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November 22 – November 28 (2010)

Not sure why I woke up humming Cheap Trick’s “The Flame,” but there it was…in my head, even though I really haven’t heard this song in literally months.  But now, you can hear it just as I heard it playing in my  head.

Monday the 22nd – NO GRIDLOCK! – As I mentioned in Wally’s Week last week, I took the liberty of renting a hotel room in El Segundo Sunday night the 21st, so I could miss all of the gridlock traffic on the freeways on Monday morning heading to my gig at Mattel.  I love working at Mattel, but they’re a considerable distance from my house, and that means getting up super early in the morning and sitting in about an hour and a half of gridlocked traffic. So I rented a nice hotel room, relaxed, and got up Monday morning refreshed and ready. The job (voicing a new toy) only took about 20 minutes and the director apologized saying that it was rather anti-climactic, considering I had gotten a hotel room. I told her not at all, because I was happy to be there and well rested.  I did have a bit of traffic on the way back home, but nothing too bad. I’m REALLY glad I got that hotel room!  It was worth every penny!  I headed up to Burbank to do an audition at Voicecaster.  After that I stopped at my bank and made a transfer of money to the account of the guy in Connecticut who just sold me his 1974 Gran Torino Starsky car.  That’s right, I now own TWO of them!  Or at least I will after I pay the balance on this one.  He’s doing some extra work on it for me and when it’s ready and meets approval I’ll send him the rest of the cash and arrange for transportation.  I stopped at my accountant’s office to drop off a check, then headed home for a bit before going to NBC for the taping of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”  When I got home I caught up on e-mails and stuff for my website.

Tuesday the 23rd- CLOSE TO THANKSGIVING! –Only days away… Thanksgiving 2010!  Can you believe the time has flown by? WOW!  I made some calls and then took Sassie over to the vet’s to get another shot of Adequin to help her joints. She’s 11 and has a little trouble with her back legs due to a neurological issue. But I’m for anything to help her joints, and that’s just what Adequin is for.  Last week I got her a shot and she went #2 all over my bedroom floor when I woke up in the morning. I wasn’t sure if it was the shot that caused that (the vet says no) or the stress of going to the vet’s office (the vet says yes.)  But I was going to keep a close eye on her to see if the illness was just a coincidence or caused by the experience.  I went to “TTS” that afternoon, then got some groceries on the way home to prepare for the coming weekend. Every year for the past several years I’ve hosted a Planet Wallywood Happy Th-HANG-sgiving Hang Out and Open House. We sit around each night and watch movies. It’s been a fairly popular event so I keep doing it every year. But I had to pick up some supplies for this year’s hang.  I also dropped some deposits in my bank’s night drop, then headed to the local supermarket at 2am to get what I needed.

Wednesday the 24th – THANKSGIVING EVE! – The industry in Hollywood shuts down traditionally through the Monday after Thanksgiving. And even then the final month of the year is rather lame.  People get into their “holiday” mode and don’t do much work the last 6 weeks of the year, and even the first few weeks of the new year, in some cases.  So today there wasn’t much going on.  I did get to Best Buy to purchase a new Blu Ray player, since the one I had been using was about 2 years old. I purchased that one two Thanksgivings ago, so it was time for a new one.  Certain coding that was being used in contemporary Blu Ray discs were freezing up my old player, so my pal Bob suggested I get the model he bought, which he was very happy with.  I got my mail at my box, and my new Golden Gun replica prop just came in.  If you’ve ever seen the James Bond movie “The Man With the Golden Gun” you’ll remember that the villain (Christopher Lee as Francisco Scaramanga) was a hitman who would assemble a cigarette case, a cigarette lighter, a cuff link and a fountain pen (all gold) into a weapon.  Factory Entertainment Replicas released this model with the signatures of both Roger Moore (James Bond) and Christopher Lee!  I bought two for good measure, and they both showed up today!  I took one to NBC and assembled it while the taping of “TTS” continued on.  Many of the crew instantly remembered the prop from the movie and were as amazed as I was!  I even got on You Tube and looked at the video tutorial to make sure I wasn’t screwing it up!  That evening I met up with my pal Edi at Panera to get some food to go.  As I got out of my car a guy with missing teeth and an artificial leg approached me. He said he needed 40 bucks for some medication at a nearby pharmacy.  I told him to wait for me outside the pharmacy and when I got my food, I would take him in and pay for his prescription.  We got the food and headed to the car.  The guy (his name was Mark) was there but not by the pharmacy. He said, “Look, I’ll level with you. I don’t have a prescription. I just need the money for some food. My pregnant wife Shannon is in that van over there and we don’t have anything for Thanksgiving.”  I told him I wanted to meet his wife, so he took me to their van. It looked like they had been living in the van for quite some time.  He explained that he used to run a nightclub in the east, but then had an aneurism which caused him to lose his leg. He said the cold weather of the east was causing pain as a result, and they moved to Los Angeles to see about finding work.  Unfortunately things hadn’t worked out too well. So I told him we’d go in the grocery store and I’d buy them food.  Edi was in my car watching us all the time, somewhat suspicious.  As Mark and I walked in,  Edi saw Mark pick up an apple off the ground.  He showed it to me, as it seemed that somebody lost an apple out of their grocery bag.  But to Edi, from her vantage point, it looked like he picked up a rock off the ground. She thought for sure he was going to hit me over the head with it and kill me.  I told her that was ridiculous, as the store was full of people on Thanksgiving Eve. But we had a good laugh!  I took Mark inside and we grabbed food for them…turkey meat, bread, mayo, potato chips, soda, fruit, vegetable tray, etc.  I tell you this story NOT to glorify myself or my actions toward this family in any way, but instead to ask for your prayers and kind thoughts for Mark and Shannon. So that they can find work, find a home, and have their child in a stable home environment.  As we drove home I felt really good, and I thought of the quote from the Dalai Lama (and I paraphrase)…”If you want others to feel good…show others compassion. If YOU want to feel good…show others compassion.” Truer words were never spoken! But I was still laughing about Edi thinking I was going to be bonked on the head by a rock.  I told her, “Would that be so bad?  God would ask me how I died and I’d say…’I was buying food for a hungry family and he konked me on the head with a rock.’  To which God would reply, ‘Alright…you…inside!”  We had a good laugh over that.  That evening several of us opened up this year’s version of the Planet Wallywood Happy Th-HANG-sgiving Hang Out and Open House!

