” I thought the shirts were cool because I voice both Ant Man and Modok in the series. A website called Mighty Fine were doing Modok mash-up shirts. I contacted them and said if they ever do Ant Man/Modok shirts I would buy a bunch for gifts. They turned out beautifully and I’ve been happily giving them out. I was exhausted when I got home so I took a quick couch nap. My pal Alex came over to get his luggage as he was taking off that night. I stayed up getting bank deposits ready, and then I watched an old episode of “Hawaii Five-O” on DVD with Sassie on the bed eating chickie.

Friday the 29th – CAN YOU BELIEVE APRIL IS OVER ALREADY? – The year is just flying by! I got to sleep in somewhat since the IVR sessions on Friday start at noon instead of 11am. We were having more technical issues with tonality matching. We fiddled around with them for about a half hour when the guys on the other end of the ISDN line just disappeared. Come to find out there was a power outage up in their area and we were unable to continue the session. I guess I took that as a sign that I was getting an early weekend gift and I went to get lunch. My pal Scott Sebring came over to set up a green screen shoot for my birthday video. My assistant Sara was there as well to help out, since I had to get over to NBC right away. When I got home I put on my McGarrett wig and dressed in a suit and tie. We got the shots we needed in about 10 minutes and Scott was on his way home to work on editing the video. I grabbed another nap and was awakened by my cell phone ringing. It was Chuck wanting to meet for pie. We talked about our project for Saturday afternoon. Going to the USC Festival of Books to meet Paul Michael Glaser! Now, I’ve been a Starsky and Hutch fan since I was 14. So for over 30 years I’ve been trying to meet him and get some stuff signed. Chuck worked with him in not one but TWO episodes back in the 70’s. So Chuck said he would go with me to introduce me to him. The plan was set! I would pick Chuck up around 11:30 and we’d drive to USC to meet Paul! But when I got home and checked the website HE WAS NO LONGER ON THE WEBSITE! They had him listed under P for Paul Michael Glaser originally. But I did a FIND ON THIS PAGE search for Glaser, and his name came up under G. WHEW! He hadn’t been removed, they just moved it to the proper alphabetical area. My heart sank! I also printed all the maps we’d need to get there effectively.

