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January 31 – February 6 (2011)

Since watching the FANTASTIC documentary about the Bee Gees called “In Our Own Time,” I’ve been humming ALL their songs. But most particularly this one… “To Love Somebody.”  If you’re a fan or if you have no idea who they are, you will LOVE this documentary on Blu Ray!  Check it out!

Monday the 31st – TICKLE ME RIBS! – My ribs hurt a lot again today. Just when I thought they were getting better something must’ve happened to irritate them again. I laid low all day, but did manage to make it into “The Tonight Show” to tape the show. I made a point to go get a heating pad so I could lay around with the pad on my side to see if the heat would work. It seemed to work fairly well. A friend of mine told me that rib injuries are the slowest to heal, since you’re always using the affected muscles and they never have much of a chance to rest. This sucks!

Tuesday the 1st – TORRENTIAL TUESDAY! – It was a day full of sessions, so I’m glad I rested on Monday. In the morning I did radio commercials at Voice Trax West for the Dean Group in the Wisconsin area. I play the voice of “Common Sense.” Though two hours were booked for the two commercials, we were done with both in under an hour. That gave me the chance to go home and take some more Advil for my ribs. They were feeling better, but not perfect. While I was there I waited for a call from a writer from “TTS” as I was supposed to record a session for them. But at the last minute they decided they would have me record it later when I went into tape the show. So I went back to Voice Trax West and recorded some lines for US Airways. I’m about to start a long series of sessions for them as the voice of their interactive phone system. It will be a fun experience working with great people, and I’ll have to record every conceivable response possible so it can be input into their system. Wild! When I finished up there I grabbed Torino 2 (I call her Megan) and headed over to AAA to get her licensed. I got all the taxes paid, the registration fees paid, and then I went over to get a burrito at El Pollo Loco. It felt good to be driving around legally. It got to “TTS” and recorded a voice bit for that evening’s Jaywalking with my old pal Jim Wise. Then we recorded the show and I headed home to rest up after the busy day. Ribs were feeling better. The heating pad really works!

Wednesday the 2nd – GUNDAY GUNDAY GUNDAY! – Though the ribs were feeling better, they weren’t perfect. Luckily I was allowed to audition for something at Kalmenson and Kalmenson at my house. It saved me having to get up and go out and nurse my sore ribs. (Thanks Cathy!) Later at “TTS” I met up with some guests I had there that day. They were from my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and were in town on a mini-vacation. On “TTS” that day I saw one of the funniest things ever. A little Jack Russell named Anastasia was on the show to predict the winner of the Super Bowl. They had a platform filled with black and yellow balloons. The black balloons had the Steelers logo on them, and the yellow balloons had the Packers logo on them. When Anastasia came out from backstage and saw the balloons, her owner could barely hang on to her. This dog HATED balloons! In fact, Jay had to raise his voice when he introduced her to be heard over all of Anastasia’s wild barking. Jay said, “Release the dog!” and Anastasia took off into the field of balloons and started biting every balloon. The idea was that the color of the last balloon standing represented which team Anastasia predicted would win the Super Bowl. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, watching that little fireball tear through those balloons with vigor. And the last balloon standing??? The Packers! WILD! She was right! After the show I sent them to It’s a Wrap to shop, while I went to Gun World to pick up my new Ruger .22 pistol. It’s not a particularly powerful gun, but it sure looks cool. Similar to the one in the famous shots of Sean Connery as James Bond. In fact, the shape of this gun looks like the “7” in the 007 logo. I won’t have time to shoot it today, but I look forward to it soon.

After they finished shopping at It’s a Wrap, we headed over to Ernie’s Taco House to have some dinner. My friends Sara and Edi joined us. Then afterwards we headed over to Planet Wallywood for the tour.

Thursday the 3rd – “TTS” TWO-FER THURSDAY! – Jay was given the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year award this year, and to receive the honor he was going to fly to Boston on Friday. So that meant that, in a rare move, we would pre-record the Friday show after we taped the Thursday show. I had never done that sort of thing before so it would be a good time. I had friends coming to the tapings that day because Jeff Bridges was on the Thursday show and Hugh Laurie was on the Friday show. So out of the 6 people I had there, 2 were there to see Hugh, 2 were there to see Jeff, and the other 2 just wanted to see the show. I had been trying to talk my friends Joe and Zandra from Santa Barbara into coming to a taping for a long time and today was the day. I got up and prepared for the dual episode day, met up with my guests before the show, and then the tapings started. It was a great day and lots of fun. Joe and Zandra met me at Jerry’s Famous Deli after the taping for dinner. After that I went to put the heating pad on my ribs again, as they were actually feeling pretty good. I think the heat regimen was working! And best of all, taping two shows on Thursday meant…WE HAD FRIDAY OFF!

Friday the 4th – DAY OFF! – It was fun having the day off today, and nothing else was going on. So I ran some errands when I got up later in the afternoon. I met Sara for a late lunch at Panera, then I went to my box and got my mail, stopped at the vet, put some money in the bank and headed home. That evening my friend Brittney Powell stopped by to say hi. The weekend was off and running!

Saturday the 5th – RELAXING, BEAUTIFUL DAY! – The weather was absolutely beautiful! I felt a little guilty since the rest of the country is up to their ears snow and cold. My maids came over really late, so I slept in until they got there. Then when they finished I ran a few errands. I came back and met up with my friend Edi who was getting ready for a photo shoot she had scheduled that day. She came over to borrow some outfits, and my assistant Sara helped her with hair and make-up. When they took off I got the house ready for movie night. We watched the outstanding Bee Gees documentary “In Our Own Time,” followed by “Zombieland.” What a fun evening! And I hear they’re working on a “Zombieland” sequel!

Sunday the 6th – TWO! TWO GRAN TORINOS! HA HA HA HA HA HA! – Today was the day my friend James was bringing my first Gran Torino to my church’s parking lot (he’s been taking care of it for me) where I met him with my second Gran Torino for a photo shoot. I had wanted to take photos of them together for awhile so I could compare paint styles, paint color, etc. I plan on selling the first one soon, so I wanted to get good shots of them together before I did. My pal Chris came over with his camera, and between my camera and his we got some good shots. We tried to start the first Torino to move it for the shots and it wouldn’t start! We tried and tried and tried, but no go. So I just drove the second Torino into position next to the first one for each shot. I don’t get it. After all the money I put into that car, why it doesn’t start right up just boggles my mind. It’s going to be a real good car for somebody who likes to tinker. I just wish I had found the second Torino before I bought the first one, but I learned a lot about cars, that’s for sure! Just as we were finishing up the shoot, we tried the first Torino again. It finally started up again, and we did our little “Torino Parade” down the street. Me in the lead in my second Torino followed by James in the first Torino. We drove down Moorpark and on to Riverside watching the faces of the people as we passed by. It’s rare that you see one of those cars, but TWO in a row? It was fun! We got to Bob’s Big Boy for lunch and we noticed that one of the tires on Torino 1 was getting low. GRRRRREAT. We went into eat and didn’t worry about it. James said there was a gas station where he could get some air on the way to his house. We had a great lunch and then headed back to the parking lot. We were praying Torino 1 would start. After a few tries it did, and James was on his way! I drove Chris back to the church’s parking lot where he had his car parked. I walked across the street to get some fro-yo and saw a friend from church. So we sat there talking and eating our treats. But it was almost time for evening church, so I hightailed it home and walked Sassie and fed Spook. I got to evening church, although I was late. After church I went home and grabbed a nap on the sofa. Later I got up and did some auditions and prepared for the new week.

And how was YOUR week??!!!

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