Thursday the 25th – HAPPY THANKSGIVING! –I was awakened by Dave at “TTS” who wanted me to cut a voice track in my home studio and e-mail it in.  It’s much easier than having to go over to NBC, so I’m always happy to oblige.  After I sent the track over, I got ready for work. Though it was Thanksgiving we still had a taping of “TTS.”  They did it super early so everybody could get on with their dinner.  My friends Edi, Nancy, Sara and Josh all attended the show. Afterward we hustled out of there and headed to the Sportsmen’s Lodge for the annual Thanksgiving Buffet.  We were joined by Brittney, and Scott and Vickie Sebring.  What fun!  I was glad to be at the Sportsmen’s Lodge again, as they were closed over Thanksgiving last year for remodeling!  That night we watched the Charlie Chaplin classic “Modern Times” on Blu Ray. STUNNING!

Friday the 26th – BLACK FRIDAY! – I slept very late (since we had no taping of “TTS” today, then went to Fed Ex to drop something off.  Then I put Sass in the car and took her to the vet’s for her shot.  But on the way back she went #2 in the car. She’s such a nervous nellie, so it took awhile for me to completely clean the seat with Windex with Ammonia.  I put her in my front porch (because she was messy) and hosed her off with the garden hose. I know it had to be super cold, but I had no other choice. I wasn’t going to drag her into the house and into the bath tub.  But we got all settled, I got the car cleaned and Sassie hosed off.  That evening my pal Eric Singer (who drums for KISS) picked me up in his vintage car and we went over to the weekly car show at Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake.  What great cars!  We saw all sorts. We were soon joined by my pal Brittney Powell and her son, my assistant Sara, and several friends of Eric’s.  Over dinner we got to talking about Elvis and my recent trip to Graceland. What fun!   When I got home I had just missed my friend Gil.  He stopped by for the hang out, but since I was a few minutes late getting in, he took off. I felt awful that I missed his call and him!  But soon after I got home I was surprised by my pal Ruben Procopio and his fiance Jean!  They brought goodies and I gave them the tour of Planet Wallywood!  Some other folks stopped over as well, and we dug out one of the Johnny Carson Tonight Show DVDs and watched that. Then we watched “Dreamscape” on Blu Ray with Dennis Quaid. But we weren’t tired, so we watched “Love Actually” on Blu Ray.  I had forgotten how brilliant that movie is!  I want to watch it every Christmas!  By the time it all ended it was 2am!  Ruben said he hardly ever stays up that late, but time flies with you’re having fun and are with good friends!  But unfortunately, after everyone left and I was preparing Sassie’s dinner, she surprised me with another round of diahrrea all over my living room floor!!  I was now convinced that those shots of Adequin were making her sick!  So I cleaned up as best I could, make a late-night call to the carpet cleaner’s voicemail, and put Sassie in her house in the garage for the night with potty pads all around. UGH!

Saturday the 27th – SLEEP DEPRIVED! – The carpet cleaners called and said they could be over at 1.  My maids were coming at 11am, so that would work out great.  The carpet would be dry in time for my guests that night. PERFECT!  The maids finished up, the carpet cleaners finished up, and I went back to bed to sleep for a few hours. When I woke up though, it was raining.  When I started my nap it was beautiful and sunny!  Weird!  People started showing up and the party was on!  We had a fairly full house and we watched the sexy mystery/thriller “Wild Things” on Blu Ray. If you buy a Blu Ray player for no other reason, let it be for “Wild Things!” You’ll thank me!  Again we went late into the night chatting and hanging out. That’s what Th-HANG-sgiving is all about!

Sunday the 28th – WHEW! – The weekend was over. I got up around noon and checked on  Sassie, took her out and put her back in her house. Until I see evidence that she’s doing better I don’t want to bring her back in the house again.  Then I went back to sleep for a few hours, and got up for evening church.  At church I told my pal Randy Carver that I had seen him in an episode of “The Six Million Dollar Man” a few nights ago. I got the DVD boxed set and was surprised to see Randy in the episode. He had a funny story about filming that episode too!  Then I met up with a bunch of friends at Jerry’s Famous Deli and had a great dinner.  When I got home I took Sassie out and I saw suitable evidence that she was better. So we went back into the house. BOY was she glad to be back inside!  I answered some e-mails, did some other things to prepare for the new week, and went to bed early. I had an early session for Old Navy at P.O.P. in Santa Monica the next day, so I wanted to be rested and ready. And how was YOUR Thanksgiving week??!!