Here’s the completed video we shot

Saturday the 30th – A 36 YEAR DREAM COME TRUE! – Though I wasn’t going to wake up until 11, I got up around 10 because I was too excited to sleep any longer. I had two Starsky and Hutch photos ready for Paul to sign. Plus I had printed a copy of a photo I took when I was 15 with my friend Steve Hatt in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Steve was “Hutch” to my “Starsky.” We were known as Starsky and Hutch all around school because we would dress like them and try to attain their level of cool. I wanted to show Paul that I’ve been a fan since way back when. Though I didn’t want to come off as too much of a fan. My assistant Sara came over to sit with the maids while they cleaned Planet Wallywood. I picked up Chuck at 11:40 and we hit the freeway to USC. There was an AM station playing show tunes so we were enjoying that. Chuck also enjoyed pointing out all the areas in Hollywood just off the freeway where there used to be tons of old studios and filming locations. It was a fun drive and very educational. The traffic was great until we got to the downtown area, and then it got busy. But I wasn’t in a rush, so we took it easy. We pulled off the freeway near USC and got some lunch at Del Taco. Then I drove over to the Festival and got a parking place. I grabbed my camera and my photos. The Festival was awesome. It was all outdoors and there were tons of people all walking around looking at booths full of authors, celebrities and of course, books! Paul was going to be in booth 611 so I was on the lookout. A large banner was hung on the back of the tent/booths displaying the name of Paul’s upcoming book….”Chrystallia and The Source of Light!” The banner was well placed because his booth was facing away from the main area. Chuck was shooting video on his camera phone, and I was quickening my pace to the booth. I got there a few minutes before Chuck. I walked up to the booth and THERE HE WAS! Sitting in a chair posing for photos and signing books! A young man came up to me and introduced himself as Jake. I knew this was Paul’s son, so we shook hands and started talking. They had the manuscript version of the book on-sale along with a future copy of the hardcover book which would be out in late August. I took out my credit card after Jake assured me that they took plastic and I said, “I want it all.” By then Chuck arrived and handed me his camera phone. He walked up to Paul, who recognized Chuck right away, and said hi. Paul leapt from his chair and gave Chuck a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. They talked for awhile and Paul introduced Chuck to his friends and son saying, “That was back in the day when one actor could do two different roles on a show and it was OK!” Chuck took the camera from me and introduced me to Paul, and he trained the camera on our meeting. Paul put his arm around me and said, “Back when Starsky & Hutch was big my manager pitched me to Johnny Carson to be on The Tonight Show. But Carson said, ‘He’s not funny enough.” I thought that was too bad because I would have loved to have seen Paul and David Soul on the Tonight Show! I told him that the Rich Little shows were now on DVD, and he and David Soul were on the show doing comedy bits. He said, “The only reason I did that show was to prove that I could do comedy!” I gave my Visa card to Paul for the book, and he took out an i-Phone with a little attachment on the top so he could run my credit card. As we stood there together while he was running my card, I just couldn’t believe I was finally meeting the man! I mean, this guy meant EVERYTHING to me when I was a 14 year old kid! I wanted to dress like him, look like him, be cool like him….and now we finally meet! I gave him regards from Frank Welker, who did a pilot with Paul in the early 70’s. Paul lit up and said, “How do you know Frank?” I said, “He’s my cat.” Paul said, “What?” I laughed and said Frank does Garfield on “The Garfield Show” and I voice his owner Jon Arbuckle. I also spoke with Bill, a guy who’s working with Paul on the book. He kept saying, “You look really familiar to me.” I told him that I do voice-over so he probably wouldn’t have seen me anywhere. But Bill’s a great guy and we talked about common acquaintances we had in the industry. I got my book from Paul and he sat down to inscribe it. I asked if he would sign a few other pictures and he agreed. I took out my two Starsky & Hutch photos and he happily signed them. Then I said, “At the risk of outing myself as a total nerd, this is a shot of my pal Steve and I when we were 15.” He looked at the shot of Steve and I dressed as S & H and said, “Can I write something on this?” I told him to be my guest. On the pic of Steve and I, Paul wrote, “Hey – don’t I know you?” and he signed it. I laughed and said, “And Carson said you weren’t funny!” That photo is a prize possession now, and I couldn’t WAIT to call Steve back in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and tell him! Chuck asked him what the book was about, and Paul sat in the midst of all of us and was telling the story of “Chrystallia.” But as he spoke all I heard was “blah blah blah blah” because my mind was racing about how cool it was that I was sitting around with one of my childhood idols! What a great day! Then we all gathered around Paul as Bill took our picture together. There was Chuck, myself, Paul and his son Jake. That’s a keeper shot! I gave Bill and Jake my business card and told them to contact me and come to a taping of “TTS.” Jake said, “Jay has the greatest cars!” Chuck said, “Wally has a couple of great cars!” EEK! I wanted to keep my fan side on the down low, and if Paul heard I owned two Gran Torinos he might think I was an ultra-nerd. But Jake said, “What kind of cars?” I cupped my mouth with my hand and told him “Gran Torinos” Jake said, “With the stripe and everything?” I assured him they were exact and he surprised me by saying, “Want to sell one?” I laughed and said, “Give me a call I’ll take you for a ride!” Could it be that Jake was himself a closet Starsky & Hutch fan? That would be too cool! Imagine, giving a ride to the son of Starsky in the car that Paul loathed all during the filming off the series. The hilarity was not lost on me. Paul’s in great shape and still has the greatest hair in Hollywood. He had super cool hair in the old TV show, and he looks like he could still do Starsky, with just a little squirt of Just For Men hair dye. What a genuinely warm, caring fellow! I finished up my paperwork for the book order, and then Chuck and I bid the gang farewell as they were starting to get quite busy! Only 500 of the transcript books were made, and mine was 36 since I got to the Festival so early. But I’m sure by the end of the Festival (if not before) all 500 were sold out! Glad I got there early! The book is beautiful and I can’t wait to finish reading it. It has the Chrystallia story along with annotations and drawings by Paul. The first person I called when I got to the car was my pal Scott Maguire in Sioux Falls, another S & H fan. I told him the story, then called my folks. I tried to call Steve but I only got his voicemail. What a great day! Chuck and I decided not to take the freeway home, but instead enjoy the sights of the side streets. We went through area of L.A. where there used to be a lot of old movie studios. Chuck was enjoying playing tour guide and pointing out all sorts of points of interest. We got back in good shape and I even got a nap in before movie night! The gang came over to watch Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part 1”, and “Boogie Nights.” My pal Alex loves “HOTWP1” as much as I do, so we had fun watching it together finally. We had always tried to find time to watch it when he was in town but had failed until now.

Sunday the 1st – HAPPY MAY DAY! – I slept in until noon, walked Sassie, then went back to bed and slept until 4! I really needed it! I got up in time for evening church, then meet up with my pal Brittney Powell for awhile. Then I picked up Sara and we went to enjoy Italian food at Miceli’s. While there, the piano player ripped into a medley from “Jesus Christ Superstar!” I stopped talking about the Paul Michael Glaser encounter, and started singing all the Superstar songs for Sara, who had NEVER seen it! It was great fun. Then I went home to do some writing, record some auditions, and get to bed early for an early Monday morning session.

And how was YOUR week??!!!

Pics from the Week

Here’s the ANTMODOK shirt design! It’s awesome. To order your’s visit

The moment I’ve been waiting for! Chuck McCann, Paul Michael Glaser, and his son Jake Glaser! Can you tell that I’m feeling 14 years old again?

This is the photo I showed Paul of myself (at the age of 15) and my friend Steve Hatt doing our best Starsky and Hutch impressions. Though the signature is very light, Paul wrote “Hey – Don’t I know you? Paul Michael Glaser” TOO COOL!

The Chrystallia banner I spotted from afar.